Last Updated: 5/22/09
Voyager Wave 3 added.
Why just reuse the NAMES?

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    In 2008, the "Universe" brand got reframed, away from the old recolors line and into a more generic "anything that's not tied to a movie or TV show" brand. Part of the new Universe branding is the Classics assortment, dubbed "Classics 2.0" by fans. The emphasis is on more realistic altmodes than seen in some of Classics 1.0 (i.e. we won't be seeing any huge Nerf-like guns or futuristic jets), although there's some "leakage" to be expected. After the first year, they added the "25th Anniversary" tags and expanded into other "series", retiring the catchall "Classic Series" in favor of things like "G1 Series" or "Beast Wars Series".

    Toys that get a rating of Strongly Recommended or better will be in boldface, while those getting Neutral or worse will be in italics.

    The smallest set, but no longer $4 or less, as prices go up across the board.

  • Wave 1: Starscream (Thundercracker), Red Alert (Hot Shot), Onslaught (CD Red Alert). All recolors of Cybertron molds, I will not be buying any of these.
  • Wave 2: Autobot Hound (jeep), Autobot Jazz (sports car), Megatron (G2 tank).
  • Wave 3: "Animated Series" Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Prowl.
  • Wave 3.5: "Animated Series" Starscream.
  • Wave 4: "G1 Series" Bumblebee, Beachcomber and Brawn. Along with TF:A Starscream, the first with the 25th Anniversary logo.
  • Wave 5: All G1 Series. Autobot Cosmos, Rodimus, Autobot Wheelie and Warpath.

    Again, the core of the line, just as with Classics 1.0.

  • Wave 1: Sunstreaker (sports car), Prowl (police car), Tankor (tanker plane/truck triple changer, Octane update). Sunstreaker is built to allow a slight remold and assembly-swap to get Sideswipe.
  • Wave 2: Galvatron (tank) and Acid Storm (jet, recolor of Classics Skywarp), plus reships of wave 1. Review complete as of 9/9/08.
  • Wave 3: Galvatron and Acid Storm reshipping, plus Silverstreak (remold of Prowl), Sideswipe (remold of Sunstreaker) and Ironhide (new mold, SUV).
  • Wave 4: The first with 25th Anniversary tagging. "Generation 1 Series" Starscream (redeco), Cyclonus and Autobot Hound with Ravage, plus "Beast Wars Series" Cheetor.
  • Wave 5: G1 Series Smokescreen (Silverstreak redeco, no new molding), Beast Wars Series Dinobot (new mold).
  • Wave 6:: G1 Series Autobot Ratchet (Ironhide remold), Armada Series Hot Shot with Jolt (new mold).

    This size class starts off with some redecos, but is slated for new molds later on.

  • Wave 1: Autobot Blaster (Cybertron Soundwave), Heavy Load (Cybertron Quickmix). Got Blaster for Wonkimus and reviewed it, I'm unlikely to review Heavy Load.
  • Wave 2: Decepticon Dropshot (Cybertron Defense Scattorshot in green and tan), Autobot Blades (Cybertron Evac in red and white). No plans to get these for myself or someone else. GUEST REVIEW of Dropshot, along with Henkei Thundercracker. I later got a clearanced Dropshot, and generally agree with the guest review. The Cyber Key has no paint, unlike in the official photos. The box art has some expression to the face, at least.
  • Wave 3: Tread Bolt (redeco of Classics Jetfire in blue and brown), shipping on its own or mixed with wave 2. I passed on this initially, but finally grabbed it on clearance.
  • Wave 4: "Generation 2 Series" Inferno and a redeco of Vector Prime in more metallic colors. Inferno is a new mold, so I got it.
  • Wave 5: Leo Prime (Leobreaker in new colors and with an Optimus Prime head) and Overload (another CD Scattorshot redeco, not reviewed).
  • Beyond: Redeco of Cybertron Scourge as Predacon Bruticus, of CD Scattorshot as Overload, and a new-head redeco of Leobreaker as Leo Prime (Lioconvoy, sort of). Some people have gotten Bruticus from HasbroToyShop already, but he's not on the co-sells for Inferno, so I'm guessing he's a wave 5 gun-jumping.

    Yep, this size class is back, at (initially) a $25 price point.

  • Wave 1: Powerglide (A-10 Thunderbolt), Onslaught (SWAT armored vehicle).
  • Wave 2: Silverbolt (XB-70 crossed with F-23 and B-2).
  • Wave 3: Silverbolt again, with Stormcloud, a redeco (and slight remold) of Powerglide to homage the Micromaster of that name. Apparently the shoulder pegs have been fixed and hold together better now, but I won't be dropping $27 on another copy of the mold. GUEST REVIEW by Dio Soth.
  • Wave 4: TRU Exclusive set. Darkwind (Silverbolt redeco very closely matching G1 Darkwing) and Countdown (Cybertron Defense Red Alert repainted to resemble the Micromaster base). I've gotten copies for Wonkimus Major, but I don't feel like writing reviews. Darkwind's missile is light blue rather than the red seen in official pictures. Countdown is described as having traveled the stars ahead of other Cybertronians, becoming a hero on countless worlds...kinda Silver Age Superman.