Initial Entry

No one can, as yet, see this, unless you play games with HTTP requests. But sooner or later everyone will be able to. *grin*

I have now convinced MT that it really doesn't like .cgi extensions, but I've not yet convinced it to use adequate-sized fonts. I have the font size increased by two notches in Mozilla to just be able to see what I'm writing. I'm sure that this will be very customizable in the entry view, but I'm not sure how customizable the editing screen is. But I expect to enter most all of my entries via XEmacs anyway, so I may not care.

I'm clearly going to have to do a lot of work on the presentation style of this software, though, because it's all way too small and not at all the style that I like.

Posted: 2003-03-15 01:50 — Why no comments?

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