Dave's Online Nest

My space in the Eyrie

Transformers News and Reviews

Running in one form or another since January 1996, this page has not only news about the current Transformers line (and related toys from other companies), but also an archive of reviews stretching back to the beginning of Beast Wars.

Dave's Comicbook Rants Archives

A running year-long archive of my comicbook reviews as seen on Rec.arts.comics.reviews. Mostly short capsule reviews, but a few longer pieces.

Academy of Super-Heroes

Award-winning super-hero fiction by me and some of my friends, set in the 2020s, a generation after a major catastrophe.
New Exarchs
A series set in the classic Superguy shared universe, involving a number of dimensionally displaced heroes in over their heads.

Opera of the Dvandom

You'll find that my Eyrie pages are mainly text, with only a few images. Here's where I put the images, including drawings, kitbashes and scans from Japanese Transformers magazines. Hosted on the AllSpark.com servers.

Slide Rules!

Yes, there's irony in setting up a slide rule webpage. This is one of the older "fan" slide rule pages out there, in fact, although since the recent transplant to Eyrie it's no longer on as many search engines.
Dave's Electronic Hatrack
My original page at The Ohio State University, which has since been removed because spammers went after the email address so strongly that it was killing the server. This is a relatively static reassembly of the stuff from there, rehosted on Eyrie. Some subpages of interest include:
(And yes, I know the web design on some of these pages is painfully bad.)
   Finally, for those wondering if I'm "that" Dave Van Domelen that you knew in school, I grew up in Waukesha WI, went to college at Northeast Missouri State University (now Truman State) in Kirksville MO, and got my PhD at The Ohio State University.