Dave's 40K Minis - Craftworlds

   About fifteen years after doing my Zeon-themed Tau forces and 8 years after giving them away, I got lured back into 40K on a limited basis, to play against fellow faculty at the college bookstore. The Wraithguard have a special rule that makes them harder to lock up in melee, plus they had the fewest models to paint of any of the "get started" box sets, so I picked them up at a Free Comic Book Day sale. After some pondering, I decided to go with a First Order theme, with the Wraithlord as Captain Phasma and the Wraithguard as Stormtoopers. The Warwalker was an obvious AT-ST. Rather than trying to freehand all the logos, I got some decals online...and to my dismay they were water-slip decals rather than stickers. Water decals suck SO MUCH. I used up four of them failing to get any to stick before giving up and just gluing the things (with some of the paper backing peeled off) to the minis. And on the last batch of Wraithguard, I gave up on even peeling, as I got a decal glued to my thumb.

   All painted during May of 2019.