Office move

As of next week, I will be moving out of the building in which I've spent my entire career at Stanford, and into a rather less nice office which I'll have to share.


I really don't have a lot of grounds for complaint, as pretty much the entire rest of my parent organization apart from managers have been sharing offices for years, and it was only due to an accident of geography and history that my group hasn't needed to. I do think that it's a real shame the way that Stanford sometimes treats non-academic staff, but at least we do get more space than graduate students, and it's a workable size for a two-person office.

I'm rather annoyed, however, that in the process our group will be broken into distributed chunks even more than now, with three of the people in our group (including the manager) at one end of a large building and another seven at the other end of that building (with another person on the second floor and the last person in a different building, although those last two were expected). I'm particularly annoyed because this was something that we explicitly expressed concern over.

I'm also generally a bit stressed, just because of all the things that one has to keep track of when moving. My computers will, of course, move before everything else and I'll be moving them myself; I wouldn't trust them to movers and I want to coordinate the downtime and DNS updates. But I have to change my address on magazine subscriptions, get new IP addresses, track down all the places in DNS where the IP addresses have to be changed, and box up all of my belongings, all little details that I find stressful and not at all fun.

There are advantages. We'll now be in the same buildings as the rest of our parent organization, which should make intergroup cooperation and communication much easier, and it will be rather easier to drop by the offices of upper management and express concerns. And I get along quite well with my officemate, and there's a good chance that sharing an office will make both of us more productive.

But still, the whole situation is vaguely depressing. Parts of it are just not right.

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