Mozilla roadmap

As many problems as the Mozilla project has had, it continues to impress me every once in a while. The browser is excellent at standards compliance, it actually implements CSS properly and reasonably and is quite portable on Unix systems, and the Mozilla hackers really seem to be trying to do the right thing.

A new Mozilla roadmap was just released that gives me that feeling again. They're moving away from a single monolithic application towards more of a component model, which I think is an excellent idea and something the entire software industry could stand to learn from. Actually doing components in a way that's useful is hard, but not doing components is way worse, and at least components let you lower the footprint of some giant application by turning off the parts you'll never use. As someone who always tries to run the browser-only bit of Mozilla just so that it will be a little smaller, I approve.

Posted: 2003-04-02 23:56 — Why no comments?

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