Spent the day catching up on various domestic chores. I remain not particularly good at taking care of those in little bits on an ongoing basis, and tend to put things off until they bother me and then do a lot of work at once. I suppose an argument could be made that it's more efficient that way, and I could pretend that's why I do it.

Spent much of the day updating The Agonist, which is far and away the best source of war information right now. I donated some money to help pay his bandwidth bill, which must be huge (had to use PayPal to do it -- ick). CNN continues to be worthless for real information. The alternate CNN (CNN Europe, I think) that CNNfn changes to in the evenings is considerably better. I got dragged into a bit of war discussion, but then extricated myself again. I'm really not in the right mood to get into an extended debate over the war; right now, I'm primarily in an information-gathering mode, and wanting to really know what's going on rather than just getting the stuff that CNN thinks makes them look good enough to bother covering.

Other than that, I did little. I did compile a bit more software for quarter break pubsw upgrades, though, and will have to start prepping those tomorrow. Hopefully I can get them released on Wednesday and then take it a bit easy for the rest of the week, working on my own projects.

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