Best of 2021

    Another year where I didn't get wowed by much...only one "floppy," but that's ahead of 2020.

Other Media

    Welp, those delayed blockbusters from 2020 were decent, but none blew me away.

  • Batman: Soul of the Dragon - DC (direct to disc)
Digital Content

  • Justice Wing: Plan, Prototype, Produce, Perfect - Eric Burns-White (ebook)
  • Wayne Family Adventures - CRC Payne and StarBite (webcomic)
Trades and Collections

  • The Way of the Hive: A Honey Bee's Story - Jay Hosler (revamped TPB, so kind of repeating my recommendation of the original edition)
  • The Way of the House Husband vol 5 and vol 6 - Kousuke Oono (four out of six volumes have been Strongly Recommended)
  • Punderworld vol 1 - Linda Sejic (Patreon collection)


  • Kaijumax Season Six #5 (of 6) - Zander Cannon

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