TeX and War

Today was devoted to tracking down the latest versions of the various fonts, macros, and other packages that were installed in Stanford's previous TeX installation and re-installing them in the new teTeX installation that I've been working on. I made excellent progress, too; I'm almost done with everything except CJKV (Asian language support) and some of the utility programs. We definitely should be able to make the spring break upgrade.

In other news, the new directory server may be available for mail routing on Monday (or shortly thereafter), but it won't be available for WebAuth support for a little while yet. WebAuth 3.1 is therefore delayed until it is, so I'm not working on its documentation and instead will spend more time working on TeX.

I have all the pieces for a new INN STABLE release and just need to drop them on the FTP site and send out the announcement. Maybe tomorrow.

War has sort of begun but not really yet. CNN is a joke, as usual, but still occasionally entertaining. The funniest moment of the day was watching CNNfn, which had turned into CNN Europe or some such thing. CNN Europe was following the regular CNN feed, which switched to a press conference in Iraq. Then they cut away from it, so CNN Europe cut away from CNN USA to go back to the news conference. Then they rejoined CNN USA when CNN USA picked up the press conference again... and then the whole thing happened again.

Only CNN would cut away from CNN for breaking news. It verges on being a parody of itself.

I really wish I could watch the CBC. I probably could watch the BBC, but it's a high-numbered digital cable channel, so it would disturb my TiVo. Which is frankly a lot more important than watching a bunch of reporters say that we don't know anything new for hours on end.

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