A Season In Crimson

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Dave Van Domelen
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MegaArc 1: A Season In Crimson

    The first 24 episodes of Exarchs form a single, somewhat sprawling story with no crossovers, but plenty of backstory. Four of my old Legion of Net.Heroes characters find themselves stuck in the Superguy Altiverses and fated to stop the machinations of an entity of immense power. Other characters from both my LNH stories and my previous Superguy series show up as well. "A Season In Crimson" is a mix of world-hopping and high fantasy in the style of the Exalted RPG.

  1. "Ex Loonis Altiversis": Four of the main characters arrive...somewhere. And before they can get their bearings, things happen!
  2. "Vox Scritori, Vox Dei?": Exposition, exposition, and Exarchs!
  3. "Cornix Horribilis": The Exarchs reach the first Altiverse on their quest itinerary and face a dragon that has been terrorizing villagers in 020HACKNSLASH!
  4. "Crepitis Fundus": The dragon is defeated, the first legendary weapon found, and the Exarchs move on to the next stop!
  5. "Stan et Stannum": The next stop turns out to be a warzone with a muddled history. The Exarchs pick a side, but have they picked the right one?
  6. "Laqueus Lazuli": Another old character returns, and the Exarchs enter perhaps the most dangerous Altiverse yet!
  7. "Felis Interruptus": 934PULPTRAPS runs Kat through her paces, while she tries to unravel some internal puzzles as well!
  8. "Terminus Defunctus": Out of the frying pan and into the ashes, as the search for the fourth mystic weapon is on in earnest!
  9. "Simius Alatus": A brief history of 970SUPERGUY, followed by a fight scene, and the fourth mystic weapon appears!
  10. "Porta Adventus": And the Exarchs finally reach 000SUPERGUY, but the bad guys are ready for them!
  11. "Carcharodon Caelus": On the road through Kansas, things get a bit windy....
  12. "Caenosus Duodecim": A bit of a fast-forward, and then the heroes regroup and get their act together.
  13. "Veni, Vidi, Vagi": It's the Exarchs versus the Dark Pentad!
  14. "Mare Caelestis": At last, the Fifth Exarch revealed!
  15. "Oppilo et Oppidum": The Exarchs beat a retreat from Topeka, but find something holding them back....
  16. "Canis Venatis": Getting past the barrier at horrible cost, the Exarchs are once again set upon by the Dark Pentad!
  17. "Vermis Conversis": The Exarchs return to a forward base in Paxico and attempt to free two of their opponents from the control of the Gentle Gift of Crimson. But what if they don't want or need to be freed?
  18. "Sciuridae Sciurinae": It's an all-squirrel issue as Gwen determines her fate!
  19. "Serpis Bonus": A lot of recap, and then some sneaking through the sewers....
  20. "Alea Mortis": Double-sized episode with lots of viewpoint shifting as the Exarchs work their way up the dread Dark Spire!
  21. "Intro Draco": In the throneroom of the Dark Spire, the Exarchs face the menace of Tybalt, who is more than meets the eye! Also, THE TRUTH is exposed!
  22. "Anno Draconum": The Truth shall set you free, but first it'll set you up for one heck of a whomping, as the Exarchs find out. Plus, mystic warnings echo throughout the Altiverse!
  23. "Decim Mille Glans": The Exarchs aren't exactly winning. So it's up to the supporting cast to mount a rescue attempt! But can they succeed, even with a few surprises up their sleeves?
  24. "Ad Astra Per Asperum": "A Season In Crimson" comes to a conclusion in this super-sized blowout!

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