Best of 2016

    The number of comics I read went up again in 2016, but did the number of Strongly Recommended things go up? Let's see!

Other Media

    Mostly movies and TV shows, but really anything I felt like reviewing that was at least kind of related to comics but wasn't static images. Also includes print novels, sometimes. Yeah, there's some vague boundaries here. And I didn't always review TV shows or movies, especially movies that came out near the start of the month.

  • Lego DC Comics Super Heroes Justice League: Gotham City Breakout
Digital Content

    Primarily or initially delivered online, but not counting things like Netflix's Daredevil or Jessica Jones (like I said, vague boundaries). Two of the things listed here got print editions as well (although despite ordering all four volumes of Gronk through my shop, Diamond has yet to deliver any).

  • Nothing, but I got very few digital comics in 2016.
Trades and Collections

    While my local shop is pretty good, I got all of these online, still not wanting to trust Diamond.

  • The Imitation Game - Abrams ComicArts (Ottaviani and Purvis)
  • The Drawing Lesson: A Graphic Novel That Teaches You To Draw - Watson-Guptill Publishing (Mark Crilley)
  • Steven Universe the Answer - Cartoon Network Books (Sugar and Michalka)
  • Rejected Princesses vol 1 - Harper Collins (Porath)

    Traditional comic book format. Yeah, I was pretty down on floppies this year. Bought more, was enthusiastic about fewer. Disclaimer on Deathstroke, I was marginally involved in working out some of the plot device stuff in the series, so I'm not exactly unbiased.

  • My Little Pony Friendship is Magic #43 - IDW (Cook and Price)
  • Deathstroke Rebirth One-Shot, Deathstroke #1 - DC (Priest and various)
  • The Transformers Revolution One-Shot - IDW (Barber and Griffith)
  • The Four Color Comic Book History of Comics #1 - IDW (Van Lente and Dunleavy, colorized reissue of the 2008-2011 series "Comic Book Comics")

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