2008 Changes

This page lists all changes to my web site from when I started keeping this log in April of 2008 through the rest of 2008. For more recent changes and the current RSS feed, see the current changes page.

December 2008

2008-12-31 — Review: Hell and Earth

Review of Hell and Earth by Elizabeth Bear.

2008-12-30 — Review: The Lord of Castle Black

Review of The Lord of Castle Black by Steven Brust.

2008-12-29 — New rock picture

New picture added to the rock gallery.

2008-12-29 — Review: The Queen's Bastard

Review of The Queen's Bastard by C.E. Murphy.

2008-12-28 — New rock picture

New picture added to the rock gallery.

2008-12-28 — Review: Asimov's Science Fiction, October/November 2008

Review of Asimov's Science Fiction, October/November 2008.

2008-12-28 — Review: Half a Crown

Review of Half a Crown by Jo Walton.

2008-12-26 — New object picture

New picture added to the object gallery.

2008-12-26 — Review: Nice Guys Finish Seventh

Review of Nice Guys Finish Seventh by Ralph Keyes.

2008-12-24 — New rock picture

New picture added to the rock gallery.

2008-12-23 — New clouds photo gallery

New photo gallery of cloud pictures.

2008-12-22 — New flowers picture

New picture added to the flowers gallery.

2008-12-22 — New shore picture

New picture added to the shore gallery.

2008-12-21 — backport 1.15

Properly parse the *.dsc file name for native packages so that they can be backported. Relax the restrictions on cowbuilder chroots so that they don't have to start with base-.

2008-12-21 — filter-syslog 1.21

Allow for letters in the syslog version string in its restart message so that Ubuntu syslog restart messages are properly ignored.

2008-12-21 — New rock picture

New picture added to the rock gallery.

2008-12-21 — Add INN mod-active documentation

Add a link to the documentation of the INN mod-active utility, now that its documentation has been converted to POD.

2008-12-20 — Add link to INN Trac site

INN now has a Trac site for bug tracking, so add a link to that site to the INN software page.

2008-12-19 — New rock picture

New picture added to the rock gallery.

2008-12-18 — New texture picture

New picture added to the texture gallery.

2008-12-15 — New rock picture

New picture added to the rock gallery.

2008-12-14 — draft-ietf-usefor-usepro-13

New IETF USEPRO draft addressing a variety of last call comments. Tweaks the level of requirements in various places, improves the wording, adds more informative references, and adds a specification of Original-Sender. This will hopefully be the near-final version of the document.

2008-12-13 — Update INN FAQ version control information

INN has been maintained in Subversion rather than CVS for quite some time. Update the FAQ accordingly.

2008-12-03 — New rock picture

New picture added to the rock gallery.

2008-12-03 — Review: Fantasy & Science Fiction, September 2008

Review of Fantasy & Science Fiction, September 2008.

2008-12-02 — New texture picture

New picture added to the texture gallery.

2008-12-02 — Review: Animal Farm

Review of Animal Farm by George Orwell.

2008-12-01 — New rock picture

New picture added to the rock gallery.

2008-12-01 — Review: The Fall of the Kings

Review of The Fall of the Kings by Ellen Kushner & Delia Sherman.

2008-12-01 — New INN news2mail documentation

Added documentation of news2mail to the INN documentation since it's been converted to POD and refreshed all the other documentation to the current INN CURRENT branch.

November 2008

2008-11-22 — Review: Asimov's Science Fiction, September 2008

Review of Asimov's Science Fiction, September 2008.

2008-11-22 — New INN incoming.conf docs, drop 2.3 docs

Drop the web versions of the INN 2.3 documentation, since that version is quite old at this point. Add incoming.conf documentation, since it now uses POD, and the corresponding sample configuration file.

2008-11-20 — New rock picture

New picture added to the rock gallery.

2008-11-20 — Review: Nothing Sacred

Review of Nothing Sacred by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough.

2008-11-19 — New texture picture

New picture added to the texture gallery.

2008-11-19 — Review: Rule of Evidence

Review of Rule of Evidence by John G. Hemry.

2008-11-18 — New plants picture

New picture added to the plants gallery.

2008-11-18 — Review: Dzur

Review of Dzur by Steven Brust.

2008-11-17 — New trees picture

New picture added to the trees gallery.

2008-11-17 — Review: The Paths of the Dead

Review of The Paths of the Dead by Steven Brust.

2008-11-17 — Add shlock INN documentation, refresh docs

The documentation for shlock is now in POD and can be converted to HTML for the web documentation. Also refresh other INN documentation that had been modified since the last refresh.

2008-11-16 — New rock picture

New picture added to the rock gallery.

2008-11-16 — New flowers picture

New picture added to the flowers gallery.

2008-11-16 — Review: Burden of Proof

Review of Burden of Proof by John G. Hemry.

2008-11-15 — Review: Five Hundred Years After

Review of Five Hundred Years After by Steven Brust.

2008-11-15 — New paths gallery

New gallery of pictures of paths and trails.

2008-11-15 — Add Teaching Company link

Add a link to The Teaching Company to my vendors page.

2008-11-14 — New flowers picture

New picture added to the flowers gallery.

2008-11-14 — Review: As I Please (1943 - 1945)

Review of As I Please (1943 - 1945) by George Orwell.

2008-11-14 — remctl 2.13

A major new release. Adds support for ACL methods in the remctl server and an implementation of the previous ACL support using the new methods, plus a reject method and a method for CMU GPUT. Limit configuration files read from directories to a more restricted set of characters. Add PHP and Python client bindings, and improve the Java build support and fix some build issues. Fix the Windows build and include all of the necessary files. Restore GSS-API portability to older versions of MIT Kerberos. Improve the build system and configure flags.

2008-11-13 — New trees picture

New picture added to the trees gallery.

2008-11-13 — Review: Issola

Review of Issola by Steven Brust.

2008-11-13 — pam-krb5 3.12

Added alt_auth_map, force_alt_auth, and only_alt_auth options to map usernames to alternative Kerberos principals for authentication. Fixed a NULL pointer dereference and double-free in somewhat obscure error conditions. Log to authpriv rather than to auth and better log ignore returns. Fix portability to AIX's bundled Kerberos. Improve documentation for several PAM configuration issues.

2008-11-12 — New shore picture

New picture added to the shore gallery.

2008-11-12 — Pod::Thread 0.11

No code changes, just a refresh of the documentation with pointers to the new Git repository.

2008-11-12 — Review: The Phoenix Guards

Review of The Phoenix Guards by Steven Brust.

2008-11-11 — New plants gallery

New gallery of plant photographs.

2008-11-11 — Review: Dragon

Review of Dragon by Steven Brust.

2008-11-10 — New shore picture

New picture added to the shore gallery.

2008-11-10 — Review: Ink and Steel

Review of Ink and Steel by Elizabeth Bear.

2008-11-09 — New trees picture

New picture added to the trees gallery.

2008-11-09 — Review: Pebble in the Sky

Review of Pebble in the Sky by Isaac Asimov.

2008-11-08 — New trees picture

New picture added to the trees gallery.

2008-11-08 — New shore picture

New picture added to the shore gallery.

2008-11-08 — spin-rss 1.20

Fix the code that canonicalizes relative URLs to recognize all absolute URLs regardless of scheme, not just http and https URLs.

2008-11-08 — Review: Fantasy & Science Fiction, August 2008

Review of Fantasy & Science Fiction, August 2008.

2008-11-08 — control-archive 1.0.0

The first public release of the software that is used to manage the ftp.isc.org control.ctl file and to generate the ftp.isc.org control archive and newsgroup lists.

2008-11-07 — New shore picture

New picture added to the shore gallery.

2008-11-07 — Updated SF award winners

Updated the list of SF award winners, adding the most recent winners of the British Fantasy, John W. Campbell Memorial, Mythopoeic, Sunburst, Prix Aurora, and World Fantasy awards.

2008-11-07 — Review: City on Fire

Review of City on Fire by Walter Jon Williams.

2008-11-06 — New trees picture

New picture added to the trees gallery.

2008-11-06 — New shore gallery

Created a new shore gallery and moved one of the beach pictures to there, and then added a new picture to it.

2008-11-06 — Review: My Country Right or Left (1940 - 1943)

Review of My Country Right or Left (1940 - 1943) by George Orwell.

2008-11-05 — Review: Asimov's Science Fiction, August 2008

Review of Asimov's Science Fiction, August 2008.

2008-11-05 — New beach picture

New picture added to the beach gallery.

October 2008

2008-10-14 — New gallery of rocks

New gallery of rock photographs.

2008-10-12 — Review: Orca

Review of Orca by Steven Brust.

2008-10-06 — newsyslog now maintained in Git

newsyslog is now maintained in Git. Update its web page accordingly and link to the repository.

2008-10-06 — System templating with bundle

New document describing the configuration management system that I use for eyrie.org systems and my personal workstation, based on bundle and Git and some simple shell scripts.

2008-10-05 — bundle 2.31

Report chown and chmod of directories in -n and -c modes as chown and chmod, not just a generic update. Don't attempt to diff the source and destination if no source was provided, such as when updating the timestamps of directories.

2008-10-05 — faq2html 1.28

Don't include the revision number in a last-modified subheader if it looks like a Subversion revision number.

2008-10-05 — postfaq 1.16

Don't include the revision number in the Last-modified subheader if it looks like a Subversion revision number. Be sure not to translate month names in Expires. Improve the requirements section of the documentation.

2008-10-05 — spin-rss 1.19

Initial release of spin-rss, the supporting program used by spin to generate RSS feeds and dynamic thread pages.

2008-10-05 — Updated Debian build tools page

Extensive overhaul. Reference new Git documentation and reorganize the section on version control systems. Update the Subversion documentation to use cowbuilder. Redo the description of patch management systems and add documentation for quilt, recommending it over dpatch. Replace all of the debarchiver documentation with reprepro documentation. Update the list of other useful tools to add more devscripts tools that I use regularly.

2008-10-05 — podlators 2.2.0

Yet more fixes to the utf8 option and handling of encodings in general. Pod::Man and Pod::Text now set a UTF-8 encoding on their output file handle if the utf8 option is given, and Pod::Text otherwise tries to copy the input encoding to the output file handle encoding. Also skip spelling tests unless maintainer tests are enabled, fix some spelling errors, and fix the version numbers to quote trailing zeroes.

September 2008

2008-09-28 — bundle 2.30

Entirely a coding style change, changing all global variables to all caps and adding my new -v handling code to print out more information and to use standard output. It also changes the default interpreter path to /usr/bin/perl to match all my other scripts.

2008-09-28 — Updated Debian server best practices

Made significant updates to the Debian server best practices guide, reflecting current Stanford practices. Removed all mention of bundles, templates, and build scripts in favor of mentioning Puppet. Removed multiple exceptions to the FHS that are no longer relevant. Strengthened the requirement that all scripts be packaged. Documented keytab location. Improved the section on what goes into a package versus what goes into Puppet. Added standard licenses for software. Added a new section on remctl interfaces.

2008-09-28 — Packaging scripts for Debian

Add a new document on packaging scripts for Debian, documenting debian/rules and packaging file patterns, repository layout, and some hints on common issues.

2008-09-26 — Errata links for NNTP standards

Add links to the reported errata pages for RFC 3977 and RFC 4642. The other RFCs don't as yet have reported errata.

2008-09-23 — New beach picture

New picture added to the shore gallery.

2008-09-22 — Review: Athyra

Review of Athyra by Steven Brust.

2008-09-21 — Added links to the INN repository

Added links to the repository viewing pages for the INN Subversion repository and to the public read-only mirror, and added documentation of how to check out the public read-only mirror.

2008-09-21 — podlators 2.1.4

A test suite only release. Skips Unicode tests with versions of Perl prior to 5.8 since Pod::Simple won't support Unicode with those, and adds support for aspell in the POD spelling tests.

2008-09-21 — Added PGP Moose and pgpverify specifications

Added local copies of the PGP Moose and pgpverify specifications to the Usenet article format page.

2008-09-21 — Minor Pitfalls of Moderation updates

Update the link to the Moderator's Handbook. Reword and remove some of the unnecessary emphasis.

2008-09-21 — Improved NNTP reference pages

Wrote real index pages for the NNTP standards and drafts, with abstracts and some information about why a given document may be interesting. Added links to the IETF draft archives for better comparisons between drafts. Imported large numbers of historical documents and the current versions of the news and nntp URL drafts.

2008-09-21 — Improved Usenet Article reference pages

Wrote a real index page for all the Usenet article format drafts with abstracts and some information about why a given draft may be interesting. Added links to the IETF draft archives for better comparisons between drafts. Added several historic drafts that had been missing. Added a link to the Moderator's Handbook, since the canonical site appears to be down.

2008-09-21 — spin 1.73

Added support for removing directories to -d. Improved the documentation for \id, \sitemap, and \include.

2008-09-17 — Review: Phoenix

Review of Phoenix by Steven Brust.

2008-09-16 — Review: Pirate Sun

Review of Pirate Sun by Karl Schroeder.

2008-09-15 — Add Debian address to contact information

Add my Debian address to my contact information page.

2008-09-15 — Review: Homage to Catalonia

Review of Homage to Catalonia by George Orwell.

2008-09-15 — Add archive links to software pages

For all software pages where old releases are archived, ad a link to the archive of old versions in the Download section.

2008-09-14 — Reformat all software pages

For all software pages, move the license to be the last thing on the page, fix broken links to Git archives, clarify the Debian versions in which there are packages, and switch to the new format for download links. All tarballs now have PGP signatures that are linked on the pages.

2008-09-14 — spin 1.71

Better error recovery from missing arguments to commands: treat the missing argument as empty instead of undefined. Produce a different warning for an empty file argument to \size.

2008-09-14 — Improve NNTP page

Organize the NNTP page a little bit better and use the new \size support in spin. Add a link to the IANA CAPABILITY registry.

2008-09-14 — Hierarchy FAQ: Add links to merged view

Add links and information about Julien ÉLIE's excellent hierarchy information page, which presents a combined view of thet various log and index files maintained on ftp.isc.org.

2008-09-14 — podlators 2.1.3

Sorts out the Unicode support, properly tests encoding, and removes some hacks that aren't correct when encoding is correctly declared. Add a --stderr option to pod2man and pod2text and corresponding option to the modules to send errors to standard error insted of a POD ERRORS section. Fix a few other minor documentation and test suite bugs.

2008-09-11 — Review: Schism

Review of Schism by Catherine Asaro.

2008-09-10 — Review: Sourcery

Review of Sourcery by Terry Pratchett.

2008-09-09 — Review: Taltos

Review of Taltos by Steven Brust.

2008-09-08 — Review: A Plague of Angels

Review of A Plague of Angels by Sheri S. Tepper.

2008-09-07 — Minor review note updates

Minor updates to the review notes, review philosophy, and the front index page for clarity. Expanded and modified my position on the affiliate links to Powell's, expanded on not writing detailed critiques, and fixed some grammar and phrasing issues.

2008-09-07 — Review: The Road to Wigan Pier

Review of The Road to Wigan Pier by George Orwell.

2008-09-06 — Review: The Complete Critical Assembly

Review of The Complete Critical Assembly by David Langford.

2008-09-03 — Review: What Do You Care What Other People Think?

Review of What Do You Care What Other People Think? by Richard P. Feynman.

2008-09-02 — Update chrpath URL

ftp.hungry.com has been down for apparently years. Change the link for chrpath to the Debian package instead.

2008-09-02 — INN FAQ: news.newusers.questions home page

Update the URL to the news.newusers.questions home page.

2008-09-02 — Review: Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman!

Review of Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman! by Richard P. Feynman.

August 2008

2008-08-27 — INN FAQ: unreference article script fix

Minor fix to the script to purge unreferenced articles to not attempt to open directories that don't exist.

2008-08-27 — draft-ietf-usefor-usepro-12

New IETF USEPRO draft that fixes a variety of ABNF and IANA consideration nits and has a few other polishing tweaks to bring it closer to something that is ready to publish. There may be a few more releases like this, but not many.

2008-08-24 — Review: Fantasy & Science Fiction, July 2008

Review of Fantasy & Science Fiction by July 2008.

2008-08-23 — spin 1.70

Added the size command to embed the size of a local file, used for the USEFOR index page.

2008-08-23 — Additional USEFOR-related drafts

Pulled many additional USEFOR-related Internet-Drafts from the I-D archive and added one additional significant draft (Posted and Mailed) to the index on the main page.

2008-08-23 — draft-ietf-usefor-usefor-12

New USEFOR Internet-Draft that was released some time back, but which I missed at the time.

2008-08-22 — New beach picture

New picture added to the beach gallery.

2008-08-22 — draft-ietf-usefor-usepro-11

New USEPRO Internet-Draft with the resolution to the Injection-Date handling issue that's been holding up final publication. I expect this or a minor update to this to be the version that goes to IETF Last Call.

2008-08-18 — Review: An Age Like This (1920 - 1940)

Review of An Age Like This (1920 - 1940) by George Orwell.

2008-08-18 — spin 1.69

Added support for setting links to RSS feeds in the page header and for including a sitemap in a generated page. Fixed some documentation issues and one place where data from one page wasn't being sufficiently cleared when processing the next page.

2008-08-17 — Added sitemap

Added a sitemap that lists all pages in my web site and also includes a searching hint for people who don't know how to use Google.

2008-08-17 — Update personal projects

Bring my personal projects page up-to-date. Changes include additional Debian packaging teams, removing the QA team, updating INN and Usenet involvement status, removing gnu.*, adding chatservers again, updating the fiction archive list, and adding photography. Also link to my journal, the changes list, and to git.eyrie.org from here for people to track what I've been doing.

2008-08-17 — Advertise git.eyrie.org

Reword the introduction to my software page somewhat. Advertise git.eyrie.org and mention that it provides RSS feeds per software package that track each change.

2008-08-13 — New beach picture

New picture added to the beach gallery.

2008-08-13 — Reviews now included in journal index

Since moving the journal to my regular web pages, reviews were only in the RSS feeds and in their own area of my web site, not also echoed in the main HTML journal. This has now been fixed and reviews will appear inline and will age out like any other journal post.

2008-08-11 — New object photograph gallery

New gallery of random found objects.

2008-08-11 — New texture photo

New texture photograph of beach sand.

2008-08-11 — New beach photo

New beach photograph of Lincoln City, Oregon.

2008-08-11 — New beach photo

New beach photograph of Lincoln City, Oregon.

2008-08-11 — Recent picture gallery

Added a gallery of recently posted pictures, sorted by date.

2008-08-03 — draft-ietf-usefor-usepro-10

New USEPRO Internet-Draft incorporating a section describing how the history database works in netnews servers.

2008-08-03 — INN documentation updates

Updated the INN CURRENT documentation to the latest version in Subversion, added news.daily documentation, and added the sample files for all the configuration files with documentation links.

July 2008

2008-07-31 — kadmin-remctl 2.2

Freeze AFS kaserver support and note that it may be removed in a later release. Fix exit status checking of kasetkey and improve handling of a missing REMOTE_USER variable. This package is also now maintained in Git.

2008-07-31 — Converting upstream Git repositories

Add detailed instructions on how to convert a repository with a combined debian and upstream branch into two separate branches using my branch scheme for combined Debian and upstream maintenance in the same repository.

2008-07-29 — INN FAQ: reactivate filters

Remind people to reactivate their filters after feeding all articles to a new server.

2008-07-28 — New beach picture

New beach picture from Lincoln City, Oregon.

2008-07-26 — New photography gallery

Added a photography gallery.

2008-07-26 — Review: Asimov's Science Fiction, July 2008

Review of Asimov's Science Fiction, July 2008.

2008-07-24 — Review: Kushiel's Mercy

Review of Kushiel's Mercy by Jacqueline Carey.

2008-07-24 — UTF-8 in web tools

New releases of faq2html, cl2xhtml, and cvs2xhtml that assume UTF-8 input and tag their output as being UTF-8.

2008-07-24 — INN FAQ improvement

Recommend disabling filters when feeding all articles to a new server.

2008-07-22 — kstart 3.14

Add -F and -P flags to k5start to force non-forwardable and non-proxiable tickets. kstart is also now maintained in Git.

2008-07-20 — podlators 2.1.2

Fix a bug with S<> handling in combination with UTF-8 mode by converting ISO 8859-1 non-breaking spaces from Pod::Simple into UTF-8 code points. Use .SS instead of .Sh in Pod::Man. Add a test for spelling and fix all the documentation spelling and markup errors revealed.

2008-07-13 — INN 2.4.5

Update links and INN FAQ to reflect the INN 2.4.5 release.

2008-07-13 — gbp.conf for combined upstream/debian Git repository

Note the need for a gbp.conf when using a combined upstream/debian Git repository following my model so that git-buildpackage and git-import-orig find the correct branch.

2008-07-10 — pam-afs-session 1.7

Used PAM_IGNORE where appropriate, except for authentication. Cleaned up the symbol exports. Updated the Autoconf macros and build system generally. Migrated the pacakge into Git.

2008-07-10 — pam-krb5 3.11

Added defer_pwchange option to do fully correct handling of expired passwords. Added force_pwchange option to force password changes at authentication time if expired. Used PAM_IGNORE where appropriate. Cleaned up the symbol exports. Removed a workaround that was causing problems for current MIT Kerberos with PKINIT. Updated the Autoconf macros and build system generally. Migrated the package into Git.

2008-07-07 — Stanford wallet naming policy

Added the first draft of Stanford University's wallet naming guidelines to the wallet distribution page.

2008-07-05 — Even more notes on Git

Add my scheme for maintaining Debian packages and upstream development in the same Debian repository. Add a method for converting bzr repositories to Git.

2008-07-05 — Tasker 0.3

Add the date of completion to finished subtasks. Use ISO timestamps for the file names of closed tasks instead of seconds since epoch.

2008-07-05 — More notes on Git

Add documentation for CVS to Git migration. Document mirror mode for setting up a public repository and improve the documentation of remote names. Add more commentary on a separate debian branch from master. Document creating signed tags with the *.changes file as the tag message. Improve the documentation of Subversion imports and retroactive tagging with gitk.

2008-07-03 — podlators 2.1.1

Fixed the test suite to pass with the latest Pod::Simple. Suppress the accent definition from the preamble in Pod::Man if --utf8 was given. Improve the test suite for Pod::Man options.

2008-07-03 — Review: Bridge of Birds

Review of Bridge of Birds by Barry Hughart.

2008-07-02 — Review: The People: No Different Flesh

Review of The People: No Different Flesh by Zenna Henderson.

2008-07-01 — Review: Use of Weapons

Review of Use of Weapons by Iain M. Banks.

June 2008

2008-06-30 — Review: F&SF, June 2008

Review of Fantasy & Science Fiction, June 2008.

2008-06-29 — Review: The Tipping Point

Review of The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell.

2008-06-25 — Review: Teckla

Review of Teckla by Steven Brust.

2008-06-23 — Review: Asimov's, June 2008

Review of Asimov's Science Fiction, June 2008.

2008-06-23 — Updated INN documentation

Updated the HTML conversion of the INN documentation to the current source and added INN::Config.

2008-06-09 — Review: The Last Colony

Review of The Last Colony by John Scalzi.

2008-06-02 — Review: Rollback

Review of Rollback by Robert J. Sawyer.

2008-06-01 — podlators 2.1.0

Fixes for several issues turned up by Debian's switch to Perl 5.10 and the new Pod::Simple-based podlators. This version also includes a new --utf8 option to generate UTF-8 output rather than trying to convert to troff escapes and ASCII characters.

2008-06-01 — Review: Pilgrimage

Review of Pilgrimage by Zenna Henderson.

May 2008

2008-05-31 — Review: The Yiddish Policemen's Union

Review of The Yiddish Policemen's Union by Michael Chabon.

2008-05-28 — Review: The Ghost Brigades

Review of The Ghost Brigades by John Scalzi.

2008-05-28 — Repackaging upstream with Git

Added ways of creating a repackaged upstream tarball based on an idea by Sam Hartman. Mentioned that I'm not sure the separate debian branch was a good idea.

2008-05-28 — kstart 3.13

Allow -o/-g/-m to be used with -K or a command and fix the permissions after ticket refreshes. Support AKLOG in addition to KINIT_PROG for determining the path to aklog. Portability fixes for Mac OS X and for Heimdal. As of this release, k4start is frozen.

2008-05-27 — Review: F&SF, May 2008

Review of Fantasy & Science Fiction, May 2008.

2008-05-26 — Review: Fooled by Randomness

Review of Fooled by Randomness by Nassim Nicholas Taleb.

2008-05-17 — Review: Asimov's, April/May 2008

Review of Asimov's Science Fiction, April/May 2008.

2008-05-16 — Added backporting with Git instructions

Added to the Git with Debian notes page instructions on how to backport packages using a branch in a Git repository.

2008-05-14 — Notes on Git with Debian

Finished the first draft of my notes on using Git with Debian and for Debian packaging, documenting as much as I could think of about my current workflow and repository layout.

2008-05-13 — Slides for 2008 Wallet presentation

Added the slides for my upcoming presentation at the 2008 AFS and Kerberos Best Practices Workshop on the wallet. This is an update of the current status, following my 2006 presentation on the initial design.

2008-05-13 — INN 2.4.4

Lots of bug fixes, including some significant problems on 64-bit platforms, Perl 5.10 support, serious problems with nnrpd's native SSL implementation, support for newer Berkeley DB versions, and a huge variety of other fixes. Thanks to Julien ÉLIE for preparing the release.

2008-05-12 — Review: How to Lie with Maps

Review of How to Lie with Maps by Mark Monmonier.

2008-05-10 — New quote for changes page

Add a quote to the HTML version of the web site recent changes page.

2008-05-09 — New recent changes page

Add a web page and RSS feed for recent changes to the whole web site.

2008-05-06 — Review: Brasyl

Review of Brasyl by Ian McDonald.

April 2008

2008-04-28 — New INN documentation

Add the new POD documentation for the distributions configuration file and update the other on-line documentation to the latest versions from Subversion.

2008-04-25 — kadmin-remctl 2.1

Now uses kasetkey for enable, disable, and examine as well. Honor allowed principal regex for examine as well. Incorporate the build system fixes from other projects.

2008-04-24 — wallet 0.9

Support reading data from a file or stdin for wallet store. Add enable, disable, and examine to kasetkey. Various build system fixes and support for builddir != srcdir builds. Drop remaining Stanford-specific default configuration.

2008-04-23 — Journal moved into spin

All posts imported from my old Movable Type installation and converted to spin except for reviews with no comments, which now redirect to the permanent review page. My old journal now redirects to spin-created pages and RSS feeds created via spin-rss (not yet released).

2008-04-23 — kstart 3.12

Fixes many build system problems uncovered on Solaris and command-line parsing problems. Adds etter krb5-config handling. krenew now copies the ticket cache when run with a command.

2008-04-16 — Add commercial issues section for reviews

Add a new section at the bottom covering commercial issues such as advertising, tracking, review copies, and paid reviews.

2008-04-16 — Debian package list updated

Updated the list of Debian packages that I maintain, removed packages no longer in my personal repository (including most of the Stanford-specific packages), and added libpod-thread-perl to my personal repository.

2008-04-16 — Pod::Thread 0.10

Fixes bugs in misrecognizing section text as NAME entries and not handling POD formatting codes in headings when generating navigation bars or tables of contents.

2008-04-15 — Update INN maintenance status

Update the maintenance status of INN. I'm stepping down as release manager and main developer, and Julien ÉLIE has picked up much of the work.

2008-04-15 — Add new INN documentation

Add new INN POD documentation, resynchronizing with what is in INN CURRENT.

2008-04-12 — Review: F&SF, April 2008

Review of Fantasy & Science Fiction, April 2008.

2008-04-11 — Review: The Battle of Evernight

Review of The Battle of Evernight by Cecilia Dart-Thornton.

2008-04-10 — Review: The Black Swan

Review of The Black Swan by Nassim Nicholas Taleb.

2008-04-10 — kstart 3.11

Adds an option to write the child PID, a happy ticket option for krenew, options to set the ownership and permissions of the created ticket cache, better handling of AFS PAG creation, an updated build system and configure machinery, and other bug fixes.

2008-04-09 — Review: How Doctors Think

Review of How Doctors Think by Jerome Groopman, M.D.

2008-04-08 — Review: F&SF, March 2008

Review of Fantasy & Science Fiction, March 2008.

2008-04-04 — remctl 2.12

Properly use host-based GSS-API service names by default, incorporate the Windows port, set file descriptors close-on-exec in the server, close the replay cache file descriptor before spawning processes in the server, and other bug fixes.

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