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Last Updated: 12/2/99

November 27-28, 1999

    Fourth, and possibly final year (I graduate soon, I hope, and will likely get a job in another part of the country). Click HERE for a report of some of the fun stuff that happened at the con. [Much later note: I never did go back to Mid-Ohio Con, sadly, nor have I even been in Columbus since 2000. Apologies for the quality of the pictures on this page, by the way...it was mostly disposable camera shots scanned on ridiculously low resolutions because back then 100K was a big image.]

    Only a few pictures right now, it may be months before I finish the roll I started at Mid-Ohio and get it developed.

November 28-29, 1998

    Third year! No party at Elayne's hotel room this year, she was kinda busy with wedding preparations (to Robin Riggs) to attend. I went to the Ogre party, but didn't take any pictures there. No Con Report either, but a few more pictures, plus a new Comicbook Squares!

Comicbook Squares 98!

November 28-30, 1997

    Since this was the second time around, and the novelty has worn off, I didn't take as many pictures and didn't do a Con report.

    I did a few Reviews of small press books (Two-Fisted Science minicomic, various Matt Feazell stuff, Sheagle ashcan) I got at Mid-Ohio. These reviews will stay here, rather than go in my regular review archives.

    In an effort to keep the size of this page down, I've changed the majority of the images to links rather than inlines.

November 29 - December 1, 1996

    Here's a small gallery of pictures from Mid-Ohio Con and the party before it in Elayne's hotel room. I've moved them all to links, since the inlined version of this page was taking a bit too long to load. Click here for my mini-report on the Con, and reviews of some comics I got there.

The Party

The Con

Max Ink     Most of my Floor-Of-The-Con pics are part of Comic Book Squares, see below. Still, I got a pic in the Small Press Expo before heading to Comic Book Squares, and scanned the shirt I wore Saturday.

    Protoplasm Press's Max Ink at his table, with Prometheus the amoeba of Amoeba Adventures fame next to him. In color, Pro is blue, I'm told. And I wish I'd been told this before drawing this shirt with Prometheus in an Akiko wig. Yeah, it's kinda warped, YOU try putting a shirt on a scanner plate without some warping. The back of the shirt has Poog of Toog dressed as a Vorlon from Babylon 5. Both Max and Mark Crilley loved the shirt and autographed it for me with a fabric marker I brought.

Comic Book Squares!

    Note: Some of the better pictures of the pros were on the part of the roll which didn't turn out, oh well.

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