The Best Comic Books (and Related Stuff) Dave Read In 2012

    This page collects all of the books I gave a rating of "Strongly Recommended" or better to come out during 2012. Books which I Strongly Recommended to limited groups are generally not included, but those with mature readers caveats are. You may notice some "Books of Note" aren't mentioned here, because they were notable for reasons other than necessarily being really good (i.e. an intriguing idea with iffy execution). Boldfaced books got a rating higher than Strongly Recommended.

    Given my radically changed reading and reviewing habits this year, I decided to change the format of this end of year wrap-up. After all, it doesn't make much sense to organize by month when I posted one review per month (July aside)...just look at the year's page for that format. Instead, I'm going to collect by category, and lump together all issues of a given series that got the nod.

Other Media

    The best stuff I read, watched or played with that's tied to comics in some way, but wasn't actually a comic book.

Digital Comics

    Some of these are dedicated digital-only content, but most of them are simply a result of my losing access to a "real" comic shop and not being able to get hardcopies without paying postage and waiting for shipping.

Trades and Graphic Novels

   Anything too big to staple, but bought as a physical object, basically. Not all of these are available in brick and mortar stores, though.


    Traditional stapled comics. Yes, I still get some of those, mostly mail-ordered Antarctic Press books and stuff from the kiddie comic spinner at the local bookstore. Mostly things that I can't get digitally, or that I can easily get in person. Why aren't there more entries below? Because the sort of things a major chain bookstore stocks tend to top out at "good but not great".

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