2015 Changes

This page lists all changes to my web site in 2015, except for new journal entries, along with a brief description. For more recent changes and the current RSS feed, see the current changes page. For older changes, see the changes for 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, and 2008.

December 2015

2015-12-31 — Review: One Salt Sea

Review of One Salt Sea by Seanan McGuire.

2015-12-26 — Review: The Outskirter's Secret

Review of The Outskirter's Secret by Rosemary Kirstein.

2015-12-25 — Review: The Steerswoman

Review of The Steerswoman by Rosemary Kirstein.

2015-12-25 — kstart 4.2

Retry initial authentication for long-running k5start and krenew -i until it succeeds. Wait for authentication to succeed before running any command. -H can now be used with -K to specify the target minimum ticket lifetime, and a new -a flag will force a reauthentication on every wakeup. Fix incorrect rejection of -b with -K or a command. Correctly clean up temporary ticket caches.

2015-12-06 — git-pbuilder 1.39

Fix the documentation to refer to gbp buildpackage instead of git-buildpackage.

2015-12-06 — Term::ANSIColor 4.04

Switch the build system back to ExtUtils::MakeMaker. Install the module properly on Perl prior to 5.11. Update a few coding style and documentation bits, since it had been a while since the last release.

2015-12-06 — podlators 4.03

Only test suite updates, fixing a bug with POD_MAN_DATE and SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH and continuing the general refactoring of the test suite to make it more maintainable.

2015-12-05 — git-pbuilder 1.38

Documentation updates for the --git-pbuilder calling convention from gbp buildpackage and a typo fix.

2015-12-02 — podlators 4.02

Correctly install the module into the Perl core module directory for versions of Perl prior to 5.11 so that it won't be shadowed by the core library.

2015-12-01 — podlators 4.01

Revert change to use Module::Build and flesh out the metadata for ExtUtils::MakeMaker. Fix the test suite with Term::Cap by making Pod::Text::Termcap stop overriding TERMPATH when it's already set.

November 2015

2015-11-28 — podlators 4.00

Bump version to be larger than any of the modules and standardize on one version. Require Perl 5.006 or later. Require an argument to the -r option to pod2man, but allow it to be empty. Allow any even number of characters to be specified as the quote marks. Attempt to determine if the output name came from a pipe and force the user to provide --name in that case. Honor SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH and POD_MAN_DATE. Base the default left-hand footer on UTC. Simplify preamble code for handling the F register and index entries to fix output with AT&T *roff. Fix various bits of documentation. Fix Pod::Text encoding behavior when the encoding switches halfway through the document. Switch the build system to Module::Build. Fix testing with newer Term::Cap.

2015-11-27 — remctl 3.10

Add anyuser:auth and anyuser:anonymous ACLs, and exclude anonymous users from ANYUSER (anyuser:auth). Export the time the client's authentication will expire as REMOTE_EXPIRES. Simplify the Python RemctlError exception class (in a way that's somewhat backward-incompatible). Fix builds on old versions of RHEL. Fix localgroup support for users who are members of lots of local groups. Fix test suite portability to some older versions of Kerberos.

2015-11-27 — rra-c-util 5.9

Fix portability defines for anonymous Kerberos principal components and add KRB5_ANON_REALM. Improve handling of pam_modutil_getpwnam in the PAM testing framework. Allow testing of PAM_SESSION_ERR.

2015-11-26 — Update the signing key for my personal archive

Swapping this out for a newer key.

2015-11-08 — Add 2015 World Fantasy award winner

Add 2015 World Fantasy award winner for best novel (The Bone Clocks, by David Mitchell).

2015-11-07 — Added disclaimer and epilogue to Homesteading the Noosphere comment

Reword the introduction to my comment on Homesteading the Noosphere and add an important disclaimer about ESR's personal views and actions. Add an epilogue that summarizes the evolution of my opinion since I originally wrote that letter.

October 2015

2015-10-31 — Removed references implying I still work at Stanford

Reviewed all pages that mentioned Stanford University and corrected wording implying (or stating) that I still worked there, either by removing references, putting them in the past tense, or rewording them.

2015-10-31 — Add British Fantasy and World Fantasy nominees and winners

Add the nominees for the World Fantasy award for 2014 and 2015, and the winner for 2014 to a page where I'd left it off accidentally. Add the 2015 British Fantasy award for best fantasy novel (Cuckoo Song, by Frances Hardinge).

2015-10-25 — Review: Hawk

Review of Hawk by Steven Brust.

2015-10-24 — Review: The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage

Review of The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage by Sydney Padua.

2015-10-24 — git-pbuilder 1.37

Check for the existence of the correct configuration file when invoking qemubuilder. Check for sudo before running a command under sudo, and print out a hopefully informative error if it isn't found.

2015-10-23 — Review: Oathbreakers

Review of Oathbreakers by Mercedes Lackey.

2015-10-22 — Review: Watchtower

Review of Watchtower by Elizabeth A. Lynn.

2015-10-21 — Review: What If?

Review of What If? by Randall Munroe.

2015-10-20 — Review: The Oathbound

Review of The Oathbound by Mercedes Lackey.

2015-10-15 — Review: Ancillary Mercy

Review of Ancillary Mercy by Ann Leckie.

2015-10-14 — Broken link cleanup

Another periodic cleanup of broken links and removing of permanent redirects. Also cleaned up JWZ's entry in personal links and removed my old link to my LiveJournal friends page.

2015-10-14 — Refresh GnuPG public key

Update my personal GnuPG public key with current key expirations and signatures.

2015-10-14 — Review: Firebird

Review of Firebird by Jack McDevitt.

2015-10-13 — Review: Magic's Price

Review of Magic's Price by Mercedes Lackey.

September 2015

2015-09-22 — Review: Getting Back to Full Employment

Review of Getting Back to Full Employment by Dean Baker & Jared Bernstein.

2015-09-21 — Review: Half Life

Review of Half Life by S.L. Huang.

2015-09-20 — Adjust INN doc pages for branch status

Adjust the top-level documentation pages for INN 2.4 and 2.5 to reflect that the branches are closed and to note the final release for which that documentation is accurate.

2015-09-20 — Review: Shady Characters

Review of Shady Characters by Keith Houston.

2015-09-19 — Review: Magic's Promise

Review of Magic's Promise by Mercedes Lackey.

2015-09-19 — Some tweaks to The Goblin Emperor review

Add a note about the glossary, and fix king and kingdom to emperor and empire.

2015-09-19 — pam-afs-session 2.6

Fix a bad interaction with sudo that caused pam-afs-session to delete the user's tokens after the sudo command ended. Fix a compilation failure on Solaris 11. Considerable modernization of the build system, test suite, and support libraries.

2015-09-19 — INN 2.6.0

Released but not yet officially announced pending web site updates. This release cleans up lots of header handling in nnrpd and uses the new, standardized headers for information about the origin of a post. It now rejects many more obsolete headers and treats IHAVE identically to POST. innd authentication now requires a username be sent first, matching the NNTP protocol. Many configure flags and build system issues have been cleaned up and standardized, and Libtool is no longer optional. There are also lots of bug fixes and cleanups.

2015-09-18 — Review: Magic's Pawn

Review of Magic's Pawn by Mercedes Lackey.

2015-09-17 — Review: The Three-Body Problem

Review of The Three-Body Problem by Cixin Liu & Ken Liu.

2015-09-16 — Review: How to Make Your Dreams Come True

Review of How to Make Your Dreams Come True by Mark Forster.

2015-09-15 — Review: The Goblin Emperor

Review of The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison.

2015-09-14 — Review: Let's Pretend This Never Happened

Review of Let's Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson.

2015-09-13 — Review: My Real Children

Review of My Real Children by Jo Walton.

2015-09-12 — Review: The Sea Thy Mistress

Review of The Sea Thy Mistress by Elizabeth Bear.

2015-09-07 — Review: Dark Currents

Review of Dark Currents by Jacqueline Carey.

2015-09-05 — 2015 Mythopoeic adult novel winner

Add the 2015 Mythopoeic winner for adult novel (Tales from Rugosa Coven, by Sarah Avery).

2015-09-05 — 2015 Hugo award winner

Add the 2015 Hugo award winner for best novel (The Three Body Problem, by Cixin Liu and Ken Liu).

August 2015

2015-08-31 — Review: Kanban

Review of Kanban by David J. Anderson.

2015-08-30 — Review: Through Struggle, The Stars

Review of Through Struggle, The Stars by John J. Lumpkin.

2015-08-29 — Review: Pound Foolish

Review of Pound Foolish by Helaine Olen.

2015-08-18 — krb5-sync 3.1

Fix the matching regex in krb5-sync-backend in silent mode. Fix the timing on the backend test to not be so sensitive.

2015-08-18 — rra-c-util 5.8

Fix a missing va_end in the asprintf replacement. Fix a segfault in buffer_find_string with buffers that have never had data. Add a portability layer for the MIT Kerberos kadm5_init_krb5_context function. Fix simplification of relative paths in Test::RRA::Automake.

2015-08-18 — C TAP Harness 3.4

Fix segfault in the test driver with lists containing only whitespace and comments. Fix the POD spelling test to work properly with current Automake.

2015-08-16 — backport 1.32

Add jessie support and make it the default and the stable release, and move oldstable to wheezy. Add a new -A or --architecture flag to specify the build architecture.

2015-08-16 — git-pbuilder 1.35

Support --login, --create, and --update as well as the versions without the leading hyphens.

2015-08-16 — Net::Duo 1.01

Fix a bug in JSON generation for boolean parameters caused by an incompatible change in JSON::XS 3.0.

2015-08-09 — Broken link cleanup

Another periodic cleanup of broken links and removing of permanent redirects.

July 2015

2015-07-31 — Review: The Pyramid Waltz

Review of The Pyramid Waltz by Barbara Ann Wright.

June 2015

2015-06-06 — Broken link cleanup

Another periodic cleanup of broken links and removing of permanent redirects.

July 2015

2015-07-06 — Update INN Debian packaging information

Note that inn2-lfs is only for wheezy and went away with jessie, and clean up some of the wording.

2015-07-05 — INN 2.5.5

Last release of the 2.5.x series. New inn.conf parameters to tune SSL/TLS configuration for nnrpd. Improve innwatch process handling. Fix crash in innd with various internal channel errors. New cnfsstat and innwatch flag to set the delay, avoiding some rc.news code that would not stop services properly. New -f flag to innwatch to specify a configuration file. New -t flag to mailpost to change the temporary directory. Fix tradindexed detection of new group creation. Fix CNFS flushing with NFS storage. Fix innupgrade and its use of taint. Multiple improvements to pullnews. Report time nnrpd spends writing using SASL. Limit the length of th ereport in scanlogs. Fix the AUTHINFO GENERIC implementation. Add a script to convert nnrp.access files to readers.conf.

2015-07-03 — Add Nebula and John Campbell winners

Add the winners of the Nebula (Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeer) and the John W. Campbell Memorial Award (The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August by Claire North).

June 2015

2015-06-27 — Add Locus SF and Locus Fantasy winners

Add the winners of the Locus SF award (Ancillary Sword by Ann Leckie) and the Locus Fantasy award (The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison).

2015-06-07 — Broken link cleanup

Another periodic cleanup of broken links and removing of permanent redirects.

2015-06-07 — Review: Late Eclipses

Review of Late Eclipses by Seanan McGuire.

May 2015

2015-05-31 — Review: Hild

Review of Hild by Nicola Griffith.

2015-05-23 — git-pbuilder 1.34

Support creation of chroots for LTS releases.

2015-05-23 — Broken link cleanup

Another periodic cleanup of broken links and removing of permanent redirects.

April 2015

2015-04-26 — lbcd 3.5.2

Support linking with libsystemd instead of libsystemd-daemon.

2015-04-26 — check-dist 1.6

Ignore .travis.yml files.

2015-04-26 — rra-c-util 5.7

Add further portability for PAM software to Mac OS X and fix the fakepam library on that platform with better const detection. Support the new merge of libsystemd-daemon into libsystemd and fix a portability bug in the probe on Solaris 10. Make the Kerberos Autoconf macros work with Solaris 10. Add a macro to detect whether the compiler is Clang and update warning flags accordingly.

2015-04-26 — C TAP Harness 3.3

Add -v flag to runtests and C_TAP_VERBOSE environment variable, both which cause the runtests harness to show all output from all tests. Now builds cleanly with Clang -Weverything -Wno-padded.

2015-04-19 — Review: The Girls from Alcyone

Review of The Girls from Alcyone by Cary Caffrey.

2015-04-17 — Review: The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet

Review of The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet by Becky Chambers.

2015-04-17 — Add SFF award nominees and winners

Add the 2012, 2013, and 2014 Prix Aurora winners, the 2015 Hugo nominees, the 2015 Nebula nominees, the 2015 British SF winner, the 2015 Philip K. Dick winner, the 2012, 2013, and 2014 Sunburst winners, and the 2015 Tiptree winners.

2015-04-15 — Broken link cleanup

Another periodic cleanup of broken links and removing of permanent redirects.

2015-04-12 — Review: Zero Sum Game

Review of Zero Sum Game by S.L. Huang.

March 2015

2015-03-23 — Review: Fukushima

Review of Fukushima by David Lochbaum, et al..

February 2015

2015-02-16 — Broken link cleanup

Another periodic cleanup of broken links and removing of permanent redirects.

2015-02-01 — Remove changes from December 2014

Remove the changes from December 2014 from the Recent Changes page.

January 2015

2015-01-10 — Broken link cleanup

Another periodic cleanup of broken links and removing of permanent redirects.

2015-01-05 — Review: Code Complete, Second Edition

Review of Code Complete, Second Edition by Steve McConnell.

2015-01-04 — Review: Ancillary Sword

Review of Ancillary Sword by Ann Leckie.

2015-01-04 — Broken link cleanup

Another periodic cleanup of broken links and removing of permanent redirects.

2015-01-04 — Added Open Hub and Debian links for Net::Duo

Link to Open Hub for code analysis of Net::Duo now that it's registered as a project. Add a link to the Debian package tracker and a note that Debian packages are available as of jessie.

2015-01-04 — release 1.48

Fix error reporting when building distributions from Perl packages that use Build.PL. Build an xz-compressed tarball from the gz-compressed distribution if the upstream build system doesn't generate xz compression.

2015-01-04 — faq2html 1.33

When a title is explicitly provided with -t, don't try to parse the document for leading titles.

2015-01-03 — Review: Programming Ruby

Review of Programming Ruby by Dave Thomas, et al..

2015-01-02 — Review: The Ring of Charon

Review of The Ring of Charon by Roger MacBride Allen.

2015-01-01 — Review: An Imaginary Tale

Review of An Imaginary Tale by Paul J. Nahin.

2015-01-01 — Update blog links in journal sidebar

Remove links to various blogs that I'm either no longer reading or that are no longer updating (John Crowley, Scott Lynch, Ian McDonald, Frederick Pohl, Juan Cole, Terry Karney), fix the URLs of various blogs that have moved, and add things I'm now reading (James Davis Nicoll, N.K. Jemisin, Captain Awkward, Daylight Atheism, Geek Feminism, Lowering the Bar, Pharyngula, Dwarf Fortress Dev Log, and XKCD What If?). Move some stuff out of social commentary that's more random.

2015-01-01 — 2014 reading in review

Add an overview of my 2014 reading, main book recommendations, and reading statistics.

2015-01-01 — Rotated 2014 changes

Move all web site changes for 2014 to a separate page and remove all entries older than December of 2014 from the current changes page.

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