Updated: 1/4/23 with with Warcaster's Paladin Weaver

   This is mostly Cygnar stuff, hence the filename, but I have also picked up at least a battlebox's worth of a half dozen or so other factions, just in case I decide to be a Pressganger for this.

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Cygnar 'Jacks and Big Stuff

Pony Theme

Iron Man Theme

  • Avenger/Centurion/Hammersmith Heavy Warjack Kits
    • Modular peg arrangement - Many people magnetize their Heavies to let them play any of the three models without dropping an extra $35 (and painting time) on each. I didn't care for the floppiness of the magnetic conversions I'd seen, so I used 1/8" pegs.
    • Iron Man - Modular armor, you say? Well, there's an obvious scheme for it....
      • Core painted - Just the parts that are all glued together. I finished it first, so I could be sure all the modules would match it. Not visible in the pics, I used Sharpies to color-code the tips of the pegs, so I wouldn't later mix up heads and limbs and stuff.
      • Avenger
      • Centurion
      • Hammersmith
    • War Machine - Kinda inevitable, yes? Predictably, the "ack! no bright colors" segment of the playerbase likes this one a lot more than Iron Man.
  • Ol' Rowdy - Painted in a scheme based on the Subterranean Armor Iron Man action figure.
Transformers Theme

Other Themes

  • Hunters as Mario and Luigi - So, it looks like they're carrying pipes, and like they have suspenders. All I had to do was add mustaches and logos.
  • Wold Charger - Made for the "Deception" schematic of Machinations: Anomaly League, it's a Charger disguised as a Wold from the Circle Orboros faction. Here it is unpainted.
  • Blighted Charger - Blight makes things more powerful, but often asymmetric, warped, or otherwise a caricature of themselves. So I went with a look that had the Charger bloating up into a Heavy Warjack. Unpainted.
  • Sentinel (of Liberty) - A Sentinel slightly modded and painted up in a design inspired by Captain America, to go along with Allison Jakes.
  • Dynamo Joe - The Dynamo slightly modded and painted to look like Dynamo Joe from the short-lived giant robot comic in the 80s. Comparison shot with cover.
  • Beach Party Reliant - Inspired by the yearly cheesecake mold Privateer Press releases. This is a Reliant in a bikini, posed as pinuppily as I could manage.
  • Maddox Battlebox Group as Crystal Gems fusions (Steven Universe).
    • Firefly as Garnet - The "permafusion" Garnet is electric, so this was a natural choice.
    • Ironclade as Sugilite - Sugilite's weapon is more of a flail than a hammer, but the hulking profile fit Sugilite better than it did the hammer-wielding Sardonyx. Sunglasses and third eye added with styrene bits.
    • Lancer as Rainbow Quartz - I suppose I could have made this as a straight-up Pearl, but I did Pearl as a Solo already, so I picked the Pearl/Rose fusion here. Replaced the shield boss with a fake pearl.
  • Brickhouse as Alexandrite - Since Brickhouse is supposed to be Maddox's personal warjack, I decided to make it into another fusion, the powerful but unstable Alexandrite. I also cut up the hammer and reassembled it in a less weird grip: WIP 1, WIP2.
  • Ace Ace - Ace the character Hunter 'jack, painted up in the colors of the Asexual (Ace) Pride flag.

Cygnar 'Casters

   There's a lot of different themes here, but I'm just going to list them alphabetically by caster name.

Cygnar Solos

  • Gun Mage Captain Adept - Part of my CYG Sector group inspired by the Paranoia RPG, see the rest below.
  • Allison Jakes, Journeyman Warcaster: Painted up as Black Widow. With Sentinel of Liberty.
  • Allison Jakes, as Pearl (Steven Universe): The non-KickStarter mold, modified to be Pearl. Yes, the image has the wrong number of L's in Allison.
  • Journeyman Warcaster colored as Spike the dragon in his "Dog and Pony Show" daydream armor.
  • Journeyman Warcaster built from a Warzone "Etoiles Mortant Hero" figure. Not tourney-legal, but it's not like I expect to need more than Spike in any tournament list.
  • Journeyman Warcaster Lyra from official alternate sculpt. I very carefully resculpted the chest armor to be more sensible and not Boob PlateTM. Painted as Lyra Heartstrings from My Little Pony.
  • Captain Jonas Murdoch as Ol' Man Death from the Girl Genius webcomic. Designed this way because he's meant to go with my Boomhowler & Co. unit that's done up as hat-wearing Jagermonsters.
  • Betsy the Patrol Dog - My brother and sister-in-law got a rescue pit bull with three legs, so I was inspired to make her as a Patrol Dog with a mekanikal leg. Betsy is a pit bull, so I modified the tail to be more accurate, but decided to leave the face alone. WIP1, WIP 2.
  • Professor Viktor Pendrake - Pendrake is actually a Hordes figure, but as a Cygnar Ally he fits just fine in this group. I gave him a beard like mine and painted his hair in a passable imitation of my own.
  • Squire - Fairly straight deco, although you could call it Girl Genius inspired.
  • Insecticon Stormcallers - Shrapnel's lightning manipulation and cloning made this a natural color scheme for the Stormcallers.
  • Stormblade Captain as Wheeljack - This solo makes the Stormblades smarter (a la G1 Wheeljack and Dinobots) and is a beatstick on his own (a la TF:Prime Wheeljack). So the color scheme was a natural.
  • Arlan Strangeways as TV's Frank - Push the button, Frank.

Cygnar Units

Non-Cygnar Figures

Khador Battlegroup from the 2-player starter.

  • Sorscha the Great and Powerful - Kommander Sorscha modded into a human version of Trixie from My Little Pony.
  • Destroyer - Painted up as an Ursa Major from MLP. Craft sand and gravel used to dress up the base.
  • Juggernaut - Painted up as an Ursa Minor from MLP. I got more ambitious here, both in posing and in basing. I built the basic contours and large boulders from Apoxie Clay, then added sand and gravel. (in progress)
  • Man-O-War Shocktroopers - Glorious Defenders of the Motherland KhadoRanger! When casting about for ideas on how to make it easier to tell them apart for wound-tracking purposes, I kinda went overboard.
Menoth Battlegroup from the 2-player starter.
  • High Exemplar Kreoss - Painted as Sweetie Belle from MLP. Because the fanon is that she sets things on fire, and that's Menoth's schtick.
  • Sweetie-Bots - In MLP fanon, there's a thing where Sweetie Belle is a robot, or Sweetie-Bot. So Kreoss's Warjacks get to be Sweetie-Bots.
  • Exemplar Cinerators - I was inspired by the Spanish Inquisition (Monty Python version) for these.
Cryx Battle Box     A somewhat subtle theme, at first glance it just looks like a fairly standard Cryx color scheme, albeit with a flashier Deneghra than usual. But this is based on the Changelings from My Little Pony, with Deneghra as Chrysalis. I used a Dremel ans various tips to put holes in the limbs of the 'Jacks, and the energy effect colors are based on Changeling eyes. I used my special mix of dark gunmetal for most of the metal bits, so they're fairly subtle and blend in with the gloss black.

  • Warwitch Deneghra as Chrysalis: Added the saddle-like outfit around her waist and even managed to get a hole through one leg, but otherwise contented myself with divots for the swiss-cheesing. I tried fabricating a horn or a crown for her, but wasn't satisfied with the results, so I just let the existing horns stand in.
  • Helljack Slayer: I raided my leftover parts bin for a Khador head to put in one claw.
  • Deathrippers: One of the most annoying things about facing "bone chickens" is that it's hard to tell which one is which, and whether you're looking at a Deathripper or a Defiler (or one of the non-battlebox bonejacks). So, rather than break the main color scheme and give them obviously different paint jobs, I went with different colors for their front arcs. And the Defiler got a third color, so I can easily tell all three bone chickens apart.
  • Defiler: In case anyone's curious how I got the bone look on all of these, by the way, I used "Rivera Tan" and a brown ink wash.

Retribution of Scyrah Battle Box: Battle Force Knockoff

    The theme here is a result of reading the history of Immoren's elves. Short story, a bunch of other gods saw the humans Menoth made and decided to make their own mortals, but they took a lot of short cuts and papered over them with extra shinies...like a chromed knockoff toy. So I painted these in that style, with lots of inappropriate chrome, unusual choices of non-chrome color (i.e. bright green for a stealth cloak), etc.

Mercs - Cygnar madde heavy use of mercs in MkII, so naturally I had to get a few. I've since expanded to where I can field decent, if small, Merc armies.

Rhulic - They're Mercs too, but they're kinda their own thing, what with only Rhulic Warcasters and Jack Marshals able to run Rhulic Warjacks. I decided my theme for these would be the Wreckers, an Autobot subgroup tasked with the dirty jobs. Wreck and Rhul! (Note: the Autobot symbols make them ineligible for use in any official tourneys where PP might want to take pictures for publication, but I'm not really a tourney player anyway.)

Trollkin - I celebrated rejoining the ranks of the gainfully employed by buying some Hordes from the soon-to-be-no-longer-local gaming store. While I'd toyed with Skorne or Minions as my first Hordes faction, I decided to go with "easiest to 25 points" and leverage my Boomhowlers' ability to work with Trollkin.

  • Dire Troll Heavy Warbeast - Just to make things harder on myself, I decided to make this set modular. My first Warmahordes figure done in Missouri. I decided to go with gray skin in the hopes that the seams wouldn't be quite so blatant. I'm keeping the Boomhowler theme of Jagermonsters, and giving everyone hats that needs 'em.
  • Pyre Troll - I went with the magma pattern I learned from War Planets, plus charcoal nodules and a firefighter helmet. WIP with just the skin painted.
  • Warlock Captain Gunnbjorn - Just a good ol' boy. Troll. Whatever.
  • Madrak Ironhide Battlegroup - Decided on a Ska theme for these four figures, with extra-shiny armor, hipster hats and a stage floor sort of basing. I consulted a friend known for his Ska interests when designing these. I also learned to hate go-go checks.


    A more sci-fi-flavored game set in the far future of the refugees who fled Immorent at the end of the Claiming, using a different resolution system and not compatible with Warmachine itself (although I'm sure someone has made fan stats). I backed the Kickstarter and got the Iron Star Alliance (evil oppressive empire with cooler looking mechs) starter, I doubt I'll be getting more given how long it took me to paint just these.

  • Assembled and based - Gluing some of these together was a royal hassle, TBH. Base detail made from Vallejo Earth Texture, plus some aquarium gravel bits.
  • Void Gates - Officially they're supposed to be blue energy, but I decided to go with green for the energy color for the entire set. The bases added FolkArt Moss paints (which are kinda gunky) to give the "fighting over a barely habitable craphole planet because it still has some resources to exploit" look to things. November 2022.
  • Firebrand - Technically you're supposed to magnetize the weapon mounts so you can swap in alternatives from the dozen or so weapons that came with it (including Kickstarter bonus weapon pack), but since I don't plan to actually play this, I just picked the loadout I liked best visually and glued them in place. While it's not easy to see, the base has the turf scraped up as the mech lands and its feet spread apart. December 2022.
  • Paladin Weaver - In Warcaster, the player themself is assumed to be the Warcaster (kinda like how Magic the Gathering works), but Weavers fill many of the same roles a Warcaster does in Warmachine. January 2023.
  • Others coming soonish? Depends on my painting time and interest.

  • Wreck Markers: because all of the 'Jacks end up in this state eventually.
  • Objective Markers: Using up bits and pieces that don't make sense as wreck markers.
    • Pintle-mount weapon - Inspired by a league scenario in which the objective markers are artillery pieces, I built this from leftover Cyclone weapons from a Heavy Warjack kit, and various other pieces.
    • Cannon and mortar - More artillery piece objectives, using some leftover Mage Knight Conquest weapons.
    • Cryx Marker - A chaos skull thing made as a third party accessory for Warhammer 40K, resculpted slightly as a Cryxmas gift.
  • Terrain:
    • Basalt Low Wall: A pencil chopped up into basalt pillars so Baldur can have a proper wall. No, I don't play Baldur, but one of the schematics for league was to do three pieces of terrain, and Baldur was an inspiration.
    • Swampy Pond: A shallow water feature that also happens to be the right size for Barnabas's swamp pit spell. Again, I don't play Barney, but it was inspiration.
    • Trench Segment: My third league piece was inspired by a league scenario that required a single trench piece in the middle (anyone not in the trench at the end of a particular turn auto-died).
  • Small Base Jig: Made to help in getting the front arc exactly right on 30mm bases.
  • Template Bag: I got a pair of toddler sweat pants at thrift store for 50 cents and made one of the legs into a nice bag for my templates. It's even Cygnar-colored.
  • "Utah Monolith": Just a quick gag. Roughly to scale in height but a bit narrow, working with the triangular stock I had. The base uses snow putty that was than filed down to look more like sandstone/hardpan. February 2021.

Stuff That's Not Playable

   These are Warmachine-related pieces of art, but they're not meant to actually be used in a game.

  • Edmund Clarke - Mutant Chronicles mini modded into a Cygnar field researcher who's trying to find a way to weaponize natural lightning. I later rebased him to use as a Storm Caller proxy.
  • Cygnar Laser Knight - A spare base-less Laser Knight from Monsterpocalypse modified a bit and painted up in Cygnar colors.
  • Princess Luna cosplaying as Captain Haley
  • Cygnar Predators - Stargrunt aliens the Kra'Vak are basically Predator ripoffs. I figure this trio landed in the Iron Kingdoms, hunted some Cryx, and decided they could learn from the Cygnar so they joined up. Or they just killed some Cygnars and took their clothing. Either way.
  • Thunderhead Armor Nemo - Crosswire the supervillain from Reaper's Chronoscape line, modified to look like a suit of power armor inspired by the Thunderhead Warjack. Nemo's tired of being the frail one....
  • Daft Punk Party Platform - The drivers from the Storm Strider mixed with various other bits to create a mobile DJ station.
  • Morvahna the Autumnhorn - Another player on the forums asked for a pony version of one of the Circle casters, and I obliged.
  • Pikachu Warbeast - This is what happens when you let Nemo breed warbeasts, I guess.
  • Impact Miniatures Chibi Pony Cygnar - Not designed to be Warmachine, but I selected a bunch of figures that would fit well in a Cygnar theme (plus one Morrowan cleric). A certain amount of conversion work was required.
  • Epic Darius: I turned an action figure I got on clearance into one idea for an Epic Darius, one who has fallen more under the influence of Nemo and abandoned the bulky armor in favor of storm chamber tech.

Game Pics

  • My first game - A couple of shots of my borrowed battle box group from the final round of my first game.
  • Apple Clan vs. Khador - I lost, but it was a pretty near thing.
  • Eight Way Muddle - With 5 players even more newbie than I was, it was decided to do one huge learning game, four against four. I was in pretty good shape when we had to call it at midnight, but no one else on my side was still functioning, so if we'd gone another turn it would have mainly involved my dismemberment.
  • Last Kearney Game - A big three-on-three multiplayer was my last time playing before moving out of Nebraska. After four hours we had to stop and concede (I got taken out first, and another player on my side had to leave for third shift job). Still, I managed to totally kill a Hyperion on feat turn with my Kara Sloan force.