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Shadowfist / Feng Shui Links

Official Shadowfist Homepage

    Various official things on Shadowfist, contests, previews, etc. Go here to join the Secret War Society (of which I'm member #499, a registered Purist...ph33r my 1337 gr00p th33r3 sk1llz!).

Durrell's Shadowfist Page

    The old page has been rolled up into an archive, but he's got a short page that's more or less active and discusses the joys of "Old School" Shadowfist.

Stefan Vincent's Page

    Stefan works on Shadowfist stuff, and his page is packed with info, both behind the scenes and aboveboard. He'll also make Shadowfist cards of people who send him pics and stats, as seen down in my Silly Card section where Director Van Domelen can be seen (click on it to see it full sized).

Flying Tricycle's Shadowfist Counters

    This company makes laser-engraved acrylic counters for various games, including little sets of faction icons to use in your Shadowfist games. Update: They no longer list Shadowfist counters, but if you use the Contact link you might be able to get a custom run or something.

Dave's Official Publications

I've been getting some articles published in various magazines and in official Daedalus products, and will try to keep this section fairly updated as articles I've sold actually show up. Z-Man Games has posted the "Best Of" Silly Card List and my new Purist Silly Card List on the official Shadowfist page.


Reviews of various Fist and Feng Shui products. Take with a grain of salt, since I'm in a few of these products.

Shadowfist/Feng Shui Fanfic

Some stories I wrote about some of the cards

Shadowfist Gallery

My artistic interpretations of some elements of the Shadowfist world.

Ting Ting! Or, at least, my attempt at drawing her. Lynx users can click here to download the image used as the "button."

Ting Ting Power Counter: Reaper Miniatures' Shadowfist power counter from both sides after I painted it. Not shown is the base, on which I painted the zero gold with a red dot in the center, so opponents could more easily tell where it is. Image button. NEW 11/9/02: Repainted version reflecting a few more years' worth of painting experience. I left the fist-symbol base alone, since that actually worked well the first time around.
Ting Ting Action Figure: I kitbashed a Ninja Psylocke action figure into this Ting Ting figure (note: the Psylocke shown is a prototype from the back of the packaging, and is different from the actual toy). I carved off much of her purple hair and glued on the braided hair of the Cosmic Angela which I used in an earlier project (Circuit Breaker from the Transformers comic), filling in the gaps with structural paint and painting it all black. The wristbands I made from Sculpey III modeling compound, cured with a hair dryer. Her clothing was built up using structural paint (a goopy acrylic paint which doesn't spread out on its own) and details drawn over the paint with a technical pen. The naginata is from a Ronin Warriors toy (the shaft is actually part of the plastic "waste" holding the RW weapons) painted realistic colors. Because Ninka Psylocke has black feet, I didn't need to paint them, and as a result Ting Ting retains Psylocke's ankle joints and can flex those deadly toes. Finally, I decided against trying to remove the upper arm bands from Psylocke, since I'd have to file away too much of the muscle to do it (covering them with structural paint would be a bad idea, since that doesn't dry smooth and would have left Ting Ting looking like she had an even weirder skin condition).
A Matter of Honor. When a member of the Lodge reverts to his more bestial ancestry, however slightly, it is a thing of mortal shame, and only one chance remains to regain the lost honor.... Lynxers click here to download the image button.
Moonraven: a Masked Avenger character from the Feng Shui demos played at Origins '96. He also has a Scrappy Kid sidekick, but I decided to ignore the kid. Moonraven created by Geoffrey Grabowski. Image button.
Ascended Symbol used as the background of this page, only at full intensity. Or, if you'd prefer one that isn't rotated 90 degrees from the correct orientation, click here.
    Badge of the Boothweasel: Silly card art I designed last summer but never got around to including on this page.

Silly Shadowfist Cards!

Silly Card List v4.0

A general list of silly cards based on concepts and some parodies.

Netherworld Silly Card List

Parodies of many Netherworld cards.

Flashpoint Silly Card List v1.0

An as-yet incomplete list of silly Flashpoint cards.

Throne Wars/Year of the Dragon Silly Card List v1.1

Well, now Throne Wars and Year of the Dragon are out, so here's the silly card lists!

Alternate Throne Wars/YotD Silly Card List

I was digging around my old Shadowfist directory for an article I wrote, and found a different version of the TW/YotD list I apparently wrote about the time the set came out, but never moved to here. Well, now it's here.

Purist Silly Card List v1.0

Parodies of the Purist-faction cards from Dark Future, Boom Chaka Laka, 10000 Bullets and Red Wedding.

Seven Masters Card List v1.0

One of the more complete sets I've done, Seven Masters versus the Underworld gets my parodic treatment.

Two-Fisted Tales Card List v1.0

I think there's only one or two cards from this set that didn't get some treatment. The Marmojet got left alone, though. Why mess with success?

Feng Shui pieces

    Here's some pieces I posted to back in the days of Daedalus Feng Shui. I might add to them with new stuff later.
Shadowfist is a Trademark of Z-Man Games. Feng Shui is a Trademark of Atlas Games. There's a lot of sharing, and a few uniqueness auctions.

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