Dave's Transformers Page: Side Lines
Last Updated: 11/22/23
Collaborative updated with Volvo VNR Optimus Prime and Frankentron.

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    This page is a collection of odds and ends, things that qualify as Transformers toys but for whatever reason I don't think merit their own top-level header. Stuff like Star Wars TFs, Titaniums, etc. I've also added some of my older stuff, but don't plan to update it (except for G2...if you can find any of my old G2 stuff not listed here, send it in!).

Collaborative     A series of Transformers, usually (but not always) some sort of retool, with a non-Transformers license tie-in. Spun off from Artifacts. Updated: 11/22/23 with the page spun off and Volvo VNR Optimus Prime and Frankentron added.
BotBots     Mini-Cons meet Shopkins meet Terrigen Mist! Little collectible figures with simple transformations and a unifying gimmick of an energon cloud bringing all sorts of stuff in a mall to life. Updated: 12/24/22 with Series 6.
Power Core
    A side line that focused on combination and multi-form Mini-Cons to evoke the old *Masters from G1, plus combiner teams. It never really made it into the fiction. Updated: 5/16/14 Page moved to Side Lines.
Bot Shots     2012's attempt by Hasbro to extend Transformers into a collectible game, this time in the space created by Bakugan. These actually transform (more or less), hence not being put in Artifacts with the Attacktix. Updated: 5/2/13 Series 2 wave 2 singles added.
KRE-O     Another attempt by Hasbro to muscle in on the building brick market, this time giving up on the idea of a transformation gimmick and just having the two modes built with most of the same pieces. Updated: 7/22/14 MicroChange Combiner wave 4
MARVEL     Marvel tried to make their own transforming toys for years (ShapeShifters, MegaMorphs) but finally joined the new Crossovers imprint of Transformers in 2008. This page also has links to my few ShapeShifters reviews (I didn't bother reviewing the really horrible MegaMorphs). Updated: 7/1/12 Flip and Attack Spider-Man Battle Hauler added.
STAR WARS     The second major extension of the Transformers brand to cover another property, this has piloted Star Wars vehicles that turn into robots resembling the pilots. The backstory indicates that some of the pilots actually use the Force to turn into the vehicles. Hmm. Later folded into the Crossovers line. Updated: 8/29/11 Basic class Obi-Wan and Grievous added.
Titanium     A mix of non-transforming 3" scale statuettes and 6" scale transforming toys, all with chunks of die-cast metal in them. Updated: 10/26/08 6" War Within Grimlock added.

    I dug up my old Animorphs, Machine Wars and War Planets directories and stuck them up here. They are VERY decayed, being essentially exactly as they were when I saved archive copies of all my webpages in 2000. There will be dead external links, ugly scans and so forth, but everything internal should work.

    I do not currently plan to update most of these pages ever again (aside from going in to fix the linkbacks and mailtos), but once in a while I get requests for the info.

GENERATION 2     I didn't even have a webpage when Generation 2 came out, and on top of that, the account I used during that time ceased to exist in 1997. I didn't think to transfer over the old reviews, so with the exception of some tail end stuff (clearance toys and the like) and what I could dig up from Google Groups, they're lost. If you have any not found here, let me know!
ANIMORPHS     The first line to officially be Transformers on the package without, you know, being Transformers. Generally disappointing and few people miss 'em. Based on a very successful line of Young Adult novels.
    After the success of Beast Wars, there were plans to relaunch vehicle Transformers announced at BotCon. However, there was a corporate shuffle and the new bosses didn't have any faith in the idea. So Machine Wars got turned into a Kay Bee exclusive line of leftover G2 molds and some neutered European molds. Except for Optimus Prime, they've all been reused in either RiD or Universe.
    Not actually a Transformers line, but these transforming planet playsets were a load of fun while they lasted (in fact, it was the collapse of the company that ended the line, not lack of sales on War Planets in specific).

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