Dave's Akiko Page

    Okay, there's not much here yet. I'll probably set up links to my various Akiko fanarts and stuff in a while. For now, the main thing on this page is the Akiko Role-Playing Game. You might find that there are no links to this page from the rest of my page...that'll change once I get around to fleshing out the page some more. For now, it can be our secret.

"Where Is Thy Sting?"

    A short story I wrote in which Akiko meets Nyuki from the comic Clan Apis (one of the best comics of 1999, read it if you haven't yet!).

Akiko the Role-Playing Game

    A fairly short and simple game for a handful of people. At least some of the players should be over 10, since the rules may be a little hard for kids to understand, at least in the current version. The system is a variant on my Toolkit (TM) System, but with new dice-rolling rules. The rules may be updated frequently, email me with comments and questions.

    If you're interested in seeing stuff about other games I've written, check out Plaid Rabbit Press, my publisher. They'll publishing my superhero game Modern Knights and my giant robot game RoboMACs Real Soon Now.

Dave's Rants Page

    I review lots of comics, including Akiko. This page keeps an archive of my reviews for the past 12 months.

Dave's Akiko Art

    This stuff is scattered around various directories of mine. At some point I'll get to putting links to all of it here, but for now, your best bet is to check the galleries on the Akiko Fanclub Page.