DNS fun

So, very few people can actually see this right now, including anyone reading through a syndicated feed, because DNS for eyrie.org is currently completely hosed. This happened because of rather catastrophic happenings with the servers of my friend who was providing DNS service (things totally not their fault and outside of their control that I won't get into here).

Sigh. I really didn't need something new and unexpected to deal with right now.

In a fit of emergency productivity, I now have new DNS service set up (thank you, Brian!), but of course Network Solutions can't manage to do anything at a reasonable pace, and it will be three to five days before the .org server knows about the new eyrie.org DNS servers. At some point after they finally get that fixed, I'm going to transfer the domain away from them to someone else (what can I say, I registered the domain when there was only InterNIC, and I'm lazy about fixing things that are working).

So all of the mail for all eyrie.org users is currently being queued, and at least some of it will probably start bouncing before DNS is fixed. All of my web pages are off-line, as is my archives. My mailing list services are down. About six moderated group submission addresses are not working. And I spent a lot of time letting various people know.

Kind of not what I wanted to be doing today. Although I managed to also get a lot of work done as well (mostly by dint of staying at work until 8:30pm).

Hopefully, nothing unexpected will happen tomorrow. That would be nice.

Posted: 2003-04-22 22:19 — Why no comments?

for every bit that netsol sucks, brian rocks. :)

you and me both, with the domain transfer. i only have one left at netsol, and this time i will not forget to transfer it before it's getting close to the time when they disallow transfers, the bastards.

Posted by piranha at 2003-04-25 00:34

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