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Last Updated 5/3/98
New Supermoon pictures added.
    The Shadowraiders are small moons which act as scouts and, well, raiders for the Auroran planets. Because there's not a whole lot you can do with a half-sized moon set, these toys also have lots of external stuff, like vehicles and monsters, plus they can link together, as seen below:

Interlocking Docking Port System

Second Wave Moons
Toys from 1998 to date
    There's a slew of new moons for 1998, including a new size of toy, the Supermoon, which will sell for $10 (smaller than a Planet, but more stuff). As of 4/3/98 the Fire, Remora and Tek Supermoons have arrived in Columbus, and the rest can be seen on the Trendmasters site.

First Wave Moons
Toys from 1997
    REVIEW of all six first-wave Shadowraiders. The price point is $7 per set, and the review begins with a listing of the elements each set has in common.

    WARNING: I've now seen two different formats for the backing cards of the Shadowraiders. The one I used to scan the pictures below is the wrong one, but I put the pictures after their correct names.

    Images of the Shadowraiders - Be warned, almost every single color in these pictures is wrong, in that the final toys are painted very little like the prototypes. The Ice Moons come closest to the pictures.

    Somewhat differently colored pictures (the Beta and Zeta vesions) of these Shadowraiders are on display at the official War Planets page. You can also see a fuzzy picture of the Shadowraiders in their packaging taken from Previews Magazine by clicking here.

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