Weekend fiddling

Another fairly quiet weekend. I watched some basketball and got a few minor things done, and that was about it. Although the main page of my journal at least now validates as XHTML Strict and can now carry the validation icons. I still have some HTML cleanup to do, though, and haven't yet tackled all the other pages.

I've ripped out all the trackback stuff for right now. It seems like an interesting journal community thing, but I'm not really doing this for the community yet and I haven't had time to really think about it and figure it out (and fix up the templates for the additional pages).

In other news, I converted four more INN man pages to POD, and I think I'm close to figuring out the remaining bugs with ovdb and BerkeleyDB 3.x for the INN 2.4 release. And I got a good bit of writing done for the first time in quite a while, so the day wasn't a loss. Just... uninspired. I'm currently playing with ideas for character journals, but haven't gotten very far.

Posted: 2003-04-06 23:11 — Why no comments?

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