WebAuth 3.1

The latest and greatest version of Stanford's web authentication infrastructure has now been tagged, built, and signed, and all the documentation (at least for first pass) has been written and put up in the staging area on the web. We're all set for the May 1st release so that people can start migrating en masse and get off of the old directory servers.

This is what I've been working on basically non-stop since I got back from vacation, so hopefully I should now start getting some free cycles for other things. I've even written up the draft announcement already, and other people will be able to test the prebuilt packages.

As soon as this release makes it out the door, I'll go add a link on my software page as well.

It's more difficult to do release management for WebAuth than for INN; I can really see the differences between having it be part of one's job and doing it as a hobby. There are a lot more web pages to update, a lot more people have to be handheld through the process, there's a ton of internal documentation and notification to write up and communicate, and of course we have to deal with binary packages where INN has no binary distribution. An interesting learning experience. A lot more of it needs to be automated than currently is.

Posted: 2003-04-29 17:05 — Why no comments?

mmh, automation. :)

Posted by piranha at 2003-05-01 19:30

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