(Dave Van Domelen)

Other Aliases: Dvandom, DVD
E-Mail: dvandom@eyrie.org
Homepage: www.eyrie.org/~dvandom

    Dave was born in 1970 in Waukesha WI, a small city a half hour's drive west of Milwaukee, and he pretty much stayed there for 18 years. Then he went to the middle of nowhere (Kirksville MO, which makes Springfield MO look huge) for college, getting a B.S. in Physics and a healthy appreciation for Milwaukee. Then he went to The Ohio State University for eight years of physics PhD study.

    Within days of getting to Columbus OH, Dave connected to this Usenet thing he'd heard of from friends who graduated ahead of him, and was soon embroiled in the early days of the Legion of Net.Heroes. He eventually also discovered Superguy through the bit.listserv.superguy newsgroup (R.I.P.) and started reading it sporadically. He eventually got drawn into a crossover with Team M.E.C.H.A. after some discussions during BotCon '95 with Robotech_Master, getting his first real on-topic posts to Superguy (his Constellation series had been reposted to the list earlier as part of an exchange program). As the Grand Tour finally reached its conclusion, Dave decided to write an actual Superguy series of his own, based on Jackie Chan's chop socky movies and a few elements borrowed from Journey to the West. He also drew in one character he'd played with during chaotic add-on stories on a local BBS in Kirksville. The result was the title first called 36 Crazy Plots and later Crazy Guy. However, after 30 episodes of Crazy Guy, he sort of petered out and drifted off the list after a last "here's what I was gonna do" post.

    In 2000, Dave got his PhD and moved on to Michigan State University for his first postdoc job (think "medical residency" but you get to sleep on a regular basis), where he met up with Swede over dinner a few times. But he'd left the LNH by that time and was concentrating on his Academy of Super-Heroes series, and didn't really get back into Superguy for a while. Besides, the list had died down quite a bit from its heyday in the 90s. But then inspiration finally struck again, and he mixed together a bunch of his recent influences to create Exarchs, which got out the door with Bill Paul-like posting rates. Time will tell if this continues after he moves to Kansas.

    Dave has brought in the following stuff. This isn't really a complete list, since he can't be bothered to go back and re-read all of Crazy Guy to catch the obscure characters.





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