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Castle of Kells micro playset review added. The line is now dead, but a few new toys are being shaken out of the warehouse by the death throes.

    This site is a quick little place for me to store my reviews of the Mystic Knights of Tir na Nog toys. I don't plan on having it blossom into something the size of my Beast Wars or War Planets sites, especially since there's likely to be a LOT more fansites for this line than War Planets, yes?

    The line has vehicles and "role playing" equipment (like swords and stuff, including the Dragon's Breath Daggers shaken out by the death throes) a-plenty, but with a few exceptions I'm only covering the action figures. Here's one of the exceptions, a Castle of Kells Micro Playset I snagged on auto-clearance at Kay Bee. If I find any other micro playsets, I'll review them too.

    All reviews copyright 1998, 1999 by Dave Van Domelen, do not copy or distribute without permission.

    Regular Figures: First Wave

    The first batch of regular figures includes all four principals and one of the villains, or "Sentinels."

Deirdre   Deirdre, Mystic Knight of Air. The first figure I bought, so my comments on things like packaging and so forth are in here. A few notes not in the review: her wrists do turn, but also break off easily. Oops. A pretty good female figure, and they actually seem to be staying in stores fairly well...guess they stopped short-packing her.
   Evil Deirdre! An action figure I rebuilt a little and repainted in a more "evil" color scheme. Note the freaky black "whites" of her eyes. Go to my Miscellaneous Gallery for information on her construction.
Angus    Angus, Mystic Knight of Earth. Second figure I bought. He has this really nifty hammer, but on the show they gave him one of the secondary weapons instead, sigh.
Ivar    Ivar, the Mystic Knight of Water. He kicks ass, probably the best figure in this assortment. The character is black, but the toy, strangely, is white. Note: seems to be short-packed, so might be harder to find.
Rohan    Rohan, the Mystic Knight of Fire. He's the leader, but the toy's a bit floppy. As the leader, he's the most common in the boxes, so don't worry about grabbing him right away.
Ice Lord    The Ice Lord of Temra, the main general of the evil Queen Maeve, and the only bad guy in this assortment. Slightly short-packed.

    Regular Figures: Second Wave

    The second wave of figures includes the Mystic Knight of the Forest and the remaining three Sentinels. It seems to be shipping in two sub-waves of two figures each, probably intercut with the first wave figures to keep those on the shelves for Christmas.

Garrett    Garrett, the Mystic Knight of the Forest. Not, as I earlier suspected, Draganta (turns out Rohan is Draganta). Comes with a lot of axes and nifty pop-out blades.
Rock Wolf    The Rock Wolf of Temra, the final Sentinel to be faced as the Mystic Knights quested for their armors. Nemesis of Angus, and much better looking as a toy than as a character on the TV show.
Sea Serpent    The Sea Serpent of Temra, opponent for Ivar. Ugly and orange, only get if you're a completist.
Lightning Bat    The Lightning Bat of Temra, opponent for Deirdre. Easily the best of the Sentinels, buy him on sight.

    Battle Fury: First Wave

    The Power Rangers-ization of the Mystic Knights starts with this line of variant figures, at the 5" size but two dollars more expensive thanks to the gimmicks they have. Hitting stores as of January 1999, I'll probably buy these up slowly rather than all at once. Deirdre seems to once again be shortpacked initially, or just scalper-nabbed, since in the piles of Battle Rage I saw today (1/15), I saw no Deirdre. Note that while at first glance they may seem to just be the original figures with different accessories, they have all been extensively remolded. As of 10/11, the line is dead, and Deirdre's finally showing up at Kay Bee as warehouses shed their stock.
    Note: I refer to them as Battle Rage in some reviews. This is a viral meme. You will submit.

Deirdre   Deirdre, Mystic Knight of Air. In the Battle Fury assortment, she comes with a hang-glider backpack that resembles a dragon. Late-shipped. This review also includes capsule commends on Rohan, Angus and Garrett.
Angus    Angus, Mystic Knight of Earth. The Battle Fury version has a bulky dragonhead arm assembly and a pair of dragon's claw catapaults on his back. He also has a bulked up leg.
Ivar    Ivar, the Mystic Knight of Water. His main weapon is, um, a vase on a stick, but his wings and spinning water shield more than make up for it. This was the first Fury assortment Knight I bought.
Rohan    Rohan, the Mystic Knight of Fire. Covered in dragon heads, some of which launch fire missiles.
Garrett    Garrett, the Mystic Knight of the Forest. Covered in thorny vines, his axe launches its head...but not very well from his own hands.
Lugad    The first big and bulky figure of the line, he towers over the other 5" figures, but isn't up to the 8"ers. Less poseable, as is the norm for big and bulky figures, but has lots of nifty gimmicks.

    Deluxe 8" Figures: First Wave

    There's no current hint of a second wave, but I presume that if these sell well that Bandai will churn out more. Only the three hero boys are featured in this set, no gurlz or villains. Sigh. Figures have just as much articulation as the small ones (which is to say, loads), plus removable armor and more coloring.
    I've seen no reports of a second wave of 8" figures as of 1/15/99, unknown if they'll continue to make that size.

Ivar    Big Ivar! Best looking of the three, I think, but also the hardest to find, being short-packed. Being able to remove the helmet confirms that the toy painters didn't know he was supposed to be black.

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