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   The Chinese character on the monitor means "hat," and I have made a hat with that character on it. It appeals to my sense of the absurd.

Hat hanging from a computer

Dave's Many Hats
Physics Education Researcher
This is what I actually do for a living, research in Physics Education. This page has versions of talks I've given, a copy of my Doctoral Candidacy thesis on problem-solving methods, and a few pieces I've tried to get published.
Dave's Eyrie Page

Most of the active reviews and fiction stuff has been moved to this page.

Most of my writing is over on Eyrie, but my old LNH and Superguy stories are here.
Catchall Remnants
A few remaining pages that would have been linked in from now-gone pages are here, like my Shadowfist stuff.


Here's some images which vaguely resemble me.

    On the left is a quickly drawn self-portrait in which I forgot to have my beard smile along with my teeth, resulting in a rather dopey look. Second is a photo of me dressed up as one of my characters, the Dvandom Stranger. The third one is that ever popular amateur photography trick, flash photo in the mirror. The rightmost picture is me wearing mad scientist goggles for my 2003 Halloween costume. Click HERE for my "vital statistics" as of the late 1990s...I've lost a lot of weight since then (185 lbs as of Feb 2008).

    Here's a picture of my family if you're curious about the sort of people who were around in my formative years. From left to right it's my younger brother Scott, my younger sister Carole, me, my mom and my dad. The picture's from June 1994, when my brother graduated from Lawrence University in Appleton, WI.

    I went home for my sister's wedding (December 19, 1998) and took a lot of pictures. Unfortunately, just about every indoor shot came out too dark or washed out. Sigh. So, until I can get some copies of the professional wedding photos, here's me in a tuxedo and a group shot from the wedding. From left to right are my dad, my mom, my sister Carole (who was blinking, oops), and her husband Tim Clark. New: Here's a slightly larger group shot from the wedding. Standing from left to right are: my Grandma Chapelle (dad's mom...she remarried), my dad, my mom, my sister, her new husband, me and my brother. My Grandma DeSio is seated. Also, for those curious about the environment that would produce me, here's a picture of my family home, where I spent most of the first 18 years of my life, a fair chunk of the next four, and not nearly as much of the remaining years as my parents would like. :) There's actually still civilization on the other side of the house, there's a ridge right behind it which blocks view of anything else.

    A while back I started corresponding with a relative of mine I didn't know I had, Gerald Van Domelen. He's got a Family Tree Page (no longer alive, link courtesy of the Internet Wayback Machine) that can help explain where my name came from. I took the family coat of arms from his page and decopaged it onto a shield for this gift I made for my parents for Christmas 2003.

Dave's Philosophical Nattering

    Moved to its own page.

    I ditched the web counter. It's not like I'm selling adspace or anything, and the novelty wore off quite some time ago. }->

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