Machine Wars

Pictures from Tomart's Action Figure Digest #35
Action Figure News & Toy Review #51

Updated 4/26/97

As of 4/1/97, the entire line has reached Columbus

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Machine Wars is due out in early 1997. Reportedly the line will be exclusive to Kay-Bee and some mailorder firms with "connections." There will be twelve toys in the first wave, four large and eight small. The four large toys are recolors of the large and medium Predators and Turbomasters from the European-only release of several years ago, while the small toys are four molds with two recolors per mold, designed as successors to the Cyberjets but delayed for a year by Beast Wars. The larger toys are not very poseable, but the small ones have Cyberjet-level poseability.

Large Toys

All four of these are recolors of Predators and Turbomasters. The sites I used to point to for images of the originals are no longer around.

Review of Optimus Prime

Reviews of Sandstorm, Soundwave and Starscream.

Fanfic Techspecs for Ultra Rodimus, Nightgaunt and Soundtrack (aka Optimus Prime, Starscream and Soundwave). I decided these personalities fit the toys better than those Hasbro picked.
More Fanfic Techspecs this time for Blancnoir (Skywarp) and D'Assault (Thundercracker), since Hasbro made the two jets into real morons.

Large Autobots

Large Decepticons

Small Toys

All eight of these have cyberjet-level poseability, and have the old G2 symbols back. I expect to have these in my hands by the end of March, thanks to Jameel alKhafiz who has picked up 7 of the 8 for me.

NEW! Thanks to "Jaymz Xavier Phule," I have images from the card back of Mirage. Click HERE for a half-size image of the full card back.

Reviews of all eight small toys

Small Autobots

There are only two molds for these four toys. Recolor mania strikes again. In addition, it looks like these small toys have the same sort of spring-loaded auto-transform gimmick as the small Beast Wars toys.

Small Decepticons

Again, two molds for four toys, with the autotransform likely. The tail of the jet seems the likely trigger for all four of these. I'm told the card art for all of these is recycled, but neither image rings a bell, so it may be recycled Euro art for the old Predator jets.

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