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    If you're sending me a bunch of sightings from different locations at the same time, please divide them by the toy, not the location, since by-the-toy is how I organize this page. It just makes it easier for me to enter the info if all the sightings for a given thing are clumped. Thanks.

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Please include both the location (city) and store in sighting reports.


Transforming Toys


    The non-studio toys for Rise of the Beasts are mostly under the Beast Alliance banner. These are the "for the kids" toys, much like the Power Series and so forth in the Bumblebee toy line.


    The smallest class, these are beasts that turn into weapons, as opposed to robots that turn into weapons like previous Battle Masters.

WAVE 1: Rhinox (minigun), Cheetor (?), and Skullcruncher (cannon). 3/28/23: Just Rhinox, Target in Torrance CA. 3/30: Just Skullcruncher, Target in Amarillo TX. $6.29. 4/2: Full case (Rhinox and Skullcruncher shortpacked) at Target in South Carson CA. 4/6: Target in Redondo Beach CA, full case Amarillo TX (but all the was left for me was Rhinox). Note, some Targets may have these on clearance already for some reason. 4/20: Full wave at Walmart in Amarillo TX.

WAVE 2: Optimus Primal (cannon) mixed in with reships of wave 1, reportedly just one per case initially. 5/16/23: Target in Torrance CA. 5/25: Walmart in Amarillo TX, three or four per case. 6/18: Target in Manhattan Beach CA, South Carson CA.

"WAVE" 3: Airazor (shield/sword) mixed in with previous releases, reportedly three to a case. Looks good, although reportedly the paint apps are uneven. 10/16/23: Walmart in Arroyo Grande CA. 12/7: Target in Amarillo TX.


    Basically repacks and a few redecos of 2018 Bumblebee Power Plus (Power Series with the engines) toys. I have gotten zero mainstream store sightings of these, but a handful have started hitting closeout chains like Ross in October 2023. So far I've gotten Bumblebee (repack with maybe slightly tweaked deco) and Battletrap (Ironhide in orange with a purple-painted motor), I hear there's a Megatron (which didn't come with the motor in 2018 but would now). $3.99 at Ross. Amusingly, I never got the BB Camaro mold the first time around, so I guess I have it now. And hey, four bucks.


    TFWiki has these under "other toys" rather than Beast Alliance, they seem to be an attempt to put a new twist on one-step changers. They have plastic springs in them and if you flex the sides of the altmode it'll snap into robot mode. The result is a brick that costs more than a one-step ($17 at Walmart).

WAVE 1: Nightbird (sportscar), Bumblebee (Camaro), Cheetor (spindly cheetah). 4/10/23: Walmart in Amarillo TX.


    Basically Core Class but with simpler transformations.

WAVE 1: Rhinox (rhino), Optimus Prime (dump truck or whatever), Bumblebee (at the very least a new vehicle mode). 4/20/23: Walmart in Amarillo TX, part of an endcap display. $10. 4/22: Target in Manhattan Beach CA (just Optimus and Rhinox). 4/24: Target in South Carson CA (BB only). 4/27: Target in Amarillo TX. $11.

WAVE 2: Supposedly Autobot Mirage (sorta-Porsche) and Scourge (evil truck), but there might be a wave 1.5 that just folds in one of them. 5/16/23: Mirage only, Target in Amarillo TX. 6/12: Mirage only, Walmart in Amarillo TX. 10/15: Scourge only, possibly a wave 2.5 deal, shortpacked in with wave 1 stuff. Target in Amarillo TX.


    These look to be Battle Masters packaged with Battle Changers-sized toys.

WAVE 1: Optimus Primal (gorilla) with Arrowstripe (tiger that isn't Tigatron who turns into a crossbow), Optimus Prime (truck) with Chainclaw (wolf that turns into a chainsaw). 4/15/23: Walmart in Amarillo TX. $17. 4/24: Target in South Carson CA. 4/30: Target in Amarillo TX.

WAVE 2: Wheeljack and Rhinox (Microbus and redeco of Battle Master Rhinox), Arcee and Cheetor (motorcycle and the Battle Master, possibly with no deco changes). 8/15/23: Just Wheeljack shipping with more Optimus Prime, Walmart in Amarillo TX. I might have found a wave 1.5, as there were no Primals, no Arcees, but equal numbers of Wheeljacks and Primes on the pegs. Later confirmed that Arcee has been delayed to her own wave.

WAVE 3: Arcee (motorcycle) and Cheetor (redeco of single-pack), plus reships. 12/19/23: Target in Amarillo TX. 12/28: Walmart in Amarillo TX.

BUZZWORTHY SCORPONOK/SANDSPEAR: Both Scorponok and Sandspear are scorpions. Target exclusive, as with all Buzzworthies. 5/30/23: Redondo Beach CA. 8/18: Amarillo TX.


    Similar to the Battle Class and Elite Class from Cyberverse, the animal companion turns into armor for the main figure (who is not just a repeat of the Battle Changer or Beast Weaponizer version). And like the Elites, the armor comes with an almost comically oversized head.

WAVE 1: Bumblebee (Camaro, regular classic version) and Snarlsaber (panther), Arcee (motorcycle) and Silverfang (wolf), Optimus Primal (gorilla) and Skullcruncher (croc). 3/28/23: Just BB and Snarlsaber at Target in Torrance CA. 3/30: Just the BB/SS pack at Target in Amarillo TX. $22 price point. 4/2: Full cases at Target in Torrance CA, South Carson CA. Arcee is shortpacked and BB is longpacked. 4/6: Target in Redondo Beach CA, Amarillo TX (full case, but only BB/SS was left for me). I did later find one Optimus Primal, oddly on clearance already. 4/14: Walmart in Amarillo TX, $24. Full case.

WAVE 2: A running change that swaps in some Scourge (evil truck) with Predacon Scorponok (scorpion) armor. 7/31/23: Walmart in Amarillo TX. 8/19: Target in South Carson CA, Amarillo TX.

WAVE 3: Another "swap in a single mold" pseudo-wave, this swaps in Optimus Prime (cabover semitractor) with Lionblade (Lioconvoy as an armor up toy). Lionblade follows the same basic pattern as Snarlsaber, and results in an armored Optimus Prime who looks rather like Lioconvoy's robot mode. 12/5/23: Target in Amarillo TX. A single one in a case of reships. 12/28: Walmart in Amarillo TX.


    Slam one of these large vehicles down on the tabletop and it might transform, it might not? At least, if the early release version of Optimus Prime is anything to go by.

WAVE 1: Optimus Prime (looks like a simple repackage of the Cyberverse version), Optimus Primal (gorilla), Scourge (evil truck). 4/14/23: Optimus Primal only, Walmart in Amarillo TX. $34. 4/20: Both, as part of an endcap cardboard display, Walmart in Amarillo TX. 4/24: Case of just Prime, Target in South Carson CA. 4/27: Just Prime, Target in Amarillo TX.

WAVE 2: Rhinox (very bland rhino with almost no colors but gray). 6/23/23: Target in Amarillo TX. Hard pass.

BUZZWORTHY SCOURGE: A Target-exclusive Smash Changer Scourge. 5/30/23: Redondo Beach CA.


    So, these are basically Leader/Commander sized toys that have sound and light gimmicks and a "beast mode" to the robot mode where claws and wings and stuff pop out and a beast head emerges from the chest. $55 price point.

OPTIMUS PRIME: The 8-wheeler military truck mode, with basically a clear Lioconvoy head popping out of the chest. 7/26/23: Walmart in Amarillo TX. Two per case, so I guess Bumblebee is a separate wave, or some cases will be one of each.

BUMBLEBEE: Offroad-modded Camaro, with the beast mode being a sort of red falcon deal. I guess making it a bee would be too on the nose. 8/1/23: Walmart in Amarillo TX. Same store as the first Optimus sighting, which had no place for there to be Bumblebees, so maybe they just didn't put out the full case right away? (These were in a place that had been holding TMNT stuff last week.) 8/23: Target in Amarillo TX.


    This time around, the roleplay items transform into robots!

ROLEPLAY MASKS: Not the full helmets we got from earlier live action movies, but decent face covering masks of Bumblebee (open face rather than battle mask) and Optimus Primal (looks to be beast face). Each transforms into a robot. 4/11/23: Walmart in Torrance CA. 4/20: Walmart in Amarillo TX. $30. 4/27: Target in Amarillo TX. $31.49.

NERF BLASTER: A brickish and leggy Optimus Prime bends in half to become a single-shot Nerf&tm; dart gun. 4/27/23: Target in Amarillo TX. $21.


    A limited number of more traditional Deluxe toys, although the quality level is more like Earthspark Deluxes than Legacy Deluxe. Not branded as part of the Beast Alliance line.

WAVE 1: Airazor (hawk), Bumblebee (offroad variant), Cheetor (cheetah). The Cheetor is apparently the same one as found in the Buzzworthy Jungle Mission 3-pack, minimal or no changes.

WAVE 2: Autobot Mirage (Porsche), Nightbird (muscle car), Wheeljack (VW Microbus). Nightbird and Wheeljack also appear to be identical to the Jungle Mission versions.


    Traditional Voyagers, not part of the Beast Alliance line either.

WAVE 1: Optimus Primal and Optimus Prime. Yet another wave where reporting "just Optimus" is not helpful. 4/27/23: Walmart in Amarillo TX.

WAVE 2: Rhinox and reships of Optimus Prime. 5/16/23: Walmart in Pace FL. 6/12: Walmart in Amarillo TX.


    The "big but cheap" line continues, including at least one character who isn't even in the movie.

WAVE 1: Optimus Prime (repackage), Megatron (tank, repackage), Cheetor (cheetah, new mold). 4/23/23: Walmart in Amarillo TX.

WAVE 2: Scourge (evil truck) and in some cases a repackaged Cyberverse Bumblebee. 9/16/23: Walmart in Amarillo TX. (Scourge only) 9/24: Both at Walmart in Amarillo TX.


    Studio Series extended down into the Core ($10 or so) size class in 2022.These are in small cardboard boxes with open windows, and have no ID numbers.

WAVE 4: "Decepticon Rumble (Blue)" (yes, that's his name, cassette altmode) and Laserbeak (DotM version where he becomes a tiny pink Bumblebee for one short scene that's referenced in the package art, almost definitely a predeco). 11/6/22: Target in Amarillo TX. Still $8.49. 11/9: Target in Pensacola FL. 11/19: Target in City of Industry CA. 2/6/23: Target in South Carson CA. The one in Amarillo got a fresh case recently as well, and Wheelie's in the mix.

WAVE 5: Arcee (RotB motorcycle), Terrorcon Freezer (multiple weapon modes). 5/14/23: Freezer only, Target in City of Industry CA.

WAVE 6: 1986 Ironhide (Ratchet retool), reships of one or both wave 5. 5/14/23: Target in Carson City CA (with RotB Arcee). 6/6: Walmart in Amarillo TX (with Freezer). 8/30: All three of the wave 5-6 figures, Walmart in Perdido FL.

WAVE 7: DotM Bumblebee (redeco of pink Laserbeak).

WAVE 8: Decepticon Frenzy (Red) (redeco of Rumble), Noah Diaz Exo-Suit (turns into a jet), Terrorcon Novakane (headswap redeco of Freezer). 10/7/23: Walmart in Amarillo TX. 10/19: Walmart in Pensacola FL. Also, Pulse is shipping this wave now.


    Traditional Deluxes in boxes without motion gimmicks or autotransform, a sort of Generations for the movies.

WAVE 19: #97 Airazor (falcon) and #100 Bumblebee (skipping some numbers to let BB be #100, a new off road 70s Camaro mold), both from Rise of the Beasts. Oddly, Bumblebee is very shortpacked. 3/23/23: Walmart in Canyon TX. 3/31: Walmart in Pensacola FL (just Airazor). 4/9: Walmart in Amarillo TX. 4/20: Target in Amarillo TX. 4/22: Target in Pasadena CA.

WAVE 20: +01 Gamer Edition Bumblebee (based on the War for Cybertron (WfC) computer game mold), +02 Gamer Edition Barricade (never got a toy the first time around, but from the same game). So far, only seems to exist online. I ordered Barricade on Pulse.

WAVE 21: 86-22 Brawn (non-exploded), +05 Gamer Edition Cliffjumper (retool of +01 Bumblebee). 8/13/22: Walmart in Amarillo TX. 8/26: Target in South Carson CA. 8/27: Walmart in Burke VA. 10/3: Target in South Carson CA.

WAVE 22: #104 Nightbird (RotB), #105 Autobot Mirage (RotB). 10/26/23: Walmart in Burke VA. 12/28: Walmart in Amarillo TX.

WAVE 23: #107 Scorponok (RotB) and #108 Wheeljack (RotB). 2/24/24: Scorponok only, Target in Woodbridge VA.


    The standard more or less gimmickless Voyager size, up to $35 in 2023. The "main" movie toys tend to be small and cheap, with the Smash Changers occupying this price point.

WAVE 19: #98 Cheetor (cheetah) and #99 Battletrap (tow truck). 6/25/23: Walmart in Pace FL. 6/29: Walmart in Amarillo TX.

WAVE 20: +03 Gamer Edition Optimus Prime (WfC Cybertronian truck). 12/7/23: Dedicated case at Target in Torrance CA. 1/15/24: Shipping with Ratchet, Walmart in Pace FL.

WAVE 21: #103 Rhinox (rhino), +04 Gamer Edition Megatron (WfC tank). 8/18/23: Target in Amarillo TX (Megatron only). 8/26: Rhinox only, Target in South Carson CA. 8/27: Target and Walmart in Burke VA (Megatron only at Walmart). 8/30: Both at Target in Amarillo TX. (New endcap display, but that was the only new thing they'd gotten yet for it.) 9/10: Walmart in Amarillo TX. 10/3: Megatron only Target in South Carson CA.

WAVE 22: 86-23 Autobot Ratchet (retool of Ironhide). 10/16/23: Walmart in Pace FL. 1/9/24: Walmart in Amarillo TX. Apparently also hitting Appleton WI area along with more of the Gamer Edition Optimus.


    I'll report sightings on Leader and up, but I'm unlikely to actually buy any. I've been leery of the bigger toys for some time now, and when you add in the "Bayformer" aesthetic's challenges to engineering, I almost always feel totally ripped off by anything above the $30 class.


STUDIO SERIES LEADER 86-19 DINOBOT SNARL: Ankylosaur. Never spotted this solo release in the wild.

STUDIO SERIES LEADER #106 OPTIMUS PRIMAL: Munky. Shipping with more Snarl. 11/14/23: Target in Amarillo TX. $56.

STUDIO SERIES COMMANDER 86-21 ULTRA MAGNUS: Entirely new mold, with no "white Optimus" inner bot, and a trailer no one else can pull. Beware, at least one person ordering this on Amazon got a Siege Ultra Magnus in the Studio Series box, probably a scammer return.

MASTERPIECE MPM-14 BONECRUSHER: Large and covered in "on fire" effect pieces. $165. 11/26/23: Target in South Carson CA. 12/15: Target in Amarillo TX.

   Non-Transforming Toys   

    Membership in this category can seem kinda arbitrary, and sometimes it will be. Basically, if it's a robot or vehicle toy, or a weapon, but it doesn't "really" transform (whatever that ends up meaning to me), it goes here. Construct-Bots and Kre-O sets fall in this category. I've largely given up on the "artifacts" stuff like clothing and party favors, since it's no longer noteworthy, but if something impresses me in some way, I'll also list it in this column.


    HOLLYWOOD RIDES: Jada's die cast vehicle line has got a few Rise of the Beasts toys now. Optimus Prime (maybe just a repackage, might have slight tweaks to be true to the slight changes for the movie) and 1977 Camaro Bumblebee with offroad gear. These continue to have shallow relief images of the robot mode on the underside. $7 at Walmart. 7/4/23: Walmart in Amarillo TX.


Nothing current.


    LIGHT-UP WALKIE TALKIES: Somewhat retro hand-held radios with a claimed effective range of 500 feet. One has a picture of Prime and Bumblebee over an LED, the other has Primal and Cheetor, and each has the relevant faction symbol. I guess the audience is kids who aren't allowed to have phones yet and are willing to spend $27 on a pair of linked radios? 5/4/23: Target in Amarillo TX.

$30 and up

Nothing current.