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Last Updated 12/23/97
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Fan Fiction

    An idea for a movie or TV series background, fleshed out a bit. Click here to see what I did with it.

Fan Art

    This is likely to just be painted figures for the forseeable future.

    Due to the need to keep costs reasonable, the Drone and Hero figures tended not to get the best paint jobs in the world, usually not much more than monochrome with an "ink wash" or spackle pattern, maybe a few dots of color. So I took it upon myself to improve on those I thought I could improve.

Ice Drone, Bone Hero, Bone DroneRemora Drone, Beast
Beast HeroRock Drone, Rock Hero
(Front), Rock Hero (Side)Fire Hero, front and back
    Bone Moon Omega Beast: AKA "Fluffy," I gave this toy a touch up without significantly altering the color scheme.

    Bone Moon Omega Vehicle: AKA the Cthulhumobile. The original black and silver color scheme was insufficiently squamous, so I fixed it up.

"Fluffy Sez"

    Fluffy is my name for the "Giant Exo Beast" shown in the picture of Bone Moon Alpha, the big maroon beast a friend described as looking like it stepped out of Warhammer 40K (a miniatures wargame). In this section I'm just going to toss in ideas that occur to me after writing reviews for stuff to do with the toys.

Fluffy Sez:

  1. If you have the old minibot Transformer toy Cosmos, his head is just the right size for the IDPS linkage setup of the Shadowraiders. The main benefit is that he's a ready-made vehicle for those Beasts (like Fluffy himself) with smaller waists, since they can connect flush with Cosmos.
  2. Fluffy's got a lot to say about the Ice Moons:
  3. War Planets 40K! The Hero and Drone figures are about 25mm scale (or 1:72 scale for you model-builders), but now there's more War Planets toys available at that scale for adding to Science Fiction wargames like Warhammer 40K. I'd make up rules for them, but I don't know WH40K myself. Anyway, the following toys in the line are roughly 25mm scale:
  4. Get some MicroMachines soldiers and put them in either the Bone Planet or the Scorpizoid Tank. It's a bug hunt, man!

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