INN 2.4 getting closer

Today I finally found time to sit down and really track down the reported bugs in makehistory in the INN CURRENT tree, and with the help of Purify I think I tracked it all down. And found various other bugs in makehistory for tradspool; I wonder how it was working before. Anyway, lots of problems with the recovery tools should now be fixed.

This means that the only thing I have left on my real to-do list before the INN 2.4 release, provided that no more bugs crop up, is to install INN's header files. The interface is unstable still, but we should note that in the documentation rather than not installing the header files as it just makes matters more difficult for packages that need to build against INN's libraries.

I'm hoping to find time this weekend to take care of the last few issues.

Posted: 2003-03-27 19:21 — Why no comments?

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