Name: Jimmaku "Jimmy" Nishimura (Nishimura means Western Village)
Calling: Street Racer
Nature: Competitor
Pantheon: Pesedjet (Egyptian)
God: Set

   At the top of the Tokyo drifting scene, he thought he'd run out of challenges. Then he finds out that dad didn't die in a military training was the chaos god Set. If anything, though, this made his problems worse, and he's taken to traveling the world seeking new challenges on the road, trying out any sort of street racing style that will take him. And so, he and his customized 1997 Toyota Supra SZ-R find themselves in Las Vegas, just in time to be framed for a crime he didn't commit. Fortunately, the rough and quasi-legal life of the old Drifting scene left him equipped with skills beyond just driving....
   Jimmy's "Visitation" story.



STR •••
DEX •••••**
STA •••*
CHA •••
MAN •••*
APP ••
PER •••
INT ••
WIT ••••
* is a dot of Epic Attribute


Athletics ••
Awareness •
Brawl ••
Command •
Control (Cars) •••••
Control (Motorcycles) •••
Craft (Automotive) •••
Fortitude ••
Integrity •
Larceny ••
Marksmanship ••
Melee ••
Presence ••
Stealth ••
Survival •
Thrown ••


Conviction ••••
Harmony ••
Order ••
Piety •

Willpower ••••••
Legend ••• (9 Legend points)

Soak: 1A / 3L / 4B (racing outfit adds +1 B on top of this)


Epic Dexterity ••
Epic Stamina •
Epic Manipulation •
Eye of the Storm (Chaos •)
Hornet's Nest (Chaos ••)
Ren Harvest (Heku •)
Sekem Blaze (Heku ••)
Unerring Orientation (Psychopomp •)


Cat's Grace (Dex)
Untouchable Opponent (Dex)
Holy Fortitude (Sta)
Advantageous Circumstances (Man)


Relic •••• (Scirocco)
Relic •• (The Key)


Scirocco: counts as Wakizashi with +2L damage (+1 Acc, +4L damage, +1 Defense, Speed 4). Also see Relics below.
Car: Toyota Supra SZ-R custom (Armor 6, Mass 2, maneuverability +2, Health Levels 15: it's not as durable as a standard car, but is as maneuverable as a motorcycle).
Racing Outfit: Counts as Heavy Clothing (+1B soak, no maneuverability penalty, 0 Fatigue), and is fireproof (this is merely "chrome" and does not offer additional soak).


Scirocco, the Desert Wind - This is a knife, fairly plain in appearance but clearly ancient. It looks like the sort of thing a desert traveler might have depended on for decades. In fact, it has been used by defenders of the desert around the world, and was given to Jimmy when his ichor was awakened. It grants Jimmy access to his Chaos purview, plus has two special powers. Firstly, it is supernaturally sharp, granting a +2 to damage over the normal damage of a dagger. Secondly, if he deliberately conceals it on his person or in any of his gear (i.e. in his car, in his suitcase), attempts to find it suffer an additional penalty equal to his Legend.

The Key - This is the ignition key to the very first purpose-built Drifting car raced in Tokyo. Jimmy won it in a race against someone who he did not at the time know was a Scion himself, and it's charged with mystic power due to the hands it has passed through. The Key allows him access to the Psychopomp Purview, plus has the special power that it adds his Legend to any attempts to keep a motor vehicle functioning past the point when it should have broken down, run out of gas or otherwise stopped dead.