The Bad Girl Art (BGA) Index v0.2:

     This is an attempt to quantify the degree of offense given by "Bad Girl
Art" as presented to general audiences in solicitation material, such as
Diamond's Previews magazine.
     Any depiction of the female form in a solicitation is fair game for
assigning a BGA Index, but the threshhold that must be passed in order to be
truly considered BGA has not yet been determined, although 5 seems like a lower
bound.  Every depiction starts at 0 points, then adds points based on the
Format, Pose, Body Type, Clothes Type and Clothes Coverage of the female shown.

FORMAT: Style of ad
     +1 per full page (if the ad is several pages but the female appears on
          only one of them, only count that page)
     +1 if in color
     +1 for photographic art

POSE: Positioning of the female
     +1 if the pose is anatomically impossible or severely painful
     +1 if the woman is being struck
     +1 for bondage situations
     +2 for a gratuitous butt shot
     +3 for a spread-legs crotch shot

BODY: The physical attributes of the female
     +1 for breasts larger than her head
     +1 for breasts larger than waist (cumulative)
     +1 for erect nipples shown
     +1 for thigh wider than waist
     +1 for thigh longer than total torso plus head height
     +1 for Big Hair (hair larger than torso)
     +1 per inhuman or demonic part (such as claws, fangs, etc)
     +1 for facial expression indicating sexual themes (seductive,
          rapturous, etc)
     +2 additional for expression indicating subject is in the throes of

CLOTHES TYPE: What the female is wearing
     +0 for skintight bodysuit
     +1 for swimsuit
     +1 for lingerie
     +1 for leather (cumulative with above)
     +1 if torn or tattered (cumulative with above)
     +1 if adorned with spikes or blades (cumulative with above)
     +1 for "nonstandard" body piercing (navel, nose, lip, etc)
     +1 for spiked heels
     +1 per weapon
     +1 per fluid type covering subject (includes but is not limited to
          blood, sweat, tears, regular water)

CLOTHES COVERAGE: How well the clothing covers the "naughty bits" of the
     female.  This is clothing coverage only, and doesn't count strategic
     limb placement or black bars.  It's the thought that counts.
The following are cumulative (i.e. if less than 1/4 of the breast is covered,
     then points are given for 1/4 and 1/2).
     +1 if less than half of each breast is covered
     +1 if less than 1/4 of each breast is covered
     +2 if breasts totally bare (so +4 total)
     +1 if enough of crotch is uncovered to require shaving
     +2 if outline of genitalia is drawn
     +5 if crotch is totally bare
The following points are not cumulative with the above.
     +10 if subject is totally naked (except for shoes, gloves and jewelry)

     Any suggestions (other than "Get a life!") appreciated.  This file and
updates of it will be posted each month along with a listing of outstanding
cases of BGA in Previews.
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