Mmm, vacation

This has been a very good vacation so far (three more days to go). I finished a book, started another, and did a bit of random e-mail writing and now some work on NNTP standardization, but mostly I've been writing code. I've finished my INN patches to use a helper program just to bind to privileged ports, allowing us to remove inndstart entirely and remove a lot of complexity related to it, and I have a good start on a new way of dealing with both the control message archives and active file maintenance on and the news.announce.newgroups archives.

I'm not quite done with the latter, which I promised to work on this week, but what I'm feeling like doing at the moment is taking another step towards cleaning up the INN networking code. Right now, it's full of #ifdefs to add IPv6 support, and I want to make nearly all of those go away. That's going to require that the INN code just call getaddrinfo everywhere, which is going to require a getaddrinfo implementation for systems that don't support it. And that sounds like it would be rather fun to write.

So I think I'm going to do that next, and then go back and work on the control message processing later.

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