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    If you're sending me a bunch of sightings from different locations at the same time, please divide them by the toy, not the location, since by-the-toy is how I organize this page. It just makes it easier for me to enter the info if all the sightings for a given thing are clumped. Thanks.

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Please include both the location (city) and store in sighting reports.


(Official Transformers, but not the main line.)

Masterpiece and Platinum

   TRU (and eBay) tend to be the exclusive location for these in America, but not always. Sometimes K-Mart gets 'em.

YEAR OF THE MONKEY OPTIMUS PRIMAL: Ross has been getting this in for $39.99. I remember buying the original for $30 full 2001. Ollllld. 12/29/16: Ross in Amarillo TX. MASTERPIECE BUMBLEBEE & SPIKE: 8/2/16: TRU in Torrance CA. $65. 8/4: TRU in Culver City CA. 8/7: TRU in Bloomington IL, Peoria IL. 8/26: El Paso TX. 10/21: TRU in Amarillo TX.

PLATINUM AUTOBOT INTEL OPS: May not be a Target exclusive, but this is the only place I've heard has it yet. Reissues of G1 Perceptor and Blaster, with Steeljaw, Ramhorn and Eject. Perceptor comes with microscope slides to look at. $100 box price. 11/2/15: Available online at Code BESTGIFT to get 25% off.

Other Store Exclusives

CHAOS ON VELOCITRON: A Toys R Us exclusive box set, a mix of redecos, retools, and one totally new mold, for $99. Includes Laser Optimus Prime (G2-based deco of the current Voyager figure), Quickswitch (redeco of Six Shot), Nautica (heavy retool of Blurr), Fastclash (new mold, Fastlane name was unavailable), and a Titan Master Rodimus Prime. 3/24/17: El Paso TX. 4/2: Torrance CA. 4/5: Up on Expect it to go in and out of stock over time. 4/8: Iselin NJ.

Transformers Rescue Bots

    On a routine patrol, four 'bots in stasis....

MINI-CON WAVE 1: Same price point as the Basics, but these are partner animals that turn into tools, called Rescue Mini-Cons. Servo the dog-bot turns into a drill for Boulder, Drake the dragon-bot turns into a water cannon for Heatwave. 12/22/15: Target in Amarillo TX. I passed on them at the checkout because they'd been mis-entered in the system as costing $14.99. 1/14/16: Target finally fixed the price, by which time only one Servo and no Drake were left. Servo has no articulation other than his tail (which is the weapon grip peg). 1/24: TRU in Amarillo TX.

MINI-CON WAVE 2: Drake and Servo, plus Valor the Lion-Bot (becomes cuff/clamp tool). 10/28: TRU in Amarillo TX.

MINI-CON WAVE 3: This one's tricky, because several have shown up online but not necessarily in stores. There's Sequoia the bear, Swift the Cheetah-Bot, and a single-pack version of Fireplug the Dalmatian. Swift is clearly meant to go with Bumblebee, Sequoia with Brushfire, and Fireplug with Heatwave. 5/2/17: Swift has been available on HTS for a while, I forgot to mention it. Sequoia at TRU in Amarillo TX, but no Firepluyg or Swift.

FLIP-BOTS WAVE 1: Basically Legion-sized Rescue Bots at the $5-6 price point. Starting to show up on HTS, but not buyable, will add names and other info once they're buyable in the US.

BASIC WAVE 9: This is all repackaged stuff from the "Energize figures with unposeable partners" line, but it shuffles some of the partners to be correct. Optimus with Cody, Chase with Chief Burns, Boulder with Graham, firetruck Heatwave with Kade, helicopter Blades with Dani, and Bumblebee car gets to be with Doc Green. 1/7/16: TRU and Target in Amarillo TX. 1/14: Walmart in Amarillo TX.

SCOUT WAVE 7: Bulldozer Boulder redone in the smaller scale, new smaller scale Medix (rather different looking from the original). 2/16/16: TRU in Amarillo TX. Their usual $13 overprice. Picked up Medix, left Boulder. 4/9: Walmart in Amarillo TX, $7.88.

SCOUT WAVE 8: Quickshadow (sportscar) and Morbot (formula racer, like Combiner Wars Dragstrip, same basic engineering as Blurr but looks to be an entirely new mold). 6/8/16: Listed on, but not available yet. 9/24: Quickshadow spotted at Walgreens in Amarillo TX ($13, so passing on it for now). Looks to be the same transformation as Bumblebee. 9/25: Both at TRU in Amarillo TX. (I had an about-to-expire coupon, so I grabbed Quickswitch...will wait for another store or another coupon to get Morbot.) 10/17: Spotted Hoist the Tow-Bot at Walgreens, not sure if this is a 9th wave, or just a running change in wave 8, or what. Does not appear to have an actual towing hook, uses Optimus Prime truck engineering as far as I can tell. 10/30: Hoist showing up at Walmart now, it does indeed have a hook, the package photos simply didn't have the toy transformed properly. 2/18/17: Morbot at Walgreens in Amarillo. 2/28: Quickshadow and Hoist at Target in Amarillo TX. 3/2: Morbot also showed up at Target in Amarillo TX.

SCOUT BRUSHFIRE: Running change to the wave above adds Brushfire, a non-show character who pairs with the Mini-Con Sequoia (not included), implied to be part of the Pacific Northwest team. Turns into a halftrack ATV. 4/1/17: Target and TRU in Amarillo TX.

SCOUT WAVE 9: Bumblebee (black deco dinosaur), Bumblebee (VTOL jet), reships of older figures. 4/22/17: Jet Bumblebee spotted at Walgreens in Amarillo TX. Wave may also include Heatwave the Fire-Bot, a two-headed dragon currently available on HTS.

EPIC WAVE 2: $10 price point. Repackaged Heatwave and Boulder, new hollow-and-non-transforming molds of Blurr and Salvage. The new ones suffer heavily from lack of paint applications, however, even compared to the original four. 5/27/15: Walmart in Amarillo TX. 7/2: TRU in Amarillo TX.

EPIC WAVE 3: Adds High Tide to the mix. 6/8/16: On, but not available for sale yet. 9/30: High Tide and Bumblebee spotted at TRU in Amarillo TX. 1/8: Also at Walmart in Amarillo TX.

RACERS: Deluxe-sized figures with pullback motors for their altmodes, and race-themed vehicles. Not sure what the first wave is, since only Bumblebee (formula racer) and Sideswipe (street racer) were left on the shelf, but the packaging also shows Blurr, Quickshadow, and what I think is probably a Morbot. And a new Optimus Prime car carrier, but that's at a higher price point. 7/24/16: TRU in Amarillo TX.

TRACTOR-TRAILER SETS: At the $20 price point, a Scout-sized Rescue Bot designed to tow a trailer that becomes a roleplay accessory. Capture Claw Chase (pickup truck) with trailer that becomes a capture claw, Fire Ladder Heatwave (fire truck) with trailer that becomes (water-shaped-)missile blaster. 1/28/16: TRU in Amarillo TX. 8/5: Target in Amarillo TX.

COPTER CRANE BLADES: Another $20 "Mega Bot" class figure, a somewhat deformed vehicle mode Blades with a big hook. Packaging shows him lifting an as-yet-unseen ATV Rescue Bot in vehicle mode. 12/20/16: TRU in Amarillo TX.

RESCUE SETS: A Scout-class Rescue Bot, a human figure, and one or two Mini-Cons that combine with each other, the Rescue Bot, or the human. $20 price point. Arctic Rescue Boulder (Snowcat) with a drill snowmobile and brute arms that combine into a Yeti named Windchill, or the arms can attach to parka-wearing Grant's backpack. Rock Rescue Bumblebee (4x4 offroad truck) with eagle (Talon) and lion (Hunter) bots that can combine into a griffin, and act as wings and a crane for Cody. 1/19/17: Walmart in Amarillo TX.

OPTIMUS PRIME RACING TRAILER: A redco of a previous transforming Optimus cab, with a new trailer that turns into a drive-down ramp, and a pull-back version of Blurr, for $30. 7/29/16: TRU in Amarillo TX. 8/5: Target in Amarillo TX.

HIGH TIDE RESCUE RIG: A Basic-sized High Tide submarine with a chibi cargo ship/rescue rig. The boat does not transform into a robot, despite the use of the giant robot in the art, it just turns into a playset. $30 price point. 8/4/15: Target and TRU in Amarillo TX. 7/16/16: Forgot to mention, Walmart's had it on clearance for $20 for a while now. 8/5: Walmart has it down to $7.

GRIFFIN ROCK RESCUE TEAM: A four-pack of the most recent Scout sizde molds of the main four in their "normal" altmodes. 8/27/16: Walmart in Amarillo TX, $35. Given that the four of them retail for $7.88 each at Walmart and there doesn't seem to be anything extra in the set, not exactly a bargain.

GRIFFON ROCK FIREHOUSE HEADQUARTERS: Big building facade set that looks very little like the actual show's firehouse. Comes with yet another color variant on Cade, a Bumblebee-colored reverse-trike for him to drive, water blaster, firepole, etc. $40. 7/16/16: TRU in Amarillo TX. 8/5: Target in Amarillo TX. 8/12: Walmart in Amarillo TX.

KRE-O Transformers
    Sets can be built into robot and vehicle modes, but without any halfway-transforming attempts like the BTR cores. And, more importantly, there are minifigs of the characters as a minifig Bumblebee can drive the Bumblebee car. They call the minifigs "Kreons" because "minifig" is trademarked or something. :) Now we need a fan Autobot femme named Antigon-E. The Kre-Ons come in two varieties: little G1 Transformers, and "Stunt Drivers" that are humans with crash helmets. The size classes are not official, just my best guess at wedging them into the price structure.

BUMBLEBEE DISC DEMOLISHER: Part of the abandoned RiD Kre-O line, featuring a Bumblebee car with disc launcher, and Kreons of BB, Bisk, and Clampdown. 9/8/15: Spotted at TJMaxx in Champaign IL and Cincinnati OH. Let the hunt begin! 9/9: TJMaxx in Decatur IL. 9/16: Forgot to mention it, but I found some at the TJMaxx in Amarillo.

OTHER PRID KRE-O: Less commonly found, but still showing up at TJMaxx and related stores, are some Battle Changers (transforming sets, of Shockwave, Grimlock, Ratchet vs. Soundwave, Optimus Prime vs. Megatron), the Strongarm Capture Cruiser, and the Optimus Prime Beast Blaster. Not all of these are strictly PRiD-based, some are more G1. 9/16: Marshalls in Peru IL, Chicago IL. 9/18: TJMaxx in Amarillo TX (Battle Changers of Hound, Bumblebee, Shockwave, Op/Megs; Optimus Beast Blaster set). 11/6: Underbite Attack Takedown (with Kreons of Optimus, Ped, and a humanoid Underbite) at TJMaxx in Amarillo TX. 12/15: TJMaxx in Opelika AL has some.

NOTE: The line is reportedly going TRU-exclusive during 2014. It has effectively been TRU exclusive except for Microchange blindbags anyway for a while.

KRE-O LEFTOVERS: Leftover sets are being repackaged and sold cheap through Big Lots, Family Dollar, and the like. 5/1/15: Year 2 troopbuilders (Vehicons, Autroopers) sets at Big Lots for $5. All the parts seem to be there, but there's no instructions. 5/2: Dollar General has the troopbuilder cubes for $8 (or maybe $5...shelf tagging is inconsistent), and for $12 has a repackage set of Mirage and small Optimus Prime from the first year. 5/31: Family Dollar has $5 cubes with Megatron or Bumblebee. Each of those seems to have a more generic "build whatever" set to go with the Kreon, but enough bits to build some sort of vehicle for each. No instruction or pictures as guidance, and I can't recall any set that these may have come from previously. 11/7/15: The Megatron/BB cubes, along with the year 1 Jazz/Bumblebee two pack, are part of the Walgreens holiday reset. 4/16/16: There's now an Optimus Prime cube in the mix. 9/24: Walgreens has the Ripclaw Beast Hunters set in their $9.99 holiday toy section.

MORE DOLLAR GENERAL KRE-O: A $12 set of three combiner teams (Menasor, Bruticus, Superion), and a repackage of the Optimus Prime Beast Hunters set. 4/16/16: Southwestern PA area. 4/22: Repackaged Microchangers (no codes, so it's bag-feeling if you want a specific one) at several DGs in Alabama. So far, waves 1 and 2 have been spotted. $3 each, so no savings on these.

Rumor has it that all the new stuff seen at previous toy shows is going to be Not United States Exclusive. Grrr.


The Movies
   Due to the huge amount of Movie-specific product, this gets a separate sightings page. Updated: 5/23/17.

Transformers: Generations

    2016 sees Titans Return, which revamps the Headmasters gimmick whole-heartedly, after the Brainstorm experiment during T30. All heads are the same size, so larger figures hide 'em under helmets a la G1 Scorponok, and the smallest price point has heads with little vehicles that transform into other vehicles. Larger figures have base modes, including Soundwave and Blaster figures with a new sort of data minion.

TITAN MASTERS WAVE 3: Overboard (aka Overkill, a straight redeco of Crashbash), Ptero (aka Swoop), Sawback (aka Lione), and Fangry. 12/1/16: Target in Rockville MD. 12/20: Walmart in LaGrange GA. 12/26: Walmart in Amarillo TX. 1/7/17: Target in Costa Mesa CA. 1/11: Target in Culver City CA. 3/3: Walmart in Quincy MA. 3/15: Walmart in Fayetteville NC. 3/17: A sort of mixed case with some older figures padding it out seems to be showing up, including a slightly darker Loudmouth (looks more like batch variation than intentional).

TITAN MASTERS WAVE 4: Autobot Shuffler (elephant/tank, based on Japanese-only Shuffler), Repugnus (monsterbot), reships of Nightbeat and Skytread. 2/16/17: Walmart in Sierra Vista AZ. 2/17: Walmart in Tyler TX (about 6 hours away from me, so not gonna road trip for 'em). 2/18: Walmart in Diamond Bar CA, Buena Park CA, Stanton CA. 5/8: TRU in Bloomington IL. Seriously, what's up with this wave?

LEGENDS WAVE 3: Bumblebee, Kickback, Gnaw (Sharkticon). 1/22/17: Walmart in Decatur IL, Opelika AL. 1/27: Walmart in Greenville SC (BB only), Walmart in Brewton AL (all three); Target in Culver City CA (BB only). 2/16: Briefly showed up on HTS, then sold out. Might come back in stock, but you have to try to add it to your cart to see if anything's in stock anymore. 2/19: Walmart in Diamond Bar CA. 2/25: Walmart in Amarillo TX (only a lonely Kickback remained, sadly). 3/5: Walmart in Canyon TX. (Amarillo one restocked too, so now I have all three.) 3/15: Walmart in Fayetteville NC. 5/11: Target in Amarillo TX.

TR LEGENDS WAVE 4: Brawn (SUV), Roadburn (red redeco of Bumblebee with new head, homage to Throttlebot Chase), reship of Bumblebee. 4/5/17: Brawn only, Meijer in Goshen IN. 5/6: Walmart in Amarillo TX. 5/11: Target in Amarillo TX. 5/16: Target in Springfield IL.

TR LEGENDS WAVE 5: Seaspray (hovercraft), Cosmos (slight redeco of the T30 one).

TR DELUXE WAVE 3: They're done with the original Headmasters, now for more Targetmasters, Powermasters, and just "whatever came out around the same time" characters. Twinferno (Doublecross rename) with Daburu (not a reused Japanese name, just sounds like one), Triggerhappy with Blowpipe, Autobot Breakaway with Autobot Throttle, and Autobot Hot Rod with Firedrive. Breakaway seems to be shortpacked. 12/2/16: Walmart in Canyon TX, Amarillo TX. 1/25/17: Twinferno alone at Walgreens in Torrance CA. 1/26: Just Twinferno at Walgreens in Amarillo TX. 2/24: Walgreens in Milton FL. 3/3: Walgreens in Quincy MA. 3/9: Target in West Los Angeles CA. 3/15: Target and TRU in Torrance CA; Walmart in Fayetteville NC. 3/19: Target in Amarillo TX.

TR DELUXE WAVE 4: Quake (Hardhead redeco), Krok (Skullsmasher redeco), Topspin, Perceptor, Kup. 2/17/17: Quake and Krok spotted at Walgreens in Torrance CA. Distribution very spotty. 2/24: Quake, Krok, Perceptor at Walgreens in Rockville MD. They've raised the prices up to $19. 3/15: Krok and Topspin at Walgreens in Fayetteville NC. 4/11: Topspin and Kup at Walgreens (different one for each figure) in Fayetteville NC. 5/8: Krok only at Walgreens in Decatur IL. (I gave up and ordered all five from TFSource.) 5/13: Walmart in Amarillo TX. (I should finish my review today, so it's not like they showed up in stores right after I committed to an online order.) 5/22: Target in Green Bay WI. 5/23: TRU, Target in Amarillo TX.

TR VOYAGER WAVE 2: Astrotrain with Darkmoon, (Sentinel Prime body), Alpha Trion with Sovereign (Lioconvoy predeco). 11/8/16: Target in Torrance CA. 11/10: Target in Amarillo TX. $24.99. 11/11: Target in Opelika AL. 11/15: Target in Pace FL; Walmart in Amarillo TX. 11/23: Target in Bloomington IL. 12/20: Walmart in LaGrange GA. 3/15: Astrotrain only (entire case) Walmart in Fayetteville NC.

TR VOYAGER WAVE 3: Optimus Prime with Diac (Octane pre-tool), Megatron with Doomshot (Blitzwing pre-tool). 2/17/17: Walmart in Tyler TX. 2/18: Walmart in Diamond Bar CA, Buena Park CA, Stanton CA. 2/22: Walmart in Canyon TX. 2/24: Walmart in Amarillo TX. 2/25: Target in West Los Angeles CA. 3/3: Walmart in Quincy MA. 3/15: Target and TRU in Torrance CA.

TR VOYAGER WAVE 4: Broadside with Blunderbuss (extensive Alpha Trion retool), just a whole case of this. Some shipments are 50-50 with Alpha Trion, who is in the new purple packaging. 3/31/17: Walmart in Amarillo TX. 4/1: Target in Braintree MA. 4/4: Target in Torrance CA. 4/10: Target in Pace FL. 4/13: Target in Amarillo TX.

TR VOYAGER WAVE 5: Blitzwing with Decepticon Hazard. Voyager Megatron recolor with new faceplate, basically. 5/15/17: Target in Evansville IN.

TITANS RETURN LEADER WAVE 1: Powermaster Optimus Prime with Apex (Leader Ultra Magnus retool), Autobot Blaster with Twin Cast (boombox or dance club base). 8/16/16: Optimus Prime only at TRU in Redlands CA. Blaster only at TRU in Torrance CA. 8/27: TRU in Bloomington IL. 9/18: Walmart in Amarillo TX. 9/23: Walmart in Pace FL. 9/24: Walmart in LaGrange GA. 10/1: Walmart in Kearney NE.

  • TITANS RETURN LEADER WAVE 2: Includes Soundwave with Soundblaster (retool of Blaster). Note, locally it seems to be shipping with PMOP, but there's been at least one sighting of Sixshot in the wild, so maybe running change or holiday panic-shipping mixup yielding two distinct waves hitting at the same time. 11/4/16: Soundwave spotted at the Universal Hollywood store. 12/17: Walmart in Canyon TX. (Blizzard day, did not drive down there to see for myself.) 12/18: Walmart in Amarillo TX. 1/25/17: Target in Decatur IL. 2/16: Walmart in Milton FL. 2/17: Walmart in Tyler TX. 2/18: Walmart in Diamond Bar CA, Buena Park CA, Stanton CA. 3/15: Target and TRU in Torrance CA.

    TR LEADER WAVE 3: Includes Six Shot (six-changer). 2/25/17: Target in West Los Angeles CA.

    TR LEADER WAVE 4: Sky Shadow (Black Shadow, pretool for Overlord, robot splits into tank and jet). 5/22/17: Target in Green Bay WI. Sadly, wouldn't fit into my luggage, so I'll have to hope it's on shelves in Amarillo soon.

    TITANS RETURN TITAN WAVE 1: Fortress Maximus, an extensive retool of Metroplex, with the same Matrioshka-Headmaster trick as the G1 toy. 7/1/16: Available from BBTS for $150. 7/21: TRU in Torrance CA. Also $150 shelf price, shockingly. 7/25: TRU in Culver City CA. 7/29: TRU in Monroeville PA, West Mifflin PA. 7/30: TRU in Champaign IL. 8/7: TRU in Peoria IL. 8/16: TRU in Redlands CA. 8/26: TRU in El Paso TX. 10/28: TRU in Amarillo TX.

    COMBINER GIFT SETS: Apologies for being behind on these, they've been essentially online-only and I tend to not report those. G2 Menasor and Superion gift sets have been up on for a while now, $100 (for a $25 core, four $15-20 limbs, and a $10 Legends, not too bad). In addition to these redecos, the Victorion fan-voted set and the Computron set will also be available pretty much only online. (Scattershot in the gift set may be slightly different than the one sold separately.) 5/15/16: Various Amazon resellers have the Victorion gift set, $106 and up. Not on HTS yet. 6/25: Victorion's been up on a lot of places for a while, sorry. Also, G2 Bruticus set is up on HTS now. 8/7: G2 Superion gift set at TRU in Bloomington IL. 9/23: Forgot again, but Computron is up on HTS. Mine arrived this week. 10/29: TJMaxx has G2 Menasor sets for $40. 10/31: A few TJMaxxes also have the G2 Superion, but it seems to be rarer.

    Transformers: Robots in Disguise
        The sequel series to Transformers: Prime. Sort of. The comic tries to tie them together, but the show might as well be in an entirely new universe, unaligned with Prime. It got better about that in later seasons, though.


        Smallest size that actually has articulation in robot mode.

    WAVE 7: Bisk (car), Groundbuster (snow vehicle), Blizzard Strike Autobot Drift (blue deco), Blizzard Strike Optimus Prime reship. 7/28/16: Bisk and Groundbuster on HTS. 8/12: All four at TRU in Amarillo TX, Torrance CA. $7.99, so passed on getting Drift, but might get it later at Walmart prices. 9/10: Target in Amarillo TX (grabbed Drift for $5.99).

    WAVE 8: Springload (frog/car), Starscream (jet), reships (or possible minor redecos) of Grimlock and Optimus Prime. 1/7/17: Target in Amarillo TX. 1/11: Walmart in Greenville SC.

    WAVE 9: Blurr (sports car), reships of Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Bisk. 5/11/17: TRU in Amarillo TX for $8.99, ouch.


        The non-transforming, barely-articulated bludgeoning weapons masquerading as 12" tall action figures. (Hasbro has started making accessories for the Marvel Titan Heroes, so maybe we'll get a sort of Actionmaster Vehicle deal going here eventually?) $10 price point, sometimes on sale for less.

    WAVE 1: Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and Steeljaw with a better posture than you're likely to ever see him anywhere else. 2/5/15: TRU in Amarillo TX. 2/6: TRU in Torrance CA. 2/14: Walmart in Amarillo TX. 10/3: $6 at Big Lots as part of their Christmas reset.

    WAVE 1.5: Swaps in Sideswipe for Steeljaw in the assortment. 3/12/15: TRU in Torrance CA.

    WAVE 2?: Replaces Sideswipe with Drift. 7/14/16: TJMaxx in Amarillo TX.


        Continuing from the movie line, simplified toys at the $10 spot that are bigger than Cyberverse Commanders, but significantly less...anything else, really.

    WAVE 8: Autobot Ratchet (retool of the second version of Strongarm), Bisk (new mold), reships. 7/29/16: Target in Amarillo TX. 8/6: Walmart in Amarillo TX (in with the Rescue Bots). 8/10: TRU in Torrance CA.

    WAVE 9: Looks to be all repackaged stuff, although some new ones are out there that I haven't gotten solid sightings for. New open-faced packaging with Combiner Wars trade dress: Quillfire, Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, Blizzard Strike Sideswipe. 3/5/17: Walmart in Canyon TX.

    WAVE 10?: Blurr (Generations-inspired, not Rescue Bots), cosells are regular Sideswipe and Bumblebee. 3/11/17: Blurr found at Walgreens in Amarillo TX. $12.99 base price, but membership cardholders can currently get it for $8.99. 3/17: Target in Amarillo TX. Case had Blurr, Sideswipe, Bumblebee, and Drift (all in original colors). 3/21: Walmart in Amarillo TX.


        While Generations continues to have Deluxe, they've made the size class Warrior for RiD2. Simpler designs, but less fiddly.

    WAVE 9: New Combiner Force packaging, almost all redecos. Alpine Strike Autobot Drift (redeco in Generations Drift red and white), Starscream (same as TRU exclusive but without circuit paint apps), Grimlock (more black, less green), Strongarm (slight color rearrangement), and then the only new mold, Stormshot (Autobot jet). 12/29/16: TRU in Amarillo TX. 1/3/17: Target in Rockville MD. 1/7: TRU in Bloomington IL. 1/9: I have confirmation that the "Skyfire" available on Amazon is actually Stormshot. 1/15: Running change may have replaced Stormshot with Blastwave (heavy Megatronus retool, Bludgeon homage, but an Autobot) in some cases, and others have both of the two new ones. Hard to be sure. Blastwave-only wave spotted 1/12 at TRU in Amarillo TX, second case put out on 1/15 that had both. 1/21: Blastwave and Stormshot at TRU and Meijer in Springfield IL. 1/26: Blastwave and redecos at Target in Amarillo TX. 2/18: Blastwave and Stormshot at Walmart in Amarillo TX.

    WAVE 10: Skywarp (Starscream redeco), Windblade (redeco with new battlemask face), Soundwave (armored truck), Blurr (not the Rescue Bots version). 3/30/17: TRU in Torrance CA, Amarillo TX; Hasbrotoyshop. 4/20: Walmart in Amarillo TX. 5/5: Target in Amarillo TX.


       Two-packs of sub-Legends sized vehicles that can turn into brickish individuals or "crash combine" into taller bricks. Sets can be mixed, but a legs-figure can't become an upper body. $15 price point. WAVE 1: Primestrong (Optimus Prime on top, Strongarm on bottom) and Beeside (Bumblebee on top, Sideswipe on bottom). I suppose mixing them would get Beestrong and Primeside. 1/3/17: Target in Amarillo TX. 1/9: Walmart in Amarillo TX. 1/22: Walmart in Opelika AL.

    WAVE 2: Reships plus new set Skysledge/Stormhammer=Skyhammer, a pair of Autobot jets. 5/23/17: Walmart in Amarillo TX.


       All the proportion, hollowness, and flatness issues of a Titan Hero, but transforming like a simplified Legion class. $15-18 price point. Really horrible toys.

    WAVE 1: Bumblebee, Optimus Prime. 10/2/15: Up on Amazon. 1/22/16: At TRU in Amarillo TX for $13, not worth it.

    WAVE 2: Adding in Sideswipe, plus more BB and OP. 4/21/16: TRU in Amarillo TX.

    WAVE 3: Slight redecos of Bumblebee and Sideswipe, in Combiner Force packaging. 12/29/16: TRU in Amarillo TX.


       Also known as Three-Step Changers. Big, brickish, and simple, aimed at kids at the low end of RiD. $20 price point.

    STEALTHASAURUS REX GRIMLOCK: A mostly black redeco but still with green head and I'm afraid not very stealthy no matter how you paint him. 12/3/16: Target in Amarillo TX.

    ENERGON BOOST BUMBLEBEE: More "Allspark Blue" paint apps. 12/22/16: Walmart in Amarillo TX.

    HYPERFLIP OPTIMUS PRIME AND BUMBLEBEE: New molds pushing what appears to be a one-step "Hyperflip" transformation, still $20 bricks. 1/26/17: Target in Amarillo TX. 4/13: TRU in Amarillo TX.

    HYPER-(FILL IN THE BLANK): Combiner Force toys in the Hyperchanger style, but each has a different hyper. Hyper-Swoop Grimlock, Hyper-Hook Thunderhoof, Hyper-Twist Bumblebee. All new molds, none impressive enough to pay TRU's $23 asking price. 4/21/17: TRU in Amarillo TX. 5/11: Target in Amarillo TX ($20, still not tempted).


        Replacing the Deployers in the "$20 for a Mini-Con and a hollow brick bulk" category, these use Mini-Cons to trigger an alternate vehicle mode a la the Stealth Force toys from the movie line a while back.

    WAVE 1: Bumblebee with Stuntwing, Strongarm with Trickout. 1/3/17: Target in Amarillo TX. They only had Bumblebee, but with only two total on the shelf I guess someone beat me to the Strongarm(s). 1/9: Walmart in Amarillo TX. Confirmed that a case is one Strongarm and three Bumblebees.


        Bigger stuff is coming later this year, including larger Hyperchangers with electronics, and a Titan-class-sized Bumblebee shown off at Toy Fair (also a one-step or three-step sort).

    MEGA WAVE 2: Power Surge Bumblebee (probably the mold that was a co-sell on the Optimus Prime last year) with Buzzstrike (Weaponizer Mini-Con that is an axe or a winged robot); Power Surge Sideswipe with Windstrike (different from the Battlepack Windstrike, but still turns into a sword). These are Hyperchanger style, with negligible articulation and simple transformations. They have sound chips with voice clips and various sound effects. 7/14/16: On and TRU in Amarillo TX. 7/24: Target in Amarillo TX.

    SUPER WAVE 1: Huge sound-and-light simplistic Bumblebee, claimed to be a three step transformation. Zero articulation, very hollow and floppy, not even the head turns. 7/23/15: Listed on HTS for $50. 8/4: TRU in Amarillo TX, really unimpressive in person. They had it in with the Rescue Bots, which says something about it. 10/18: Walmart in Amarillo TX, $48.

    SUPER WAVE 2: A bit smaller, still with sound and light, Power Surge Optimus Prime & Mini-Con Aerobolt is basically supposed to be the "totally amped up for fighting Megatronus" mode or something, plus a breastmaster bird Mini-Con. 7/3/16: TRU in Amarillo TX. $50, passing on it for now, at least. Seems to have decent articulation, at least. 7/4: TRU in Peoria IL. 7/29: (I ordered it online, didn't care for it) Target in Amarillo TX. 8/4: TRU in Culver City CA.


    Note: I will be less detailed about sightings on this side.
    (TF-themed but probably not transforming)

        WATCHES: The first movie transforming watches of Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, possibly with slight redeco, but in Robots in Disguise packaging with the heads of the PRiD versions on the blister card (no remolding, still the movie heads). $15 price point. 5/23/17: TRU in Amarillo TX.

        ALT-MODES: These are blind-box chibi figures. In "vehicle" mode they're giant heads atop their vehicle modes, and pulling a faction symbol tab on top of the helmet makes the vehicle swap out with a tiny marionette-like body (or spin all the way around to vehicle again, it's kinda iffy). Collation is a bit iffy, I grabbed four boxes and got two each of Prowl and Nemesis Prime. The rest of the assortment is Optimus Prime, Thundercracker, Skywarp, Starscream, Ultra Magnus, and Megatron. 7/22/16: Toys R Us in Amarillo TX. In with the rest of the TFs rather than in the Funko kiosk, $6.99 each. 1/3/17: Wave 2 at Target in Amarillo TX. One new mold, Bumblebee/Cliffjumper (identical molds for the two). Reissues of Optimus Prime, Megatron, Starscream. Redecos Acid Storm, Sunstorm, Smokescreen.

        PEZ: G1 Optimus Prime, Megatron, and Bumblebee. Megatron could use a bit more paint (especially on the forehead), but otherwise decent. $2.49 at Toys R Us. 10/31/15: TRU in Amarillo TX.

        INFLATABLES: Ross/TJMaxx has some RiD-branded inflatable toys. A bop-bag with Steeljaw on it packed with inflatable Bumblebee-faced gloves (so you're smashing BB's face into Steeljaw), and an inflatable sit-on bouncer. Both $7.99. 7/30/15: Ross in Amarillo TX.

       I've stopped tracking most of the "artifacts" stuff, since Transformers has reached the cultural saturation point where you can be pretty sure there'll be party supplies, water bottles, t-shirts, and so forth readily available.

    (Things a TF fan might be interested in.)

        VOLTRON: Toys based on the Netflix series finally hitting stores in January 2017. A mix of non-transforming Voltron figures, lion figures, masks, a big non-transforming Voltron, and a really expensive 16" Voltron sold separately as lions that do combine. Dunno the prices, the store I first saw them at was stocking them on WWE pegs and hadn't posted new prices yet. 1/3/17: Target in Amarillo TX.

        MARS Converters: $10 large toys, generally found at Walmart and various discount stores (TJMaxx, Family Dollar, etc). Current wave is dinos and dragons, with a red T.rex, a blue sorta-stegosaur, and a yellow dragon. 9/30/16: Family Dollar carrying these as part of their holiday toy expansion. 4/20/17: The vehicle waves are starting to show up again at Walmart in new packaging, with a "Cybotronix" line name in addition to MARS Converters. Spotted the blue sportscar and the gray sportscar in the new packaging today.

        SUPER WINGS: This is a show for very little kids, like "too young for Rescue Bots" level, from what I've heard. At the $10 level there's Rescue-Bots-level aircraft that turn into cockpit-torso'ed robots: Jett (cargo jet), Donnie (cargo heavy lift prop plane), Jerome (fighter jet), and Dizzy (pink female helicopter). There's also a $12 Legion-scale four-pack of Mira (female seaplane), Jett (yes, he's the Bumblebee of the line), Paul (police plane), and Grand Albert (biplane and grandfather figure). There's larger talking transforming toys of the main four at the $16-20 price range, play sets for the Legion-size, and probably some others. In the kiddie toy section. 3/13/16: On introductory 20% off sale at TRU. 10/25: Walmart finally has these, and they have the second four-pack (with both four-packs at $10). 3/31/17: These are finding their way back into non-TRU stores after months of absence or "stick it in a corner somewhere" stocking, and the larger sized Paul is now in the assortment. Cosells indicate Grand Albert, Bello (safari striped bush pilot plane) and Mira will also be available at this size soon, if not already. 5/22: Grand Albert and Bello Deluxes at Target in Green Bay WI. Decided to not try to fit them in my luggage, though.

        TMNT MUTATIONS T-MACHINES: Cars-sized vehicles that, when you tap the head of the driver, pop up into a Throttlebot-style bot mode. Wave 1 seems to be just Leo, Mikey, and Shredder. 1/9/16: Target in Amarillo TX. $5.99, but so underwhelming I didn't buy any.

        CONSTRUCTOBOT 12-IN-ONE: A "Brix" not-Lego set that can make up to 12 construction vehicles (only six at a time, two official models for each of the six sets of bricks) or build a giant mech suit that looks like a construction vehicle combiner. 11/20/15: $50 at TRU in Amarillo TX. Note: this is one of their Black Friday deals, $25 on Black Friday for everyone, and $25 for rewards card holders 11/22 through 11/26.     TMNT MUTATIONS: Voyager-sized turtles that turn into tiny roleplay-sized weapons. Leonardo into two "swords", Raphael into two tiny sais, Michaelangelo into tiny nunchucks. No Donatello in the assortment. 8/18/15: Part of the Walmart resets all over. 2/21/16: New wave at $15 price point that's sort of Hyperchangers (one main action, but may need a second and third step to fiddle with panels). Mike to dragster, Raph to armored trike, Leo to Spyder-style reverse trike. About as much articulation as the average Hyperchanger. Spotted at Walmart in Amarillo TX.

        HATCH'N HEROES: A Disney line of eggs that transform into various characters. 4/3/15: Baymax at TRU in Amarillo TX, $6.99. 4/22/16: Oops, forgot to keep this updated. A bunch have made it to Walmart and TRU in Amarillo TX, including Toy Story and Good Dinosaur figures. Knockoffs of the Good Dinosaur ones are sold at Dollar General under the Dinosaur Mutants name.

        POWER RANGERS: Morph-N-Pop Dino Charger T.Rex turns from a cylinder (a power cell) into a chibi T.rex zord. 1/30/16: TRU in Amarillo TX, $15. 12/18: The new Ninja Steel toy line has mini-vehicles that transform into throwing stars (sort of), and include knockoff-level pilot figures, all for $20. Pass.

        OTHER KNOCKOFFS: 9/18/16: Family Dollar's holiday toy expansion includes a $15 combiner set (jet, car, anti-aircraft tank) from the pre-articulation era. I got a version of the set a decade ago, it's decent for a brick. (It's a KO of the GodMax team from Exkaiser.) 10/30: Oops, forgot to mention here that Tuesday Morning has its usual holiday assortment out now, including a few new $6 KOs like Black Ox and a no-individual-robot-modes Landcross team. Also $2 KO RobotMasters Star Saber (doesn't have enough joints to actually transform) and Victory Leo (transforms, and even sort of combines, although the wings point the wrong way). 12/2: Burlington Coat Factory (yes, it has a toy section) has a really ballsy Optimus Prime (Cyber-Stomper from 2009, I think) KO for $8. Instructions on the box are for Revenge of the Fallen Legion class Bumblebee and Sideswipe, box art is of Optimus and Bumblebee from that movie, plus what appears to be a Starscream vehicle mode.