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Sightings Report Request

    If you're sending me a bunch of sightings from different locations at the same time, please divide them by the toy, not the location, since by-the-toy is how I organize this page. It just makes it easier for me to enter the info if all the sightings for a given thing are clumped. Thanks.

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    Note that toys may be out in places I haven't mentioned, if I don't get a report from somewhere I don't post it. When I stop mentioning specific cities, it usually means the toy is in wide enough release that I'm not going to bother listing individual sightings anymore. Note: I am not going to cover package variations unless there's actual content variations (such as the case of the Primus with and without Unicron heads).

Please include both the location (city) and store in sighting reports.


(Official Transformers, but not the main line.)

Masterpiece and Platinum

   TRU (and eBay) tend to be the exclusive location for these in America, but not always. Sometimes K-Mart gets 'em. Also tossing the new Studio Series (with theoretically superior paint jobs) into the mix.

STUDIO SERIES THUNDERCRACKER: This is the Nitro Zeus mold with a new Seeker-style head, in blue. 3/7/18: TRU in Torrance CA. $29.99, four to a case.

Other Store Exclusives

AUTHENTICS: Replacing the repackaged Legion figures that have been perpetually available at stores like Dollar General. The "Bravo" assortment has Legends-sized figures for $5, first wave being Bumblebee, Megatron, Optimus, and Starscream. These are simplified designs in the same vein as the Cyber Battalion figures. The "Alpha" assortment adds a few joints and is closer to Battalion size, but is still very simplified, and packaged on a large blister card. First Alpha wave is Optimus, Grimlock, and Bumblebee. 3/30/18: Bravo Optimus and Megatron at Dollar General in Amarillo TX. 3/31: Bravo Megatron, Bumblebee, and Starscream at Family Dollar in Amarillo TX. $5.25 at FD. 5/10: Alpha Bumblebee and Optimus Prime at Family Dollar in Amarillo TX, $10. 5/11: Had to check five more FDs, but found Grimlock. 5/14: Bravo at FD in Lanett AL. 5/31: Alpha at Dollar General in West Point GA. 6/1: Alpha at Dollar General in Amarillo TX. 9/1: Bravos at Walgreens for $7. SOOOOOO not worth that much.

CYBER BATTALION: Not exactly a single store exclusive, but seems to be limited to "second tier" retailers like Walgreens or Meijer. These are largely Legion designs scaled up to Voyager size, but with extra joints, changed details, and so forth. Some are entirely new, but they draw inspiration from Legion-style transformations. Sold in non-window boxes at Deluxe price. 9/3/17: Bumblebee (movie-style Legion design, but with G1-inspired head) at Walgreens in Amarillo TX. Cosell is Megatron. Someone else in town spotted Jetfire and Prowl at a Walgreens I didn't check today, hopefully they'll still be there tomorrow. 9/4: Well, Jetfire was. It was stuck between plush animals on the top shelf of the cleaning supplies aisle. 9/6: Optimus Prime (based on the Legion Generations truck that keeps showing up in Dollar General) has been spotted in Brooklyn NY, alongside BB, Jetfire, and Prowl. So far no one has found a Megatron, despite it being on a lot of co-sells. 9/8: Optimus spotted by someone else at the Walgreens in Amarillo that I never visit (a part of town that's far enough away and has few enough draws for me that I almost never go there). 9/21: Walgreens in Simpsonville SC. 3/19/18: Sideswipe and Shockwave have been spotted in California. 3/29: Sideswipe and Shockwave at Walgreens in Quincy MA. 3/30: Sideswipe at Walgreens in Amarillo TX. (Sideswipe is clearly meant to be G1 Sideswipe, but the vehicle mode brings in slements of PRiD Sideswipe.) 4/1: Found Shockwave in Amarillo. Sideswipe definitely seems to be the shelfwarmer of the two. 4/6: Shockwave wave Big Bear CA. 4/8: Jetfire in Quincy MA. (They seem to be pushing out leftovers of that pair while sending the Shock wave.) 6/7: Shockwave at Walgreens in Fayetteville NC.

TITAN GUARDIANS: Another "maybe not a store exclusive" deal, the second wave of 6" tall Titan Guardians has hit Walgreens. Optimus, Sideswipe, and Bumblebee are held over from the first wave, with Strongarm and Grimlock added in. (They also have "value" Star Wars action figures in the same size and sort of packaging.) 9/10/17: Walgreens in Amarillo TX. $6.99 each.

CHAOS ON VELOCITRON: A Toys R Us exclusive box set, a mix of redecos, retools, and one totally new mold, for $99. Includes Laser Optimus Prime (G2-based deco of the current Voyager figure), Quickswitch (redeco of Six Shot), Nautica (heavy retool of Blurr), Fastclash (new mold, Fastlane name was unavailable), and a Titan Master Rodimus Prime. 3/24/17: El Paso TX. 4/2: Torrance CA. 4/5: Up on Expect it to go in and out of stock over time. 4/8: Iselin NJ. 8/2: Peoria IL, Bloomington IL.

SIEGE ON CYBERTRON: BBTS exclusive. Magnus Prime (the Japanese tooling of Powermaster Optimus Prime), Tidal Wave (Broadside redeco), Metalhawk (Triggerhappy redeco), Pounce (newish mold), Titan Master Thunderwing. Possibly some retooling on Tidal Wave or Metalhawk. Currently slated for late July 2017.

WINGSPAN/CLOUDRAKER: I guess we won't get four $100 exclusive box sets? Walgreens will be carrying a two-pack of the remaining two clones, spotted in packaging (not yet in stores, AFIACT). 10/5/17: Spotted at EB Games in Missisauga ON for $30 Cdn. (The chain got bought out, but the brand is still in use some places.) 10/12: Found at a Walgreens in Edmonton AB. 11/18: Walgreens in Amarillo TX. $18 per set. 11/24: Quincy MA, Torrance CA.

DOLLAR GENERAL KRE-O: As part of their Halloween reset shipments, stores are getting two new $12 box sets, each of which has an Autobot in a vehicle versus a Decepticon (Strongarm vs. Springload, Sideswipe vs. Hammerstrike, each with a "capture car" inspired by the Autobot's vehicle mode). Some are also getting carded sets of armor-up Kreons that come with accessories to turn them into more "regularly" proportioned robots. Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Sideswipe, and Grimlock, each in three different color variants (regular, arctic, desert). No Strongarm, sigh. 7/27/17: Some stores have these out already, but since part of the shipment has an August shelving date, many are sitting on the truck until they can do it all at once. 7/28: Picked up the $12 sets in Amarillo TX. 9/4: Found the "Oversized Kreons that transform" sets at the same DG in Amarillo, they're ALSO $12, annoyingly. Picked up spaceship Megatron, Ironhide, and Grimlock, left Shockwave (same as the TJMaxx version) on the shelf. 9/8: All four at Walgreens in Amarillo TX. $9.99. 1/5/18: More of the "custom" ones with armor bits and stuff spotted in Canyon TX.

Transformers Rescue Bots

    On a routine patrol, four 'bots in stasis....

MINI-CON WAVE 3: This one's tricky, because several have shown up online but not necessarily in stores. There's Sequoia the bear, Swift the Cheetah-Bot, and a single-pack version of Fireplug the Dalmatian. Swift is clearly meant to go with Bumblebee, Sequoia with Brushfire, and Fireplug with Heatwave. 5/2/17: Swift has been available on HTS for a while, I forgot to mention it. Sequoia at TRU in Amarillo TX, but no Fireplug or Swift.

THE FORSAKEN WAVE: So, Target is in the middle of a reset, has clearanced the older Mini-Cons to $1.49...and is getting in a wave of Swift and Silverback. You may or may not be able to get them, but they don't have the same SKU as the clearanced ones and might not be in the system at all. Check the clearance areas, stockers tend to dump things there when they can't find a matching peg. 8/4/17: Found at Target in Amarillo TX. I was able to buy a Silverback for $1.49, but the rest of the ones I found were put in back until such time as the price issue can be solved. 9/15: Local Target will actually sell them now, at last, for $4.99. TRU in Amarillo has Silverback but if they got Swift it had already sold out.

FLIP-BOTS WAVE 1: Basically Legion-sized Rescue Bots at the $5-6 price point. Tip them on their back to make the head and arms automatically pop out, no articulation. Optimus Prime, Medix, Hoist, Heatwave. 7/23/17: TRU in Amarillo TX. And yes, I added the "If they ever are" on 7/21. 8/4: Target in Amarillo TX. 8/9: Walmart in Amarillo TX.

FLIP-BOTS WAVE 2: Blurr, Chase, Sideswipe, reship of Optimus Prime. 9/15/17: TRU in Amarillo TX.

FLIP-BOTS WAVE 3: Muscle car Bumblebee, muscle car Boulder, single-packed jetplane Blades. 4/13/18: TRU and Target in Amarillo TX. 4/14: Walmart in Amarillo TX.

FLIP-BOTS LAUNCHERS: Bumblebee Quick Launch Garage with a little spring-launcher thing that sends the toy through a garage facade, jet-mode Airport Blastoff Blades with a runway-themed launcher. Blades is severely shortpacked. 7/29/17: $9.10 at 8/11: $12.99 at both Target and TRU in Amarillo TX. Blades seems to be one per case.

FLIP-BOTS CONSTRUCTION TEAM: Boulder, Salvage, and new cement mixer character Mortar (mostly orange). 9/21/17: Available on for $16.

FLIP-BOTS GRIFFON ROCK RACING TEAM: Chase, Blurr, and Sideswipe. 2/18/18: Found at TJMaxx in Amarillo TX for $13.

FLIP RACERS CHOMP & CHASE RACEWAY: (Chase sold separately) Your basic race track that goes through a bit of scenery, in this case a weird hybrid of Chase's police station and a giant T.rex Optimus Prime head. Comes with a clear red Morbot Flip Racer. $40 price point. 12/15/17: Target in Amarillo TX.

BASIC WAVE 9: This is all repackaged stuff from the "Energize figures with unposeable partners" line, but it shuffles some of the partners to be correct. Optimus with Cody, Chase with Chief Burns, Boulder with Graham, firetruck Heatwave with Kade, helicopter Blades with Dani, and Bumblebee car gets to be with Doc Green. 1/7/16: TRU and Target in Amarillo TX. 1/14: Walmart in Amarillo TX.

SCOUT WAVE 9: Bumblebee (black deco dinosaur), Bumblebee (VTOL jet), reships of older figures. 4/22/17: Jet Bumblebee spotted at Walgreens in Amarillo TX. Wave may also include Heatwave the Fire-Bot, a two-headed dragon currently available on HTS. 6/18/17: Both Bumblebees, Brushfire, Heatwave dragon, blue T.rex Optimus, Quickshadow, Morbot, and Boulder are all part of Walmart's TF5 aisle display in Amarillo TX. 7/21: Target in Amarillo TX.

SCOUT WAVE 10: Adds in Stegosaur Chase, possible others, always hard to tell if I'm seeing a fresh case the first time out (and almost no one sends in RB sightings). 11/1/17: Chase at Walmart in Amarillo TX.

EPIC WAVE 2: $10 price point. Repackaged Heatwave and Boulder, new hollow-and-non-transforming molds of Blurr and Salvage. The new ones suffer heavily from lack of paint applications, however, even compared to the original four. 5/27/15: Walmart in Amarillo TX. 7/2: TRU in Amarillo TX.

EPIC WAVE 3: Adds High Tide to the mix. 6/8/16: On, but not available for sale yet. 9/30: High Tide and Bumblebee spotted at TRU in Amarillo TX. 1/8: Also at Walmart in Amarillo TX.

EPIC WAVE 4: Adds Quickswitch. 6/18/17: All of Waves 2-4 are part of the TF5 aisle display at Walmart in Amarillo TX.

Night Rescue Heatwave: A slight redeco of the previous Epic Heatwave, replacing some of the yellow with orange. 5/4/18: Target in Amarillo TX. 6/6: Walmart in Amarillo TX.

QUICK DIG BOULDER: Entirely new mold, Boulder turning into a sort of "four tread/leg" vehicle (think Alphonse from Dominion Tank Police, or Huffer and Pipes from TF:Animated) with a backhoe. 5/16/18: Target in Amarillo TX. 6/6: Walmart in Amarillo TX.

BUMBLEBEE RESCUE GUARD: A large (but still simple) sports car Bumblebee with two animal helpers based loosely on the firehouse dalmation and Valor, but about twice as big. $40 price point, partially explained by light and sound gimmicks. 8/3/18: Target and Walmart in Amarillo TX.

OPTIMUS PRIME RACE TRACK TRAILER: Similar deco to the 2016 Racing Trailer, but this one is a new mold and comes with Flip-and-Change Bumblebee and Blurr. The trailer becomes a launcher that takes robot mode FnC's and fires them off down a track. No connector at the end for Hot Wheels track compatibility, as far as I can tell. 8/3/17: Up on (and actually for sale online). 8/11: TRU in Amarillo TX, $65. 8/12: Walmart in Amarillo TX, $49.44.


The Movies
   Due to the huge amount of Movie-specific product, this gets a separate sightings page. Updated: 9/16/18.

Transformers: Cyberverse

    Replacing the 2015-18 Robots in Disguise series, with similar levels of complexity in design, is the Cyberverse series. This is the first tie-in to the "evergreen" concept with designs that are supposedly going to keep being used in some fashion forever (i.e. until there's another management change). The Scout class is back, as a sort of Actionmaster Elite riff, robots that only partially transform. Warriors have motion gimmicks, which always hurts articulation and appearance. We'll see if it's any good.

SCOUT WAVE 1: Partially-transforming Legends-sized figures. Bumblebee (robot poking up out of car chassis), Grimlock (robot with dino head), Megatron (robot riding tank treads like an RX-75 Guntank), Starscream (sort of a Gerwalk mode). $8 price point. 7/25/18: Target in Manhattan Beach CA. 7/27: Target in Amarillo TX.

ONE-STEP CHANGERS WAVE 1: Bumblebee (redeco of RiD Patrol Bumblebee), Blurr (slight redeco of RiD Blurr), Soundwave (redeco of RiD Soundwave). Yep, no real reason to get any of these. $10 price point. 7/27/18: Target in Amarillo TX.

WARRIOR WAVE 1: Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, Starscream, Shockwave. Shockwave is the only one with an altmode other than The Usual, he turns into a crab-walker reminiscent of the Scrapmetals from Cybertron. $15 price point. 7/27/18: Target in Amarillo TX. 7/31: Target in Pensacolar FL. 9/19: Walmart in Amarillo TX.

ULTRA WAVE 1: Reviving the old class name, roughly Voyager sized, with action gimmicks. Bumblebee, Grimlock, Starscream (with huge missile pods that pop the missiles out on the ends of smoke trails rather than actually firing them). $20 price point. 7/27/18: Target in Amarillo TX. 9/8: Walmart in Amarillo TX. Stocked with the Rescue Bots rather than with the regular Transformers. 9/19: Now moved to the regular Transformers section.

ULTIMATE WAVE 1: Leader sized, but not as complex. Optimus Prime (still just the cab), Megatron (tank). $30 price point. 7/27/18: Target in Amarillo TX. 7/31: Target in Pensacolar FL. 9/2: Best Buy in Decatur IL. 9/8: Walmart in Amarillo TX, also with the Rescue Bots. 9/19: Now moved to the regular Transformers section.

Transformers: Generations

    The end of 2017 had Titans Return wrapping up and the third chapter in the "DBZ Escalation" saga kick in with Power of the Primes, in which the faceplates on Titan Masters were replaced by icons of the Primes, whose power could be tapped by the new figures. Combiner Wars style combination returned (along with retools of some CW molds), and the Dinobots got a combiner that wasn't The Beast.

PRIME MASTERS WAVE 1: Micronus (Cloudburst Decoy Armor), Liege Maximo (Skullgrin Decoy Armor), Vector Prime (Metalhawk Decoy Armor). Listed on HTS but not actually in stock, because their website was built by concussed Scraplets. 12/18/17: TRU in Torrance CA, White Plains NY. 12/19: TRU in Pensacola FL, Amarillo TX. 1/5/18: Target in Amarillo TX. 1/10: Target in Bloomington IL, Opelika AL, Columbus GA; TRU in Peoria IL. 1/12: Target in Torrance CA.

PRIME MASTERS WAVE 2: Alchemist Prime (Submarauder Decoy Armor), Alpha Trion (Landmine Decoy Armor), reship of Liege Maximo. 4/7/18: Kroger in Lawrenceburg IN. Confirmed they have screws rather than pins for the Prime plates. 4/10: Kroger in LaGrange GA. 4/13: Kroger in Opelika AL. 6/13: Walmart in Fayetteville NC. 6/15: Walmart in Pace FL. 6/16: Walmart in Canyon TX, Amarillo TX. 7/3: Walmart in Bloomington IL.

PRIME MASTERS WAVE 3: Megatronus (Bomb-Burst), Quintus Prime (Bludgeon), Solus Prime (Octopunch). 7/9/18: Walmart in Amarillo TX. (Sightings report from someone else in town, hopefully some are left when I can get there!) (There were plenty) 7/23: Walmart in Decatur IL.

POWER OF THE PRIMES LEGENDS WAVE 1: Slash (velociraptor femmebot), Beachcomber (dunebuggy), Windcharger (sportscar), and Skrapnel (reissue without the Mini-Con). 11/19/17: Target in Amarillo TX. I passed on Skrapnel, since I have two of the original plus the red and black redeco. 12/3: Target in Bloomington IL. 12/8: Holiday aisle display at Walmart in Amarillo TX. A whole bunch. 12/11: Same aisle treatment at Walmart in Fayetteville NC. 12/18: TRU in Torrance CA. 12/19: TRU in Pensacola FL, Amarillo TX. 1/10/18: Walmart in Mt. Zion IL; Target in Bloomington IL; TRU in Peoria IL. 1/12: Target in Torrance CA. 1/26: Walmart in Quincy MA. 2/15: Walmart in Fayetteville NC.

PotP LEGENDS WAVE 2: Battleslash (helicopter, Duocon combiner), Roadtrap (SUV, other half of the combiner), Tailgate (retool of Windcharger). 2/13/18: Walmart in Torrance CA. 2/28: TRU and Target in Torrance CA. 3/2: Target in Amarillo TX. 3/7: Target in Braintree MA. 3/31: Walmart in Pace FL. 4/19: Walmart in LaGrange GA, Lanett AL.

PotP LEGENDS WAVE 3: Cindersaur (Slash retool) and Outback (TR Brawl retool). 6/25/18: Available on HTS. 7/7: Target in Pace FL, Torrance CA. 7/26: Target in Braintree MA. 7/31: Target in Pensacola FL. 8/26: Walmart in Amarillo TX.

POWER OF THE PRIMES DELUXE WAVE 1: Jazz (sportscar), Swoop (pterodactyl), Slug (Slag), Dreadwind (jet, Aerialbot retool). No sightings sent to me directly, but this wave has started showing up, and it brought controversy with it, yay. 11/21/17: Target in Pace FL. They weren't on the shelf, sighter had to use the DCPI to get 'em out of the back (I suspect they're not supposed to go out until after a BOGOHO on TFs expires, since they didn't ring up as valid for the sale). 11/23: Target in Fayetteville NC. 12/3: Target in Bloomington IL. 12/18: TRU in Torrance CA. 12/19: TRU in Pensacola FL, Amarillo TX. 1/2/18: Target in Amarillo TX. 1/10: Walmart in Mt. Zion IL, Valley AL; Target in Bloomington IL, Opelika AL, Columbus GA; TRU in Peoria IL. 1/12: Target in Torrance CA. 1/20: Walmart in Pembroke NC. 1/26: Walmart in Quincy MA. 2/15: Walmart in Fayetteville NC.

PotP DELUXE WAVE 2: Dinobot Snarl (Ankylosaurish), Dinobot Sludge (Bronto), Rippersnapper (sharky monster), Blackwing (jet). 2/17/18: Walmart in Amarillo TX. Later note: looks like Moonracer (Cybertronian car) is in this wave too, but someone beat me to it. 2/20: Walmart in Torrance CA. Also, a different Walmart in Amarillo, snagged Moonracer. Confirmed, she and Blackwing are shortpacked, the others are two-per-case. 2/21: All five at Walmart in Mt. Zion IL. 3/23: Walmarts in LaGrange GA, Lanett AL, Auburn AL. 3/26: Target in Torrance CA. 3/27: Target in Redondo Beach CA. 3/29: Target in Amarillo TX. 3/30: Target in Manhattan Beach CA, South Carson CA. 4/20: Target in Reseda CA. 7/17: Target in Pensacola FL.

PotP DELUXE WAVE 3: Blot, Cutthroat, Sinnertwin, and Jazz (non-MAGA redeco). 6/30/18: Walmart in Albuquerque NM. 7/1: Walmart in Amarillo TX. 7/3: Walmart in Bloomington IL. 7/12: Walmart in Navarre FL. 7/13: Walmart in South Torrance CA.

PotP FINAL DELUXE WAVE: Novastar (retool of Moonracer), plus reships. 8/26: Walmart in Amarillo TX. 8/27: Walmart in Torrance CA. Supposed to have a shelf date of 8/28, and the case assortment seems to be just wave 2 with Novastar swapped in for Moonracer, 2 Novastars to the case. 8/30: Walmart in Pace FL.

POWER OF THE PRIMES VOYAGER WAVE 1: Back to being combiner cores. Starscream and Grimlock (of course, you'll have to wait a few waves before you can assemble the Dinobot combiner). 12/18/17: TRU in Torrance CA. 12/19: TRU in Amarillo TX, only had Starscream left. 1/2/18: Target in Amarillo TX. (The TRU did get in some Grimlocks a few days later, so I have him.) 1/8: Walmart in Milton FL. 1/10: Walmart in Mt. Zion IL, Valley AL; TRU in Bloomington IL, Peoria IL; Target in Opelika AL, Columbus GA. 1/12: Target in Torrance CA. 1/20: Walmart in Pembroke NC. 2/15: Walmart in Fayetteville NC.

PotP VOYAGER WAVE 2: Elita-1 (Heavy retool of Starscream), Hun-Grrr (new mold, my earlier thought that it might be a Silverbolt retool was in error). 2/10/18: Walmart in Yuba City CA. 2/13: Walmart in Torrance CA (Hun-Grrr only). 2/14: Both at a different Walmart in Torrance CA. 3/13: Walmart in Amarillo TX. 3/14: Walmart in Mt. Zion IL. 3/26: Walmart in Quincy MA (Hun-grrr only). 4/8: Walmart in Hanover MA. 6/8: Walmart in Lagrange GA "in abundance". 7/26: Walmart in Quincy MA. 7/31: Target in Pensacolar FL.

PotP VOYAGER WAVE 3: Inferno (slight retool of Combiner Wars Hot Spot, looks to just be a new head), reship of Grimlock. 5/29/18: Target in Santa Maria CA. 5/31: Target in Pace FL. 6/21: Walmart in Amarillo TX, Fayetteville NC. 7/25: Target in Manhattan Beach CA.

POWER OF THE PRIMES LEADER WAVE 1: All Primes all the times. Optimus Prime and Rodimus Prime (wave 2 will have an evil redeco of Rodimus) in "Evolution" sets, with Hot Rod and Orion Pax each getting super armors to become Primes. 1/10/18: Walmart in Mt. Zion IL, Valley AL; Target in Opelika AL, Columbus GA. 1/11: Walmart in Pace FL. 1/12: Target in Torrance CA. 1/13: Walmart in Amarillo TX. 1/20: Walmart in Pembroke NC. 1/26: TRU in Amarillo TX, Torrance CA. $50. 2/10: Target in Amarillo TX. 4/20: Target in Van Nuys CA.

POTP LEADER WAVE 2: Replace Rodimus Prime with Rodimus Unicronus (aka Shattered Glass Rodimus, minor retool). Apparently there's variants with purple Autobot symbols (a la Shattered Glass) showing up on eBay, but one can't discount the possibility of "open box, relabel chest, close box" cases. 1/20/18: Walmart in McPherson KS. 2/15: TRU in Amarillo TX; Walmart in Fayetteville NC. 2/19: TRU in Topeka KS. 3/8: Walmart in Pace FL. 3/17: TRU in Dedham MA. 5/17: Target in Carson CA, Torrance CA.

Transformers: Robots in Disguise
    The sequel series to Transformers: Prime. Sort of. The comic tries to tie them together, but the show might as well be in an entirely new universe, unaligned with Prime. It got better about that in later seasons, though.


    Smallest size that actually has articulation in robot mode.

WAVE 8: Springload (frog/car), Starscream (jet), reships (or possible minor redecos) of Grimlock and Optimus Prime. 1/7/17: Target in Amarillo TX. 1/11: Walmart in Greenville SC.

WAVE 9: Blurr (sports car), reships of Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Bisk. 5/11/17: TRU in Amarillo TX for $8.99, ouch.

WAVE 10: Tail End Charlies ahoy! Twinferno, Heatseeker, Cyclonus. All new molds, all nearly impossible to find in America. 4/22/18: Twinferno only at Walmart in Amarillo TX. (I got Twinferno off Amazon a while back, and traded with someone in Australia for the other two.)


    The non-transforming, barely-articulated bludgeoning weapons masquerading as 12" tall action figures. (Hasbro has started making accessories for the Marvel Titan Heroes, so maybe we'll get a sort of Actionmaster Vehicle deal going here eventually?) $10 price point, sometimes on sale for less.

WAVE 1: Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and Steeljaw with a better posture than you're likely to ever see him anywhere else. 2/5/15: TRU in Amarillo TX. 2/6: TRU in Torrance CA. 2/14: Walmart in Amarillo TX. 10/3: $6 at Big Lots as part of their Christmas reset.

WAVE 1.5: Swaps in Sideswipe for Steeljaw in the assortment. 3/12/15: TRU in Torrance CA.

WAVE 2?: Replaces Sideswipe with Drift. 7/14/16: TJMaxx in Amarillo TX.


    Continuing from the movie line, simplified toys at the $10 spot that are bigger than Cyberverse Commanders, but significantly less...anything else, really.

WAVE 10?: Blurr, cosells are regular Sideswipe and Bumblebee. 3/11/17: Blurr found at Walgreens in Amarillo TX. $12.99 base price, but membership cardholders can currently get it for $8.99. 3/17: Target in Amarillo TX. Case had Blurr, Sideswipe, Bumblebee, and Drift (all in original colors). 3/21: Walmart in Amarillo TX. 6/1: Blurr along with Bumblebee, Bisk, blue Strongarm, and new Heatseeker at TRU in Amarillo TX. 6/18: Same assortment as the 6/1 sighting, Walmart in Amarillo TX (part of the TF5 aisle display).

WAVE WHATEVER: The last molds trickle out, I spotted a lone new one (Soundwave) alongside reships. 12/15/17: Soundwave at Target in Amarillo TX.


    While Generations continues to have Deluxe, they've made the size class Warrior for RiD2. Simpler designs, but less fiddly.

WAVE 10: Skywarp (Starscream redeco), Windblade (redeco with new battlemask face), Soundwave (armored truck), Blurr (not the Rescue Bots version). 3/30/17: TRU in Torrance CA, Amarillo TX; Hasbrotoyshop. 4/20: Walmart in Amarillo TX. 5/5: Target in Amarillo TX.

WAVE 11: Twinferno (dragonjet thing), Thermidor (Bisk redeco), Bludgeon (Blastwave redeco/retool?). 10/26/17: Twinferno on 12/3: Target in Bloomington IL. 12/19: TRU and Walmart in Amarillo TX (just Twinferno in both cases, weirdly). TRU in Torrance CA got all three, one per case each (I guess Bumblebee filled out the remaining space). 2/3/18: Twinferno with older reships at Target in Gaithersburg MD. So far I have yet to see the other two "new" figures in stores, Twinferno always seems to ship with Power Surge Optimus Prime, masked Windblade, Skywarp, and sometimes Soundwave. 4/6: K-Mart in Big Bear CA.


   Two-packs of sub-Legends sized vehicles that can turn into brickish individuals or "crash combine" into taller bricks. Sets can be mixed, but a legs-figure can't become an upper body. $15 price point. WAVE 2: Reships plus new set Skysledge/Stormhammer=Skyhammer, a pair of Autobot jets. 5/23/17: Walmart in Amarillo TX. 6/1: Target in Amarillo TX.

WAVE 3: Lunar Force Primestrong (blue Optimus redeco, Strongarm replacing blue plastic with black), Shocknado (Shockdrive and Warnado, redecos of the Skyhammer team with new heads based on Galvatron and Cyclonus, although the package design is far more Cyclonus-y than the actual toy, the combiner head is unchanged), Dragbreak (Dragstrip and Wildbreak, the only crash combiner to actually appear on the cartoon so far as of the end of June). 7/1/17: Walmart in Amarillo TX.


   All the proportion, hollowness, and flatness issues of a Titan Hero, but transforming like a simplified Legion class. $15-18 price point. Really horrible toys.

WAVE 1: Bumblebee, Optimus Prime. 10/2/15: Up on Amazon. 1/22/16: At TRU in Amarillo TX for $13, not worth it.

WAVE 2: Adding in Sideswipe, plus more BB and OP. 4/21/16: TRU in Amarillo TX.

WAVE 3: Slight redecos of Bumblebee and Sideswipe, in Combiner Force packaging. 12/29/16: TRU in Amarillo TX.


   Also known as Three-Step Changers. Big, brickish, and simple, aimed at kids at the low end of RiD. $20 price point.

HYPERFLIP OPTIMUS PRIME AND BUMBLEBEE: New molds pushing what appears to be a one-step "Hyperflip" transformation, still $20 bricks. 1/26/17: Target in Amarillo TX. 4/13: TRU in Amarillo TX.

HYPER-(FILL IN THE BLANK): Combiner Force toys in the Hyperchanger style, but each has a different hyper. Hyper-Swoop Grimlock, Hyper-Hook Thunderhoof, Hyper-Twist Bumblebee. All new molds, none impressive enough to pay TRU's $23 asking price. 4/21/17: TRU in Amarillo TX. 5/11: Target in Amarillo TX ($20, still not tempted).

HYPERWHATEVER WAVE 2: Hyper-Turn Steeljaw, Hyper-Vault Soundwave. 6/23/17: TRU in Amarillo TX.


    Replacing the Deployers in the "$20 for a Mini-Con and a hollow brick bulk" category, these use Mini-Cons to trigger an alternate vehicle mode a la the Stealth Force toys from the movie line a while back.

WAVE 1: Bumblebee with Stuntwing, Strongarm with Trickout. 1/3/17: Target in Amarillo TX. They only had Bumblebee, but with only two total on the shelf I guess someone beat me to the Strongarm(s). 1/9: Walmart in Amarillo TX. Confirmed that a case is one Strongarm and three Bumblebees.

WAVE 2: Not sure of assortments, but adds in Sideswipe with Great Byte (jet plane that turns into shark-ish Mini-Con similar to Strongarm's trident Mini-Con from the Weaponizers line). 6/8/17: TRU in Amarillo TX.

WAVE 3: Swaps in Soundwave with Laserbeak (robo-condor to jet drone thing that also can be a turret). 7/14/17: Target in Diamond Bar CA. 9/21: Available on HTS.

WAVE? WHAT'S THAT? Optimus Prime with Hi-Test (micro-tank and turret for truck mode). 9/21/17: Available on HTS for $20. 12/3: Target in Amarillo TX. If Soundwave ships with this wave, it's shortpacked and someone beat me to it.


    Most of the really big stuff in this line is also fairly simplistic.

TEAM COMBINERS WAVE 1: Ultra Bee, Menasor. $30 price point. The individuals do transform into robot mode as well as Crash Combiners, except for Drift, who is just a sword. 7/21/17: TRU in Torrance CA. No price on the shelf, Menasor shortpacked. 7/23: TRU in Amarillo TX. 9/15: TRU in Pensacola FL (only Menasor, oddly).

TEAM COMBINERS WAVE 2: Galvatronus, reships. 10/24/17: TRU in Amarillo TX.


Note: I will be less detailed about sightings on this side.
(TF-themed but probably not transforming)

    HALLOWEEN COSTUMES: The 2018 costumes are focused on the Bumblebee movie, with the usual padded-muscle costumes of BB and (the inevitable) Optimus Prime adding molded plastic chestplates. BB also has a blaster hand and a stinger hand that can fit over small forearms. The usual easily damaged thin plastic that probably won't survive one event, of course. 9/5/18: Should be out at all Walmarts now.

    MY BUSY BOOK: TRANSFORMERS: A board book with figures and playmat, using the Evergreen designs. Has robot and vehicle mode painted sorta-decoys for Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Megatron, Starscream, Soundwave, and Hot Rod. 8/31/18: $10 in the Bargain Priced kidbook section at Barnes & Noble.

    HOLLYWOOD RIDES R/C BUMBLEBEE: A 1:16 sale Last Knight styled Bumblebee with remote control (2.46GHz controller) and USB connection. $25 price point. 8/3/18: Target in Amarillo TX.

    JUICE DRINKS WITH TOYS: A 10 ounce squeeze bottle of apple juice cocktail (20% juice) with an embedded capsule that contains a toy. Shrink wrap labels with images of PRiD characters (Optimus Prime, Strongarm, Bumblebee, Grimlock, Sideswipe), cut the label off to get at the capsule. The blind assortment has five decoy-like painted figures and five pencil toppers, using the five characters on the packaging. (There's also MLP bottles with each of the Mane Six and small pony figures.) $1.87 at Walmart. 1/30/18: No idea how long these have been out, I don't generally shop the juice-ish drink section, I just happened to notice these today walking through the aisle after getting something nearby. (Update: I'm told these have been around since at least October of 2016. And the juice cocktail itself is undrinkably vile...maybe past expiration date, I neglected to check.) 2/3: Got a few more, the toy mix also includes really bad jigsaw puzzles, so your odds of getting the figures you want are even lower.

    VALENTINES: 1/8/18: Walmart has lenticular G1 Optimus and Bumblebee "hand out to the class" Valentines for $2.48. BB is sort of a weird hybrid of Generations and Prime. 1/13: Target has sticker-set and thumb tattoo ones, again with the same Optimus and BB designs, plus some others. I guess maybe these are the upcoming Cyberverse ones?     FIDGET IT SPINNER: Fidget spinners with Transformers themes. Character face on the center, wheels or target crosshairs on the lobes. Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and Megatron (all G1) in the first batch. 9/21/17: Available on HTS, $6 each.

    RiD COIN BANKS: Tall and very leggy hollow coin banks of Optimus Prime and Bumblebee in RiD(2015) designs. Optimus might have movable arms, btu BB definitely doesn't. $10. 9/16/17: Spotted at Walgreens in Amarillo TX.

    GO KARTS: Battery powered little kid go karts in the colors of Optimus Prime and Bumblebee (both G1) with the molded faces of each on the front between the handlebars. $129 at Walmart. 6/21/17: Walmart in Amarillo TX.

    RUBIK'S CREW: A 2x2 Rubik's Cube puzzle in the shape of Optimus Prime's head, with a little body that can plug in for a Funko-Pop-ish figure once you solve it. $13 at Walmart, part of their train/endcap setups. 6/10/17: Walmart in Amarillo TX.

    WATCHES: The first movie transforming watches of Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, possibly with slight redeco, but in Robots in Disguise packaging with the heads of the PRiD versions on the blister card (no remolding, still the movie heads). $15 price point. 5/23/17: TRU in Amarillo TX.

    ALT-MODES: These are blind-box chibi figures. In "vehicle" mode they're giant heads atop their vehicle modes, and pulling a faction symbol tab on top of the helmet makes the vehicle swap out with a tiny marionette-like body (or spin all the way around to vehicle again, it's kinda iffy). Collation is a bit iffy, I grabbed four boxes and got two each of Prowl and Nemesis Prime. The rest of the assortment is Optimus Prime, Thundercracker, Skywarp, Starscream, Ultra Magnus, and Megatron. 7/22/16: Toys R Us in Amarillo TX. In with the rest of the TFs rather than in the Funko kiosk, $6.99 each. 1/3/17: Wave 2 at Target in Amarillo TX. One new mold, Bumblebee/Cliffjumper (identical molds for the two). Reissues of Optimus Prime, Megatron, Starscream. Redecos Acid Storm, Sunstorm, Smokescreen.

    PEZ: G1 Optimus Prime, Megatron, and Bumblebee. Megatron could use a bit more paint (especially on the forehead), but otherwise decent. $2.49 at Toys R Us. 10/31/15: TRU in Amarillo TX. 7/14/17: RiD versions out now, I've seen Optimus and BB but suspect there might be more. 2/8/18: Pez Conenctibles, which come with torsos and arms that snap onto the dispenser, are available in RiD Optimus and BB varieties, $5.

    INFLATABLES: Ross/TJMaxx has some RiD-branded inflatable toys. A bop-bag with Steeljaw on it packed with inflatable Bumblebee-faced gloves (so you're smashing BB's face into Steeljaw), and an inflatable sit-on bouncer. Both $7.99. 7/30/15: Ross in Amarillo TX.

   I've stopped tracking most of the "artifacts" stuff, since Transformers has reached the cultural saturation point where you can be pretty sure there'll be party supplies, water bottles, t-shirts, and so forth readily available.

(Things a TF fan might be interested in.)

    DOLLAR TREE KNOCKOFFS: Sold as Robot Transforing Vehicle, these are Legion sized, and $1 get what you pay for. There's a jet (with elements of Thunderwing from the Classics Clear Skies Team of Mini-Cons), a tank (clearly based on the G1 Micromaster Sidetrack), a missile truck (which sucks), and a military ship. They're molded in two colors each, and color-flip version are also available (so a green tank with gray guns, or a gray tank with green guns). 3/23/18: Amarillo TX. (Later notes: the jet IS Thunderwing, just misassembled. The missile truck is Red Hot with some tweaks. Best guess on the boat is that it's a bullet train turned upside down and with boat details added.)

    MECARD: Bakugan with cars that pop open into sorta-robots when you run them over the metal card, basically. The ones I saw didn't impress me (Prince Kong, Tanatos, Mirinae). No price on the peg, wasn't motivated enough to drag one to a a working price check. 3/2/18: TRU in Amarillo TX.

    SCREECHERS WILD: Cars and other vehicles that turn into disk-shooting critters. The $7 price point is cars (spider, hawk, pterosaur, scorpion), the $10 price point has a trukkmunky and a T.rex/tank. The $10 ones are more "Turns into a rolling platform with a beast riding it" though. There's a tie-in cartoon on YouTube. They transform by driving up to and capturing a disk. The included checklist doesn't say which one is what price point. If there's a game that goes along with them, there's no rules in the $7 package (I got Nightweaver, not terribly impressed).     BEN 10 OMNI-LAUNCH BATTLE FIGURES: Omnitrix-face-shaped disks that pop off the wrist launcher and unfold into aliens, similar to the War for Cybertron minion disks. 1/13/18: Spotted at Target in Amarillo TX. (They didn't have shelf tags yet, dunno the price.)     HAVEX MACHINES: Folded-up pods that (in theory) auto-transform into fighting vehicles when a Micro-Machines-sized car is rolled up into them. In practice, the car is way too light to trigger the action, even though the "pod" mode is very touchy. One set is a mecha rig (Combat Bot), the rest are various sea/air/land vehicles (Star Blaster spaceship kinda like a B5 Starfury, Mech Ray and Lightning Sub submarines, Mech Bug walker, Sonic Jet and Strike Chopper aircraft). $15 price point. 8/25/17: TRU in Amarillo TX.

    MECH X4: The spoof of giant robot shows on Disney XD gets merch a year or so after the show launches. 8/11/17: Spotted a $20 basic set with the main mech and its support vehicle that combines with it, a larger no-shelf-tag-yet light and sound MECH X4, various rubbery monsters and roleplay gear, all at TRU in Amarillo TX.

    VOLTRON: Toys based on the Netflix series finally hitting stores in January 2017. A mix of non-transforming Voltron figures, lion figures, masks, a big non-transforming Voltron, and a really expensive 16" Voltron sold separately as lions that do combine. Dunno the prices, the store I first saw them at was stocking them on WWE pegs and hadn't posted new prices yet. 1/3/17: Target in Amarillo TX. 8/11: Forgot to mention this earlier, but new metal-including combining lions are now available at Walmart and Target locally, probably most places.

    MARS Converters: $10 large toys, generally found at Walmart and various discount stores (TJMaxx, Family Dollar, etc). Current wave is dinos and dragons, with a red T.rex, a blue sorta-stegosaur, and a yellow dragon. 9/30/16: Family Dollar carrying these as part of their holiday toy expansion. 4/20/17: The vehicle waves are starting to show up again at Walmart in new packaging, with a "Cybotronix" line name in addition to MARS Converters. Spotted the blue sportscar and the gray sportscar in the new packaging today. 10/13: Tank and fighter jet join the assortment, found at Family Dollar.

    SUPER WINGS: This is a show for very little kids, like "too young for Rescue Bots" level, from what I've heard. At the $10 level there's Rescue-Bots-level aircraft that turn into cockpit-torso'ed robots: Jett (cargo jet), Donnie (cargo heavy lift prop plane), Jerome (fighter jet), and Dizzy (pink female helicopter). 3/31/17: These are finding their way back into non-TRU stores after months of absence or "stick it in a corner somewhere" stocking, and the larger sized Paul is now in the assortment. Cosells indicate Grand Albert, Bello (safari striped bush pilot plane) and Mira will also be available at this size soon, if not already. 5/22: Grand Albert and Bello Deluxes at Target in Green Bay WI. Decided to not try to fit them in my luggage, though. 8/13: New rescue vehicle sets have hit TRU as part of the Fall reset. The main four characters each get $15 sets that use a "Legion" sized figure as the driver, and a vehicle that turns into a mech suit for which the little figure forms a head. Transtectors, basically. Dizzy's Rescue Tow, Jett's Robo Rig (fire truck), Donnie's Dozer (more of an all-purpose construction vehicle), and Paul's Cruiser (Paul displaces Jerome in the main four, apparently). There's also a super-sized $40 Jett's Robo Rig that uses a $10-size "Deluxe" Jett as the pilot and head. They all have functionally the same transformation. 1/21/18: Finally found Deluxe Mira at TRU in Amarillo TX. 2/8: New Legion-type set found at Walmart in Amarillo TX for $9.80. Astra (space shuttle), Flip (cargo plane), Todd (drill plane o_O) and Agent Chace (sic, jet). 3/29: Found Deluxe size versions of Astra and Todd (Chace and Flip are cosells, but didn't see any on the shelf).

    TMNT MUTATIONS T-MACHINES: Cars-sized vehicles that, when you tap the head of the driver, pop up into a Throttlebot-style bot mode. Wave 1 seems to be just Leo, Mikey, and Shredder. 1/9/16: Target in Amarillo TX. $5.99, but so underwhelming I didn't buy any.

    CONSTRUCTOBOT 12-IN-ONE: A "Brix" not-Lego set that can make up to 12 construction vehicles (only six at a time, two official models for each of the six sets of bricks) or build a giant mech suit that looks like a construction vehicle combiner. 11/20/15: $50 at TRU in Amarillo TX. Note: this is one of their Black Friday deals, $25 on Black Friday for everyone, and $25 for rewards card holders 11/22 through 11/26.     TMNT MUTATIONS: Voyager-sized turtles that turn into tiny roleplay-sized weapons. Leonardo into two "swords", Raphael into two tiny sais, Michaelangelo into tiny nunchucks. No Donatello in the assortment. 8/18/15: Part of the Walmart resets all over. 2/21/16: New wave at $15 price point that's sort of Hyperchangers (one main action, but may need a second and third step to fiddle with panels). Mike to dragster, Raph to armored trike, Leo to Spyder-style reverse trike. About as much articulation as the average Hyperchanger. Spotted at Walmart in Amarillo TX.

    HATCH'N HEROES: A Disney line of eggs that transform into various characters. 4/3/15: Baymax at TRU in Amarillo TX, $6.99. 4/22/16: Oops, forgot to keep this updated. A bunch have made it to Walmart and TRU in Amarillo TX, including Toy Story and Good Dinosaur figures. Knockoffs of the Good Dinosaur ones are sold at Dollar General under the Dinosaur Mutants name.

    POWER RANGERS: Morph-N-Pop Dino Charger T.Rex turns from a cylinder (a power cell) into a chibi T.rex zord. 1/30/16: TRU in Amarillo TX, $15. 12/18: The new Ninja Steel toy line has mini-vehicles that transform into throwing stars (sort of), and include knockoff-level pilot figures, all for $20. Pass.

    OTHER KNOCKOFFS: 2/18/18: Dollar General's Easter baskets include a really cruddy looking non-transforming 4" tall Optimus Prime in their $5 baskets.