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The Cartoon
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Last Updated 10/22/98
Jim Byrnes info added.

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Animation Magazine Pictures
    Thanks to Mario R. a.k.a. GRIMLOCK, I have these scans of some of the images from the cartoon, as they appeared in Animation Magazine. For now, that'll be it for the page, because I'd rather not review the cartoon myself (I review too many things already, I need to have some entertainment forms I simply sit back and enjoy). I may bring in a guest reviewer if someone posts good reviews to Usenet and needs a web home for them.

    L.H. Wells, who runs a Jim Byrnes fan page, provided me with some information on Byrnes as relates to his voice work as both the Vizier of Planet Fire and as the Predacon Inferno. Click here for her letter to me. Watch her page for the opening of a separate section for War Planets.

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