Power Core Combiners
Revenge of Energon Prime Last Updated: 2/25/12
Commanders Wave 4 amended.

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    At the moment, there's only two size classes planned for Power Core Combiners. Deluxe has a Scout-sized core character and a four-changer (robot, vehicle weapon, robot weapon, armor) Mini-Con. Voyager has a Scout-sized core and four vehicles that can turn into limbs (two arms, two legs, not fully interchangeable) for any core character.

Line-Wide Notes

    Rather than sticking all the notes on concept and trade dress into the arbitrary first review, I've made it a separate file this time. Updated: 7/16/10

    Bolded names got Strongly Recommended, while italic indicates a rating of neutral or worse.

    This is called the Commander Class. Each has a Scout-sized core figure with three modes (vehicle, robot, and combiner core) and a Mini-Con with four modes (robot, vehicle, hand weapon, chest armor). Commander cores can combine with limbs from the Voyagers.

  • Wave 1: Huffer (Autobot semitractor/tow truck) with Caliburst (artillery emplacement/cannon), Searchlight (Autobot helicopter) with Backwind (hook truck thing), Smolder (Decepticon firetruck) with Chopster (attack jet/axe).
  • Wave 2: Icepick with Chainclaw (Icepick is an arctic vehicle much like Armada Iceberg, Chainclaw becomes a roof-mounted missile rack), Leadfoot with Pinpoint (formula racer with an engine/gun Powermaster type), Sledge with Throttler (Backhoe with a drillbit).
  • Wave 3: All redeco wave. Steelshot with Beacon (Bombshock with Backwind), Windburn with Darkray (Searchlight with Caliburst), Darkstream with Razorbeam (Skyburst with Chopster).
  • Wave 4: Heavytread with Groundspike (Heavytread is a tank, Groundspike is a mine-sifter and claw), Skyhammer with Airlift (Jet with gun emplacement), Undertow with Waterlog (speedboat with gun emplacement), Salvage with Bomb-Burst (Mudslinger redeco with Chainclaw redeco). Passed on Salvage.

    Listed as Combiner Class. It features a Scout-class core character with three modes (robot, vehicle, combiner core) and four Mini-Con-sized vehicles that can become limbs but not robots. Arms must be arms, they can't double as legs. The core can also wear the chest armor Mini-Con from a Commander Class.

  • Wave 1: Skyburst with Aerialbots and Bombshock with Combaticons. Skyburst is so-so, Bombshock is almost strongly recommended, but has some flaws.
  • Wave 2: Double Clutch with Rallybots and Mudslinger with Destructicons. Mudslinger is reminiscent of Cybertron Dirt Boss, and comes with a bunch of Mad Max style road vehicles. Double Clutch is a sportscar and comes with a group of other sports and racing cars. Double Clutch has some serious flaws.
  • Wave 3: Crankcase with Destrons (black Huffer with black and gray drones that mix the Aerialbots and Combaticons), Stakeout with Protectobots (white Smolder with the other redecos).
  • Wave 4: Grimstone with Dinobots, Steamhammer with Constructicons. The Dinobots are all in G1 Dinobot colors, but use a bunch of seldom-used or never-used species. The Constructicons lack a unified color scheme, but also use some oddball vehicles.
  • Wave 5: Overrun with Stunticons (Leadfoot with some Rallybots and some Destructicons), and unannounced other redeco using the rest of the drones.