Revenge of the Fallen
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Legends Prowl and Trailcutter added.

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    I initially figured I'd just continue things on the "Movie" page, but when the enormity of just what I would buy hit, I realized I should probably make a new page for the 2009 "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" movie. You'll also find some RotF stuff over in Artifacts and Kiddie Lines.

    Note that, officially speaking, the "Hunt for the Decepticons" toys and later are not strictly part of the Revenge of the Fallen line. The phrase does not appear on their packages, and the line has been referred to as just "Transformers 2010." Many of these later toys don't share the "Bayformer" aesthetic, instead looking like they might have originally been planned for Universe/Generations (especially Voyager molds, given that Generations was initially a Deluxe-only line). It got particularly bad with Reveal the Shield, which still held the "movie toys" line in inventory databases, but you'd see things like the Battle in Space set with clearly Generations-style toys and a comic that featured several toys released in the Generations line. From Revenge of the Fallen to NEST Global Alliance to Hunt for the Decepticons to Reveal the Shield, the "genetics" got more and more diluted, but I'm keeping it all here rather than start a page just for the stuff that's no longer really movie-related. Once Dark of the Moon toys start coming out, the lines will likely go back to being clearly drawn.


    Bolded names got Strongly Recommended, while italic indicates a rating of neutral or worse.

  • Wave 1: Megatron (fusion tank), Starscream (redeco), Optimus Prime (new mold), Jetfire (SR-71, sold as Decepticon), Sideswipe (sportscar), Ratchet (redeco), Bumblebee (2010 Camaro), Springer (V-22 Osprey). Jetfire's the best of the bunch.
  • Wave 2: The Fallen (spaceship), Enforcer Ironhide (redeco), Grindor (Blackout redeco), Mudflap (Chevy Trax concept). Reshipping with some of wave 1.
  • Wave 3: Autobot Skids (Chevy Beat concept), Sideways (sportscar loosely based on Audi R8), Tankor (2007's Brawl redecoed in homage to the Tank Drones of Beast Machines).
  • Target Exclusive Two-Packs: Bumblebee and Shadow Striker (the only set I reviewed, redecos of Bumblebee and G1 Wheelie), Rally Mudflap and Offroad Skids (redecos), Smokescreen and Starscream (G1 Rodimus in G1 Smokescreen colors, all black Starscream with blue tattoos).
  • Legends Devastator: A Walmart exclusive import of the EZ Collection Devastator sold as a gift set. The only difference is the copyright stamps and a couple of VERY minor deco changes that may have simply been factory goofs on mine.
  • Wave 4: Autobot Wheelie (RC truck), Soundwave (satellite), Power Armor Optimus Prime (redeco, not reviewed), Bluesteel Sideswipe (redeco).
  • Wave 5: Stealth Bumblebee (black redeco), Arcee (motorcycle), Jolt (Chevy Volt).
  • HftD Wave 1: Hunt for the Decepticons is on, with Ravage, Rampage, Cyberfire Bumblebee (redeco) and Fireburst Optimus Prime (redeco).
  • HtfD Wave 2: Long Haul (dump truck, new mold), Sandstorm (Beachcomber redeco), Override (Sideways redeco, not reviewed), Tracker Hound (Autobot Hound redeco, not reviewed).
  • HtfD Wave 3: Duststorm (Springer redeco), Tuner Skids (Autobot Skids redeco, not reviewed). Probably fleshed out with reships.
  • Reveal the Shield Wave 1: Optimus Prime (G1), Megatron (gun, G1), Starscream (G1), Gold Bumblebee (Goldbug homage, redeco of Classics). If Generations weren't limited to Deluxe, this would SO be a Generations set.
  • RtS Wave 2: Trailcutter (G1 Trailbreaker), Prowl (G1). Not released at major retailers in America, but available in Canada and at places like TJMaxx and Marshalls.

  • RPM Wave 1: Okay, these aren't Legends, but they're about the same size and (unfortunately) about the same price. A bunch of Hot Wheels style vehicles with an accompanying $40 track set I won't be buying. This review covers one of the single-pack toys (Megatron) and one of the double packs (Mudflap vs. Skids). Not reviewed: single-pack Ratchet, Optimus Prime and Bumblebee; double-pack Optimus Prime vs. Bonecrusher, Brawl vs. Jazz, Bumblebee vs. Barricade. The Prime and Bumblebee are the same in both versions, and the Devastator track set has the two-pack Skids.
  • RPM bio notes and techspecs: Due to clearance sales and the single-packs finding their way to Dollar Tree, I have most of the line now. Here's the accumulated techspecs and a few comments here and there.
    • There's "2 for 1" bonus packs of two random cars from out of a set of eight possible, at $4, which is a better deal. I picked up Ratchet and Long Haul in one of these sets, and while I won't be reviewing them, they're not bad. Long Haul's bed tips back.

  • Pan-Handler: A single-pack Mini-Con sold at smaller chains, along with single-pack redecos of the Recon Team molds. Mostly worthwhile for the name.

  • Wave 1: Ransack (biplane), Depth Charge (boat), Dead End (sportscar), Dirt Boss (forklift), Rollbar (delivery truck), Knock Out (motorcycle).
  • Wave 2: Scalpel (microscope), Reverb (Knock Out redeco), Dune Runner (Desert Patrol Vehicle).
  • Wave 3: Ejector (toaster), Nightbeat (Dead End redeco).
  • Wave 4: Brakedown (sports car), Wideload (Rollbar redeco), Sonar (Depth Charge redeco).
  • Wave 5: Divebomb (Ransack redeco), Skystalker (F-303-ish jet), Scattorshot (antiaircraft truck).
  • Road Rival Showdown: Walmart exclusive redeco set of Beachcomber (Dune Runner) and Deadlift (Dirt Boss in an homage to GoBot Spoons). Great ideas, horrible quality control.
  • Hunt for the Decepticons Wave 1: Brimstone (chopped motorcycle), Hubcap (1930s hot rod), Crankstart (Dune Runner redeco, not reviewed), Backfire (Knock Out redeco, not reviewed). The two new molds both have minor problems, but are both worth getting.
  • HftD Wave 2: Insecticon (insect), Breacher (APC), Oil Pan (Brakedown redeco, not reviewed).
  • HftD Wave 3: Sunspot (Skystalker redeco), Firetrap (Scattorshot redeco).
  • Reveal the Shield Wave 1: Windcharger (muscle car), Chopsaw (maroon and yellow redeco of Brimstone, not reviewed).

  • Stealth Force Motorcycles Wave 1: High Wire (red street motorcycle a lot like movie Arcee), Knock Out (CanAm Cruiser, no relation to the other Knock Out toys).

  • Preview Wave: Bumblebee (2010 Camaro, retool) and Soundwave (orbital debris, er, a couple of unconvincing space based altmodes) were sold in some places as a preview set, packaged in robot mode.
  • Wave 1: Bumblebee (preview wave reship), Sideswipe (StingRay concept), Sideways (sorta-Audi R8), Rampage (bulldozer), Breakaway (sorta-F-35). Breakaway's probably the best to give a kid, while Rampage was a really cool idea that simply couldn't be done at a Deluxe budget.
  • Wave 2: Autobot Wheelie (RC truck), Chromia (motorcycle), Autobot Skids (Chevy Beat), Desert Brawl (redeco, plus slight retool to fix his arm connection problem), Smokescreen (Jazz redeco, mostly dark slate gray with some dark red and silver, NOT a G1 homage scheme). Chromia is part of a combiner, something the packaging and instructions utterly fail to mention.
  • Wave 3: Mudflap (Chevy Trax), Ravage (robokitty/spaceship), Cannon Bumblebee (extensive retool), Interrogation Barricade (has those eyestalk things to add onto his vehicle mode instead of Frenzy, not reviewed).
  • Wave 4: Swerve (Sideswipe retool), Arcee (motorcycle, new mold, very crappy), Stalker Scorponok (2007 mold redeco, an okay recolor but not enough to rebuy the mold if you already have it).
  • Wave 5: Blazemaster (news helicopter), Dead End (new-head retool of Sideways), Jolt (electric car), Skids/Mudflap (combine into ice cream truck).
  • Wave 6: Thrust (Breakaway with new head), Autobot Gears (redeco of 2007's Stockade). Thrust is an improvement on the original, Gears is...well, he's Gears. :)
  • NEST Wave 1: Alliance Bumblebee (redeco of Preview Wave Bumblebee), Tuner Mudflap (new paint, same crap mold), Armorhide (redeco of 2008's Landmine), Dirge (new mold). Status: Only Armorhide and Dirge reviewed, no plans to get the other two.
  • NEST Alliance Pack: Battlefield Bumblebee (Cannon Bumblebee with Premium Bumblebee's head and some other minor redeco) versus Infiltration Soundwave (blue and red "atmospheric re-entry" redeco) plus a nice sew-on patch and a mailaway for a redeco Ravage.
    • Recon Ravage: The mailaway chromed-up Ravage. For something with so much chrome, it's not half bad.
  • NEST Wave 2: Brawn (armored pickup truck), Autobot Ratchet (Hummer H2), Lockdown (TF:A homage), Strike Mission Sideswipe (moderate redeco). All good, but with flaws that keep them from being more than "recommended".
  • Hunt For The Decepticons Wave 1: Ironhide (pickup truck), Sea Attack Ravage (redeco, not reviewed), Jetblade (Dirge redeco, not reviewed), Battle Blade Bumblebee (new mold).
  • HftD Wave 2: Sidearm Sideswipe (new mold), Hailstorm (missile carrier), Elita-1 (Chromia redeco, not reviewed), Tuner Skids (uglier redeco, not reviewed no way no how).
  • HftD Wave 3: Terradive (fighter jet), Tomahawk (assault helicopter), Electrostatic Jolt (redeco, not reviewed).
  • HftD Wave 4: Axor (Lockdown with new head and weapon), Rescue Ratchet (the inevitable red and white redeco).
  • Reveal the Shield Wave 1: Turbo Tracks (sportscar), Special Ops Jazz (sportscar), Fallback (Brawn redeco, Outback homage), Mindset (Hailstorm re-head).
  • RtS Wave 2: Optimus Prime (G2 Laser Prime homage), Wreck-Gar (dirt bike), Perceptor (halftrack truck) and Bumblebee (Classics BB in movie BB colors).

  • Fast Action Battlers Wave 1: Jolt (Chrysler Volt), Optimus Prime (new mold), Bumblebee (redeco), Megatron (fusion tank). Review now has Megatron and Jolt. The Optimus Prime mold is reviewed as its redeco in wave 5 below.
  • Fast Action Battlers Wave 2: Ratchet (redeco), Long Haul (dump truck), Sideways (sportscar), Jetfire (SR-71). Only Long Haul currently reviewed.
  • Fast Action Battlers Wave 3: Sideswipe, Ironhide (Enforcer redeco), Starscream (tattooed redeco), Mudflap. Only Mudflap reviewed.
  • Fast Action Battlers Wave 4: Autobot Skids, Desert Blast Bumblebee (redeco), Grindor (redeco of 2007 Blackout), Mudflap reship. Only Skids reviewed, although the other molds have been reviewed before in some way or other.
  • Fast Action Battlers Wave 5: Cyber Pursuit Arcee (pretty good), Power Armor Optimus Prime (too gimmicky) and Night Blades Sideswipe (didn't get).
  • Fast Action Battlers Wave 6: All redecos. Offroad Skids, Rally Mudflap, Spark Blast Jolt. Not getting any of these.

  • Activators Wave 1: FAB is replaced by an upscaled Deluxe class version of the Activators idea. Implementation is...not so good. Megatron is the only one I reviewed, Optimus Prime and Bumblebee are also in this wave.
  • Activators Wave 2: Ironhide and Starscream. Passed on these.
  • Activators Wave 3: Rally Rumble redecos of Bumblebee and Optimus Prime. I got Prime for free as part of the Supercharge Your Holidays promotion, so I reviewed it. Not gonna get Rally Rumble Bumblebee.

  • Robot Replicas Wave 1: Ratchet, Optimus Prime, Ironhide, Starscream. Not only is Optimus an all-new mold, they've abandoned the pseudo-Revoltech scheme and redesigned them from scratch.
  • Robot Replicas Wave 2: Megatron (new mold), Autobot Skids, Jetfire, Bumblebee (new mold).
  • Robot Replicas Wave 3: Sideswipe, Fallen (and reships from wave 2). Reviewed along with wave 2.

  • Gravity Bots Wave 1: Simplistic toys like Cyber Slammers. Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Mudflap, Sideswipe, Starscream. Some stores have gotten all but Starscream, others have gotten Starscream, Optimus and BB but not the others. I ended up getting Sideswipe when they were on sale and I had a coupon on top of that. There have been other waves, but I won't be getting them.

  • Stealth Force Silverstreak: And general line comments. Stealth Force is part of the Speed Stars line that replaced RPM, and they're vehicles that deploy weapons rather than turning into robots. Yeah, like M.A.S.K., but without drivers. Silverstreak looks like it was initially meant to be Sideways.

   Not an official size class, but anything sold for $15 or closer to that than to $10 or $20 will go here.

    Due to the inconsistencies in shipping and the official wave assortments being kinda weird and overlapping, the first bunch I've simply seprated into two groups based on whether I saw them in stores on Street Date or not until later.

  • Voyager Group 1: Ironhide (retooled), Optimus Prime (redeco), Starscream (new mold), Demolishor (power shovel), the Fallen (spaceship), Desert Tracker Ratchet (redeco). Prime and Ratchet not purchased or reviewed, although I have some comments on Ratchet.
  • Voyager Group 2: Stratosphere (C-17-alike with miniature Optimus Prime), Mixmaster (cement truck), Megatron (Fusion tank fuzored with space jet), plus reships of group 1 stuff.
  • Voyager Wave 3: Long Haul (dumptruck), Grindor (Blackout redeco, not reviewed). Status: Only Long Haul reviewed, no plans for Grindor.
  • Target Exclusive The Fallen Re-deco: Guest review, as it never got cheap enough locally for me to be tempted.
  • Voyager NEST Wave 1: Recon Ironhide (remolded cab and doors, lots of new weapons and add-ons, weird camo paintjob), Bludgeon (tank to undead robo-samurai).
  • Voyager NEST Wave 2: Mindwipe (F-117-ish jet), Defender Optimus Prime (redeco in Nightwatch-style colors).
  • Voyager Hunt for the Decepticons Wave 1: Seaspray (hovercraft transport), Payload (Long Haul redeco, guest review by Wonkimus Major), Night Ops Ratchet (redeco, won't be reviewed).
  • Voyager HftD Wave 2: Decepticon Banzaitron (Bludgeon redeco), Battle Blades Optimus Prime (at last, a new mold for him at this size).
  • Voyager HtfD Wave 3: Highbrow (not quite a P-38 fighter/bomber) and The Fallen (retool with new head and removable face, new hands, new staff weapon...same old crappy feet).
  • Battle In Space Set: Redecos of Classics Rodimus and Universe Cyclonus in more G1-movie-accurate colors, with rubsigns (for Reveal the Shield), a comic and a die-cast metal Autobot Matrix (G1-style, with holes for adding a necklace chain). Sold at the $20 price point.
  • Voyager Reveal the Shield "Wave 1": Lugnut (TF:A character homage), Solar Storm Grappel (Universe Inferno retool), Strafe (Mindwipe redeco) and Deep Dive (Seaspray redeco). This is probably two waves mashed together, but since none of them have much brick and mortar penetration, it's kinda moot. Status: Lugnut reviewed, keeping an eye out for Grappel, not buying the other two.

  • Walmart Exclusive Jets: The original Starscream mold redeco'ed as Skywarp, and the Thundercracker head retool redeco'ed as Ramjet. Guest review of Skywarp, I don't plan to get either myself, although I've seen them. Even passed on them at $11.

  • Fury of Fearswoop set: 2007's Dreadwing recolored as G2 Hooligan, plus battle damaged versions of Legends Sideswipe and Mudflap.

  • Power Bots Wave 1: Non-transforming successors to the Cyber-Stompin' figures. Bumblebee and Megatron. Don't plan to get either.
  • Mega Power Bots Wave 1: Powered up Optimus Prime with Jetfire bits, it has more gimmicks and stuff, $35 price point. REALLY don't plan to get this one.
  • Mega Power Bots Wave 2: Devastator with a spinny bit in the chest. I've seen it and decided it's not worth $20, much less the $35 they want. It looks like those weak 1970s flattened/deformed robot toys you sometimes see going for insane amounts of money on eBay.

  • Arm Blasters: Sound and light, sorta costume-like. $30-35. No plans to buy.
    • Bumblebee Plasma Cannon - Too small to fit over an adult hand.
  • Voice-Changer Helmets: Will fit adults, if uncomfortably. No plans to buy.
    • Optimus Prime Voice-Changer Helmet - Redeco of the one from 2007.
    • Bumblebee Voice-Changer Helmet - New one, has song and radio noise snippets.
    • Optimus Prime's Sword - I got one half off on clearance, but the electronics were broken. It looks nice enough, though.

  • Target Exclusive Superion - Redeco of Energon's Superion Maximus, but it suffers from shoddy production. Not as bad as some Target exclusives of late, but bad enough I can't really recommend it.
  • Target Exclusive Bruticus Maximus - Redeco of Energon's set of the same name, using the G1 Combaticon names...Blast Off is a tank, but still listed as an astronaut. That's so messed up I just had to get the set. I may have just been lucky, but the quality issues that plagued Superion were all but absent here.

  • Human Alliance Bumblebee - This has the same class glyph as the combiner class, and the same price point. 1:27 scale vehicle with a slightly smaller than scale Sam Witwicky figure that can sit inside the vehicle mode.
  • Human Alliance Sideswipe - Comes with Sgt. Epps, seems to also be 1:27 scale. A total shellmaster.
  • Human Alliance Skids - Comes with Mikaela and a Scout-sized Arcee motorcycle (Chromia mold in pink) that transforms. Best versions of Skids and Arcee so far, but that's really not saying much, sadly.
  • Human Alliance Barricade - Comes with a weirdly proportioned Frenzy. A lot better than I'd expected, but not without flaws.
  • Human Alliance Mudflap - A phantom of sorts, I have yet to see it anywhere in stores in America (and probably never will), and it's pretty much only available online at resellers with significant markup. Accompanied by Agent Simmons and Chromia (Arcee mold in blue).
  • Human Alliance Jazz - With Captain Lennox and a motorcycle that transforms into Jazz's "crescent blaster". Best Human Alliance figure so far, but a wide margin.

  • Wave 1: Guess. No, g'wan. Did you guess Optimus Prime and Megatron? Well, you're right. All-new molds. $45. Few toys have inspired such rage in me as this new Prime, whoever greenlit as something to sell to kids needs to be fired. Megatron's okay, though.
  • Wave 2: Jetfire, who combines with Prime. I'm giving up on this size class, and will not be buying it. Guest review by DioSoth.
  • NEST Wave 1: Shadow Command Megatron: Darker redeco. I do not plan to get this.
  • HftD Wave 1: Optimus Prime (remold with hook-swords), Starscream. Starscream is well-liked by those who have him, but I'm kinda disinterested in the size class in general, so don't expect a review from me. But here's a Guest Review from DioSoth. He liked it.

  • BUMBLEBEE: They've retooled the front end and added new sound effects, but the price has jumped to $100. Not even on clearance would I get this.
  • DEVASTATOR: A $100 set of vehicles that combine into Devastator. But they don't individually transform, making them Zord-style. I'll be passing unless I can find them on insane clearance. And even then I might not bother. Guest review by Dio Soth. Updated 2/28/10.
  • BATTLE OPS BUMBLEBEE: Not Ultimate Bumblebee, this is a new mold slightly larger than Leader Class, with more electronics. I don't plan to get this.