Electronic Hatrack


Last Updated: 2/3/05


    Akiko is a comic by Mark Crilley, and I've done a lot of fannish stuff regarding it. This page deals with that stuff.

Mid-Ohio Con

    Mid-Ohio Con is a big comics convention held in Columbus, Ohio every November. This page has pictures and reports from a few of the ones I've attended, plus some art fo mine.

Shadowfist/Feng Shui

    Shadowfist is a card game of Hong Kong action movies, and Feng Shui is the roleplaying game that goes with it. I was involved in the early fandom for these games, and this page collects my art, fiction, articles and other stuff.

Mystic Knights of TirNaNog

    One of the few Bandai USA toy lines that I've really liked, and the only review section I never moved to another space.

RoboMACs 2163

    A Transformers-like sci fi setting for my RoboMACs RPG. Some link rot has occurred.