Transformers Prime
Well, that's know. Last Updated: 5/6/21
Anniversary War Breakdown and (Jet) Vehicon set added.

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    Sort of kind of like the movieverse, more or less tied to the "Aligned" continuity of novels like Transformers Exodus of the various War for Cybertron games, and done in full CGI that looks like CGI. The toy line didn't hit stores until after the first season had finished, but they did get a few convention exclusives out ahead of that.

    Bolded names got Strongly Recommended, while italic indicates a rating of neutral or worse.

   Comic Cons got to be the first place you could buy TF:Prime toys, although Hasbro ended up making rather too many and selling them online later.
   Cyberverse this time around is series 2, and replaces the C-clip weapons with clear rubbery plastic weapons that can be swapped and stacked kind of like Energon weapons.
  • Wave 1: Bumblebee, Vehicon (car), Arcee, Autobot Ratchet, Cliffjumper.
  • Wave 2: Breakdown, Evac, Soundwave, Mirage. Note, Breakdown is the only Prime figure in the wave: Evac is from Transformers: the Ride, Soundwave and Mirage are tail-end DotM toys in Prime packaging. Soundwave is a slight retool and in overly dark G1-inspired colors, Mirage is a minor retool of RotF Sideways. Review updated after I found Mirage on clearance and decided to pick it up.
  • Wave 3: All redeco wave, and I only bought Flamewar, but I took enough pictures in-store to comment some on the other two. Hyperspeed Wheeljack ("Marlboor"-Diaclone inspired redeco), Quickstrike Bumblebee (yet another black with yellow redeco, yawn), Decepticon Flamewar (Arcee redeco, and Arcee stalker).
  • Wave 4: Another all-redeco wave, I left orange Knock Out on the shelf. Fallback (tan Breakdown redeco), Tailgate (white Cliffjumper redeco), Knock Out (orange color scheme).
  • Beast Hunters Wave 1: Two definitely made for Beast Hunters, two feel like they were leftover designs. Smokescreen (sports car), Twinstrike (two-headed Sinnertwin homage dragon), Airachnid (stealth helicopter), Bumblebee (armored up BH version).
  • Beast Hunters Wave 2: Soundwave (drone), Prowl (Smokescreen redeco), Hun-Gurrr (two-headed G1 Hun-Gurrr homage dragon) and reships of Smokescreen and Bumblebee.
  • Beast Hunters Wave 3: Blight (dragon), Windrazor (dragon) and Air Vehicon (scalper bait, er, flying car).
  • Beast Hunters Wave 3.5: Adds in Rippersnapper (dragon). Appended the review to the Wave 3 file.
  • Predacons Rising Set 1: Cindersaur (redeco of Rippersnapper in G1 Cindersaur colors), Smokescreen (G1 deco).
  • Predacons Rising Set 2: Night Shadow Bumblebee (guess), Blight (in a possible Sparkstalker-homage deco). Worth picking up on clearance.
  • Abominus: Combined form of Hun-Grrr, Twinstrike, Blight, Windrazor and either Rippersnapper or Cindersaur. Reviewed initially using Predacons Rising Cindersaur in place of the not-yet-released-at-the-time Rippersnapper. Updated 9/20/13 with the Predacons Rising Abominus gift set.

   Bigger, with larger clear plastic weapons, and also with connections to let their torsos light up when connected to LED pipes from the vehicle sets.
  • Wave 1: Optimus Prime, Megatron, Starscream, Bulkhead. All good, none great. The clear plastic gimmick is a problem for all but Starscream, IMO.
  • Wave 2: Ironhide (TF:P aesthetic), Dreadwing. Ironhide doesn't quite work as a Commander, really needed to be at least the size of an old Scout class.
  • Wave 3: Nightwatch Optimus Prime (redeco, new swords), Ultra Magnus (truck).
  • Wave 4: Battle Tactics Bulkhead (redeco, new hand cannon), Skyquake (Dreadwing redeco, new weapon).
  • Beast Hunters Wave 1: Optimus Prime (truck), Predaking (dragon), Bulkhead (extensive retool). The clear plastic gimmick was dropped in favor of shooting missiles that don't shoot very well.
  • BH Wave 2: Hardshell (Insecticon), Trailcutter (Ironhide retool).
  • BH Wave 3: Starscream (extensive retool), Shockwave (tank).
  • BH Wave 4: Huffer (redeco of Trailcutter), Jungle Blade Optimus Prime (green redeco with new weapon).

   The default size, as usual. After the limited release First Edition, they changed the packaging to "Robots in Disguise" (often called "PRID"). Beast Hunters showed up the next year.
  • First Edition Wave: Only available at Toys R Us and some other smaller retailers, big box stores are waiting for the next wave. Bumblebee, Arcee (both the same molds as the NYCC set) and Starscream. I later got First Edition Cliffjumper, but it broke the first time I tried transforming it (bad design and probably aging plastic), recommend avoiding it.
  • PRID Wave 1: Bumblebee, Cliffjumper, Wheeljack, Soundwave.
  • PRID Wave 1.5: Swaps in Arcee and Autobot Ratchet for some of the doubles in wave 1.
  • PRID Wave 2: More reships (including a Bumblebee, sigh), plus Hot Shot (Bumblebee retool), Knock Out, Vehicon.
  • PRID Wave 3: More Hot Shot, plus Dead End (head-swap on Wheeljack), Stealth Strike Bumblebee (silver-gray redeco) and Airachnid (helicopter, no spider mode).
  • PRID Wave 4: Sergeant Kup (redeco of not-yet-released Ironhide) and Decepticon Rumble, plus a bunch of repackaged stuff from the first three waves.
  • Beast Hunters Wave 1: Bumblebee, Soundwave, Lazerback (dragon), Wheeljack. Except for Lazerback, they're all extensive retools with spiky bitz, color-swirled plastics and new weapons.
  • BH Wave 2: Starscream (jet), Ripclaw (dragon), Bulkhead (armored truck), Smokescreen (sportscar). All are entirely new molds, although all of Smokescreen's Hunter gear is removable, suggesting a leftover mold design from the PRID stuff.
  • BH Wave 3: Ratchet (TMII Dinobot inspired retool), Dreadwing (beasty bits on jet), Skystalker (dragon).
  • BH Wave 4: Vertebreak (tigerstriped redeco of Lazerback with no retooling), Knock Out (crocodilian retool), Arcee (batwinged retool).
  • BH Wave 5: Prowl (retool of Smokescreen), Night Shadow Bumblebee (redeco of BH Bumblebee, not purchased).

  • Entertainment Pack: A two-pack of First Edition Optimus Prime and Megatron, with PVC figures of all three human kids. Exclusive to Toys R Us and some smaller stores, as with other Deluxes.
  • First Edition Optimus Prime, Bulkhead: Another TRU-et-al exclusive.
  • PRID Wave 1: Optimus Prime and Megatron with light-up weapons.
  • PRID Wave 2: Bulkhead (different mold from FE) and Starscream.
  • PRID "Wave 3": This is a weird one. They took the four above, and then shipped out three different assortments replacing either Bulkhead or Starscream with one new toy. This ensured that everything in this wave was shortpacked.
    • Dreadwing: Fighter jet with a rubber head. A Skyquake redeco may or may not get released in America, but I won't be getting it.
    • Ultra Magnus: Never appeared in the show, but got two toys. Go figure.
    • Thundertron: A Star Seeker, robot pirate lion from the novel Exiles. So why isn't he in the Generations line? Beats me.
  • Beast Hunters Wave 1:
    • Predaking: Leader of the new Predacons faction, he turns into a dragon with optional extra heads a la Cybertron Scourge.
    • Optimus Prime: Unlike a lot of the Autobots, this is not a spiking-up of his previous Voyager mold, it's an entirely new mold with a different kind of truck mode.
  • Beast Hunters Later Waves: (they kinda blurred)
    • Shockwave: Shipped with more of Optimus Prime and Predaking in wave 2 of Beast Hunters, but has that "delayed design" feel in that all the beast-huntery spiky bits are removable.
    • Grimwing: An Ursagryph, decent except for some torso problems.
    • Ultra Magnus: Retool of PRiD Voyager Optimus Prime with a flight pack that feels like it was designed for an early attempt to just retool Prime himself.
    • Megatron: Extensive retool with a Seacon look to it.
    • Series 3 Predaking: Part of a last gasp before the Age of Extinction toys hit, a Commander-inspired design at Weaponizer size but without stupid gimmicks or engineering that exceeds Hasbro QC. Looks a bit knockoffy, but if you want a Predaking toy from Beast Hunters, this is the one to get.
  • Cyberverse Playsets:
    • Wave 1: Star Hammer (Autobot Spaceship) with Wheeljack, Energon Driller with Knock Out. The vehicles unfold into battle mode, with LED-lit cables that can attach to Cyberverse weapons or to pegs on the backs of the Commander figures.
    • Wave 1.5: Bumblebee Battle Suit: Originally listed as Bumblebee Maximus. Was retooled into the Apex Hunter Armor, the light-up gimmick of the sort seen on Star Hammer and Energon Driller replaced by missiles. In its assortment it supposedly shipped with Energon Driller. Comments appended to Apex Hunter Armor review.
    • Wave 2: Apex Hunter Armor with Breakdown, Sky Claw with Smokescreen: Apex Armor turns into a "battle station" like the Bumblebee Battle Suit (and is in fact a retool of that toy), and comes with a green Breakdown redeco. Sky Claw is a jet/spaceship that opens up into a battle station, with a blue Smokescreen.

   I have largely gone off the larger sizes, any reviews here are likely to be guest reviews. However, I'll probably get the Cyberverse playsets at this price point.
  • Weaponizers Wave 1: Optimus Prime and Bumblebee with weapons that can be deployed in either mode, a la the Battle Ops Bumblebee from RotF. $30 price point, they're like simplified Leaders. I don't plan to get Bumblebee, it's kinda ugly.
  • Weaponizers Wave 2: Just redecoes and retools of wave 1. Jungle themed Optimus, night attack talking BB. I passed on them.
  • Optimus Maximus: A big Cyberverse base that folds up into a blocky Optimus Prime that's reminiscent of the GoBots power suit combiner. $35 price point. I was unimpressed when seeing it in the store, and am giving this a pass.
  • Ultimate Beast Hunter Optimus Prime: $60 price point, I got it on clearance at $25 and found it barely worth that. Big, but lacking in paint or quality.
  • Ultimate Predaking: This was a Target exclusive, and the local one sold out before it hit clearance price, so I never got it. I'm happy with the simplified Voyager, though.
  • 10th Anniversary War Breakdown and (Jet) Vehicon: These toys were never released at regular retail in the U.S. (Breakdown didn't fit into the size classes, and Jet Vehicon was sort of a tail end thing), but this Pulse exclusive set releases them along with their Japanese-version "Arms Micron" partners (yay) and their foil sticker sheets (ugh) as part of a 10th anniversary observance. They also released Hades Megatron, a retool/redeco of the Voyager Megatron with two Arms Microns, but I skipped on that.