You play at Crucible City MUX, and you'd like a character drawing. I'm willing to do drawings at no charge, but because I'm not charging a fee, I do have some conditions.

  1. I have to be interested in drawing your character. That's what I get out of this, the fun of drawing stuff. If your character design is something I'm not interested in drawing, no go. Some things I'm currently tired of include:
  2. I have to think I can do a decent (by my own standards) job. If I think your concept is beyond my skills and tools, I'll politely decline. I do my art strictly manually, no photoshop (although I can do some very limited pixel by pixel cleanup if need be), so weird textures and stuff may be beyond me. I'm also not so good at horror-themed appearances, and so-so on furry.
  3. I keep the original art, but if you want a high resolution scan, I can do one and email it to you for manipulation (i.e. if you have good photoshop skills but can't draw the base figures). Also let me know if you want inks only to color yourself.
  4. I will scan pencil sketches if I'm unsure I captured your design, bug you for details, etc. However, due to the "no photoshop" thing in #2, if I make a serious error in the final colors, I may not be able to fix it, sorry.
  5. My final work will be posted on my webpage along with any preliminary sketches. I'll probably also put it on the Yahoo group. If you can't host the image yourself, go ahead and put the address of this gallery in your +finger.
    Also, keep in mind that I might just decide to draw your character without being asked, or build a miniature of it. :)