And I'm really looking forward to it, too, even though I got very little done this week. But at least I buckled down this afternoon and made substantial progress on the build template for our Kerberos v5 KDCs; it only needs a little bit of work to finish it up and then I can start on redoing the template for the Kerberos v4 KDCs (for as long as we have to keep running them).

My part of the yearly performance review has been written up, and I've now taken (mostly irrelevant to me, but hey, it's the law) HIPAA training, so the week wasn't a complete loss.

On the agenda for this weekend is a free-flowing intention to do whatever I feel like doing, but mostly likely falling into that category are fiddling around with some INN stuff that can go into the tree after the 2.4 release, possibly working on web page things, possibly working on the grand conversion of lists.eyrie.org to Mailman, and possibly working on other software packaging things.

Oh, and watching the NCAA basketball championships.

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