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The Emcee was the ever-forgetful Joe Edkin, who seems to have about as much trouble remembering names as I do.

The Lovely Assistant was played by Elayne Wechsler-Chaput, who was variously called Elayne, Leah and Joy by the Emcee.

The Squares

  1. Darryl Banks, artist for titles such as Green Lantern. Darryl arrived late, so I only got one shot of him. As luck would have it, a bad shot. If I'd had my brain turned on at Mid-Ohio 97, I'd have taken a replacement pic. Oops.
  2. Dick DeBartolo, long-time artist for MAD Magazine and possessor of the bushiest mustache for five miles in any direction.
  3. Tom and Mary Bierbaum, plus the Littlest Bierbaum, Emma. Tom and Mary wrote the Legion of Super-Heroes for several years and now work on licensed properties for Image and Maximum Press. Emma has learned to say "Kid Flash," and this was to be a running gag of the event.
  4. Tony Isabella, long-time writer for DC Comics and other places and possessor of lots of chest hair.
  5. In the Center Square: Roger Stern, runner-up in the 1996 Shadoe Stevens Imitator Contest and writer of many DC titles. I was really tempted to paste his head on the body of a snake for this one, for reasons which will be obvious to Legion fans.
  6. Al "Spawn" Simmons and Paul Jenkins. Well, just Al, Paul (writer of Hellblazer if I recall correctly) showed up late and ended up on a shot that didn't come out. These two were a favorite choice because they almost always got the wrong answer.
  7. Mark "Who Do You Trust?" Waid, writer of everything DC put out this year (well, sometimes it seemed like it) and consummate liar.
  8. Leah Adezio and Dan Mishkin, in the loneliest square on the board (they only got picked once, awwwwww). Leah is creator of "Ari of Lemuria," (with Elayne has her co-conspirator) and Dan Mishkin is co-creator of Blue Devil for DC, currently working on a creator-owned project, and reportedly the best masseur among comics pros.
  9. Berni Wrightson and Joy Mosier-Dubinsky. Berni is a long-time horror and SF comic creator (Captain Sternn of Heavy Metal fame is his), and from what I hear, Joy's about to add "Wrightson" to her string of last names.
Special thanks to Elayne (and her Con-Report) for filling in the names I forgot to write down.

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