Bookstore haul

My parents and I went to the Stanford Bookstore, and of course I can't walk into a bookstore without coming away with a bunch of books. So here's the haul of the day.

Iain M. Banks -- Inversions
Iain M. Banks -- Look to Windward
David Brin -- Infinity's Shore
Orson Scott Card -- Ender's Shadow
Terry Goodkind -- Faith of the Fallen
Joe Haldeman -- The Forever War
Mercedes Lackey -- Take a Thief
Neil Stephenson -- The Big U
Connie Willis -- To Say Nothing of the Dog

I also picked up Unicode Demystified for some non-fiction reading, and the DVD of Frank Herbert's Dune (which I got a chance to watch earlier this year and rather liked).

Mmm, more books. Of course, I've not been reading the past few days since my parents have been in town and we've been busy, but I have quite a lot of it to get back to.

Posted: 2003-06-07 17:56 — Why no comments?

Take a Theif was a rather decent 'filling in' tale, if I recall correctly. The Forever War, honestly, bored me. Not because it wasn't good, but just a lot of it felt belaboring the point.

Posted by Mechaman at 2003-06-07 18:53

The Forever War is one I'm picking up in large part because I decided I wanted to read more of the past Hugo and Nebula winners. Take a Thief I got because I get all the Valdemar books.

Posted by eagle at 2003-06-07 18:56

mmh, iain m. banks. i still want to channel a sentient ship.

i liked the forever war, but i read it many ages ago. should probably reread it. in fact i should really get back to reading every book twice in a row, which is what i did in school to write book reports -- once for enjoyment, once for analysis. i find that a lot of stuff doesn't stick with me anymore (probably can be blame on the depression and its weird effects on memory).

Posted by piranha at 2003-06-08 10:27

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