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Stomper Files #7 added.
LNH Logo Image that I used for the wallpaper, only at full size. You can also download the wallpaper image here.
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Winner of one major award in the 1998 Accies, the LNH Awards!

Favorite Single Issue: Dvandom Force Annual #2 - RACC Soup

Winner of two major awards in the 1997 Accies, the LNH Awards!

Favorite Arc: The Century Pact (Dvandom Force #73-84)
Favorite Ongoing Series: Dvandom Force

Winner of three major awards in the 1996 RACCies, the Rec.arts.comics.creative online awards!

Favorite Arc: Born To Be Run (Dvandom Force #62-65)
Favorite Continuing Series: Dvandom Force
Favorite RACC Writer
Gary St. Lawrence Memorial Award for the RACCer Who Should Go Pro

Also winner of three major awards in the 1996 Accies!

Favorite Arc: Born To Be Run (Dvandom Force #62-65)
Favorite Continuing Series: Dvandom Force
Favorite LNH Writer

Dvandom Force: This link leads to an archive containing issues #37-89, only the more recent works will be kept on this front page.

Dvandom Force #0: A summary of the important story elements from my writing prior to the stories archived on my webpages.

Stranger Tales: The Dvandom Stranger hosts this series exploring alternate realities. Not quite a "What If?" series, it looks more at how changes in the life of the writer would affect the fictional universe.
  • #1 - "The Stars Are Wrong" The first part of the origin of the Constellation from the dead universe shown in Legion of Occult Heroes #4.
  • #2 - "Kyrie Eleison" The conclusion of the tale started in #1.
  • #3 - "Alternate Darkness 1: Debut Album" In a world without a wReam, the LNH has foundered until the arrival of a new member and the attack of a new threat! Alternate retelling of the classic Kinda Big Darkness Saga. PLUS: The final chapter of Kooks of Magic!
  • #4 - "Alternate Darkness 2: Fall of the Tonearm" Sig.Lad joins the LNH in the middle of this latest crisis, and the mysterious force behind the attacks on the LNH converts an entire planet into his slaves!
  • #5 - "Alternate Darkness 3: On The Flipseid" The full force of the Servants of Disco descends on the LNH as they begin to learn more about the true horror they face!
  • #6 - "Alternate Darkness 4: The Great Disco Saga" The Alternate Darkness Saga ends, plus we see the final minutes of Fearless Leader's home universe as it is overwhelmed by SPHAM!
  • #7 - "FUSION" What if the Grand Tour crossover between Dvandom Force and Team M.E.C.H.A. went all the way...to a merging of the universes? Find out here, in this serious anti-parody of Marvel and DC's Amalgam stories.
Stomper Files: Written in the style of papers in scientific journals, these pieces cover elements of storytelling and posting behavior as they impact the Looniverse.
System Corruptors Annual 1: Characters from the RoboMACs 2163 Universe interact with various interpretations of the Transformers Universe. Takes place immediately following Constellation #24 and the Robot Invasion crossover.
  • First Part
    • Prelude: "Talking Heads"
    • Chapter 1: "Something's Not Quite Right"
    • Chapter 2: "Reality's Gone In The Blender"
    • Chapter 3: "Opposites React"
  • Second Part
    • Chapter 4: "Making Waves / Lord of the Files"
    • Chapter 5: "Survival of the Fittest"
Miscellaneous: One-shot stories that don't really fit into any other series, plus my RACC Presents tales.

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