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Last Updated 9/19/99
News, Tanks updated.
Battle Fortresses
The core of the line, the War Planets themselves. Updated 5/3/98.
Smaller moons which can link up with the War Planets. Updated 5/3/98.
Tanks and Other Toys
Various other toys in the line, including the transforming Tanks. Updated 9/19/99.
The CDROM game for the PC which ties in with the toy line. Updated 5/22/98.
The Cartoon - Some images from and comments on the show. Reviews and synopses may come later. Updated 10/22/98.
War Planets Fun Page!
Fan Art, fanfic and the advice column "Fluffy Sez"!
Not updated very recently, but there's been no new toys for me to fiddle with.
Fully fan-created new type of War Planets toy, the mercenary asteroids. Descriptions, and hints on making your own. Updated 4/27/98

    Like Transformers, the toys and cartoon don't quite have the same background to start with.

    Original (Toy) Premise: The evil Beast Planet scours the universe like Unicron or Galactus, looking for worlds to feed on. It found one (planet Aurora) too big to eat all at once, so it blasted it into bite-sized chunks. The chunks are getting their acts together and fighting back, however. Rock, Tek, Ice and Bone are the first War Planets to arise from the rubble, facing down the Beast Planet and its lackey, Planet Remora. As the dust settles, other War Planets will mobilize, as well as smaller moons and other forces on both sides.
    See the Fanfic Page for some expansion on this background, as I see it. As should be obvious by now, the cartoon went in a totally different direction, abandoning the whole Aurora idea.

    Cartoon Premise: After destroying the cyborg-inhabited Planet Tek, the forces of the Beast Planet come to a new starsystem, where four worlds live in an uneasy symbiosis. Princess Tekla, the sole survivor of Tek, comes barely ahead of the forces of the Beast, in a desperate bid to warn the new targets. It falls upon a simple Miner from planet Rock named Graveheart to create an alliance between the four worlds and fight off the Beast.

-------------- NEWS SECTION --------------
ITEM - 9/19/99 - Well, looks like we're getting a repeat of Reboot here. The final batch of toys and the second season of the cartoon will only be available in Canada. Trendmasters broke its contract with the U.S. distributor of the cartoon, so it's off the air...not even reruns of first season from this point on, unless Cartoon Network picks the show up. I'm not too sad that the Shadow Raiders action figures will only be available in Canada, though.

All other items removed, since they're hopelessly out of date anyway.

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