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Last Updated 5/3/98
New pictures and reviews!
Second Wave Battle Fortresses
Toys from year 1998 to date
    None of the Second Wave toys have reached my area yet, but here's a short list of the Battle Fortresses which can be seen on the Trendmasters site. Click here for a grainy picture from the December 1997 issue of Previews Magazine showing Sand (light brown), Reptizar (reddish brown) and Water (blue) Planets. The late-shipping Fire Planet is also in the picture. Water, Reptizar and Sand have shipped in some areas, including mine. I have pictures from the packaging, see below.

First Wave Battle Fortresses
Toys from 1997
    Note: these reviews were written in the following order: Tek, Rock, Ice, Beast, Bone, Remora, Fire. Several earlier reviews express opinions about products not yet purchased that are later revised. Always refer to the review of a given toy for the opinions on that toy.

    With the exception of the Beast Planet, each came with a trading card showing the planet and its "firepower values" on one side, and a piece of computer art on the other, usually related to the planet.

Overall Rankings

    To give some idea how I think the six regular planets compare against each other now that I own them all, here's my ranking of the five, with 1 being best and 5 worst.

  1. Planet Rock
  2. Planet Ice
  3. Planet Remora
  4. Planet Fire
  5. Planet Bone
  6. Planet Tek
    Ironically, the first one I got, which initially was to be my only purchase, is probably the one which now impresses me the least. Note, though, that there's very little difference among the bottom five, and on another day I might rank them differently. The only clear ranking is that Planet Rock is the best of the small planets.

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