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    If you're sending me a bunch of sightings from different locations at the same time, please divide them by the toy, not the location, since by-the-toy is how I organize this page. It just makes it easier for me to enter the info if all the sightings for a given thing are clumped. Thanks.

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Please include both the location (city) and store in sighting reports.


Transforming Toys


    These are blind-bagged Tiny Titans-sized figures that transform. Simplistic and underpainted, and not worth the $3.99 TRU wants, but more or less worth the $3 Walmart and Target ask. Most of the figures can hold 3mm pegs, but they didn't put much effort into consistency, and some hands are too big.

WAVE 1: Two versions of Bumblebee (regular and "Knight Strike" black), two Grimlocks (gold and black), plus Crosshairs, Sideswipe, Optimus Prime, Hound, Starscream (RotF tattos), Blackout, Soundwave (DotM sports car), Lockdown. 4/14/17: TRU in various places, including Amarillo TX, El Paso TX, Torrance CA. However, street date is 4/28, so whether you can buy it depends on how nice the manager is. 4/25: Buyable for $3 at Walmart in Amarillo TX. 4/27: $2.49 at Target in Amarillo TX. (Correction, that was the price for the remaining Tiny Titans on the same pegs, Target is charging $2.99 as well.) Lots of Walmarts have them for $1.94 now, though.

THREE-PACK: Non-blind three-pack of Optimus, Bumblebee, and Steelbane (the only new mold). $9.99 at Target. 8/31/17: Target in Torrance CA. 12/19: Amarillo TX, it's a Target exclusive. (August sighting of it at $4.99 seems to have been a pricing error, sadly.)


    At least to start with, this appears to just be old molds redecoed to vaguely resemble the movie characters. Or, in the case of inevitable Optimus Primes and Bumblebees, just randomly recolored.

LEGION WAVE THE LAST: Dragonstorm and Hound. Seems to be a direct to closeout store wave. 7/23/18: Ross in Amarillo TX. (Someone else in town got 'em.)


    Rebranding the One-Step Changer for the movie line.

Nothing new in 2018, a lot of them still clog pegs at Walmart as of 4/4/18 however.


    The "standard" price point, running in the vicinity of $15 these days, or $20 at TRU.

WAVE 3: Strafe (redeco of AoE), Crosshairs (appears to also be a re-release with maybe minor tweaks), new Bumblebee mold, and reputedly Cogman. The new molds appear to be shortpacked, and may never actually make it out of the stockroom in some cases. 12/4/17: Strafe and Crosshairs at Walmart in Amarillo TX. Suspect that if the new molds actually made it to the pegs, they barely had time to stop swinging before they got bought. 1/10/18: Strafe, Crosshairs, and new Bumblebee at TRU in Amarillo TX. (Cogman is not on the cosells for any of these three.) 7/20/18: Cogman found at TJMaxx in LaGrange GA.

WAL-MART EXCLUSIVE HOT ROD: I never did see this on the shelf at Walmart, I got mine on their website (a rare store exclusive that actually sold online). 5/14/18: Ross in Amarillo TX. (The smaller exclusive Hot Rods also showed up at Ross a few months prior.)

STUDIO SERIES WAVE 1: Crowbar (aka Berserker), Ratchet, Bumblebee, and Stinger. The Studio Series are supposedly "we learned how to do these characters better" versions. Despite appearances, they are either entirely new molds (Stinger, Ratchet) or extensive retools. 4/4/18: Available on HTS. 4/7: Walmart in Amarillo TX. 4/10: Walmart in Torrance CA (two branches). 4/13: Target in Amarillo TX. 4/15: Target in Culver City CA. 4/16: Target in Pensacola FL. 4/17: Walmart in Mt. Zion IL. 4/18: Target in Manhattan Beach CA. Some indication that 4/19 may actually be a street date for these. 4/20: Target in Reseda CA.

STUDIO SERIES WAVE 2: Jazz (Mission City Battle) and Lockdown (Enemy Ship Infiltration), plus reships. 8/7/18: Walmart in Amarillo TX. 8/14: Target in West Los Angeles CA. 8/23: Target in Pace FL. 9/8: Target in Amarillo TX.

STUDIO SERIES WAVE 3: Ratchet (redeco in Dark of the Moon colors), Shadow Raider (the nameless mercs working with Lockdown in Age of Extinction), and beetle-mode Bumblebee (yes, nostalgia line entry for a movie that hasn't come out yet). 9/16/18: Meijer in Noblesville IN.


    That might not be the official name of the assortment now, but these are basically the same level of crappy-transformation Titan Hero sort of figure with negligible articulation and cheap plastic meant more as a back seat brawling weapon than anything else. $15 price point.

Nothing new in 2018, a few linger on shelves as of 4/4/18.


    The successors to the Smash-And-Change toys, these are bigger Turbo Changers, slightly smaller than Voyager size and sold for $20. They have "Knight Armor" gimmicks that are basically mutant heads/battle masks.

Pretty much off shelves as of 4/4/18.


    The standard more or less gimmickless Voyager size, $30 to start but later dropping to around $25-28.

WAVE 3: Scorn (Spinosaur, new mold) and Nitro (aka Nitro Zeus, jet with a Headmaster). 8/3/17: Walmart in Torrance CA. 8/16: Walmart in Amarillo TX. 8/19: Walmart in Decatur IL. 10/13: TRU in Amarillo TX. 10/18: TRU and Target in Torrance CA.

STUDIO SERIES WAVE 1: Starscream, Thundercracker (a head swap of Nitro, apparently TRU exclusive), Optimus Prime. As with the Deluxe version, the claim is that these are also in some way "premium" and better than previous versions. Starscream seems to be the RotF mold with a swappable weapon hand. 4/4/18: Starscream and Optimus Prime available on HTS. Thundercracker has been spotted at a handful of TRUs that were lucky enough to get shipments before the closing was announced. 4/7: Starscream and Optimus at Walmart in Amarillo TX. 4/13: Target in Amarillo TX. 4/15: Target in Culver City CA. 4/16: Target in Pensacola FL. 4/19: Thundercracker at TRU in Amarillo TX. Currently 15% off. 4/20: OP and SS at Target in Reseda CA. 4/27: Thundercracker in Pensacola FL, 20% off.

STUDIO SERIES WAVE 2: Brawl (tank), Megatron (greebletank). 6/6/18: Walmart in Amarillo TX. 7/16: Target in Torrance CA. 7/31: Target in Pensacola FL. 8/14: Target in West Los Angeles CA.


    I'll report sightings on Leader and up, but I'm unlikely to actually buy any. I've been leery of the bigger toys for some time now, and when you add in the "Bayformer" aesthetic's challenges to engineering, I almost always feel totally ripped off by anything above the $30 class.

STUDIO SERIES LEADER WAVE 1: Blackout with tiny Scorponok. Appears to be a bit more detailed than previous versions. Also Grimlock, which is apparently a new mold with a LOT of rubbery plastic for the spiny bits. 4/4/18: Blackout available at HTS. 4/13: Grimlock at Target in Amarillo TX. 4/15: Both at Target in Culver City CA. 4/16: Grimlock at Target in Pensacola FL. 4/20: Target in Reseda CA. 5/7: Target in Torrance CA. 5/10: Both at Target in Amarillo TX.

MEGA TURBO CHANGER DRAGONSTORM: 7/20/18: Showing up for $20 at Ross, found one in Amarillo TX.

   NonTransforming Toys   

    Membership in this category can seem kinda arbitrary, and sometimes it will be. Basically, if it's a robot or vehicle toy, or a weapon, but it doesn't "really" transform (whatever that ends up meaning to me), it goes here. Construct-Bots and Kre-O sets fall in this category. I've largely given up on the "artifacts" stuff like clothing and party favors, since it's no longer noteworthy, but if something impresses me in some way, I'll also list it in this column.


WALL WALKERS: Blind-bagged assortment, all the same shape but with different faces and torsos printed on them. Assortment includes Bumblebee, Crosshairs, and two versions (one normal and one energy ghost outline) each of Optimus and Megatron. 5/19/18: At Dollar Tree.


Nothing new lately.


Nothing new lately.

$30 and up

Nothing new lately.