Today, I finished debugging the basic functionality of my current pet project, a miniature NNTP daemon that only supports IHAVE and just stores all the received articles in a directory and informs a processor program about them. I'm going to use this as the infrastructure underneath a new system for maintaining a net-wide active and newsgroups file, and for doing control message and news.announce.newgroups archiving.

The fun part is that I did this by experimenting with ideas for how to write a good NNTP support library to make writing programs like this rather easy, and had good success there. I have several bits of generic code to put back into INN that can then be used in nnrpd and elsewhere. The command dispatch table, for instance, should work for both nnrpd and innd after some fiddling and let us eliminate some duplicate code *and* make command dispatch slightly more efficient.

Next, I need to write the control message processing module, borrowing heavily from controlchan (although I should be able to simplify controlchan quite a bit, and I want to make it run independently of an INN installation).

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