Comic Book Squares 98!

Where Fans Compete To Win Exciting STUFF!

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The Emcee was the ever-forgetful Joe Edkin, who, two years later, still has trouble remembering names.

The Lovely Assistant was played by Johanna Draper, fiancee of one of the Squares, K.C. Carlson.

The Squares

  1. Mark Waid, invertebrate liar and con-man, who was gracious enough to recognize me when I got a chance to be a contestant. Well, maybe not gracious.
  2. Not K.C. Carlson, also known as Paul Storrie, creator of Robyn of Sherwood and the Jm J Bullock of this crew. He's also the only real man in comics, according to Beau Smith. Heh.
  3. K.C. Carlson, former Legion of Super-Heroes editor, and the only person who never bluffed, lied or even got the answer honestly wrong. Doofus.
  4. Dan Davis, inker and generally not terribly amusing in the game, sorry Dan.
  5. In the Center Square: Roger Stern, again. Putting him in the center square seemed to guarantee that few people picked that square first.
  6. Tony Isabella, America's Most Beloved Something Or Other. I tried to tweak the hue a bit, but he really was that reddish.
  7. Beau Smith, the other Only Real Man In Comics. His running gag was to answer "Sgt. Rock" when he was stumped.
  8. The Late Steve Lieber. No, he's not dead, he was just late, holding up the whole works.
  9. Bob Ingersoll, lawyer type and co-writer of Captain America: Liberty's Torch with Tony Isabella.

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