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My Own Links

These pages are links to other pages I maintain that pertain to Transformers. Because they're mine, they get to be top-level here, rather than in a sub-menu. :)

Opera of the Dvandom
    My art stuff, both drawings and kitbashes/repaints, plus a lot of my old Japanese image gallery stuff and random images scanned from toy magazines in the early days of Beast Wars.
RoboMACs Board
Modern Knights Board
    Plaid Rabbit is publishing my Role-Playing Games (actual paper and pencil games, not computer games), Modern Knights and RoboMACs. Modern Knights is a superhero game, and RoboMACs is a giant robot game that started as a Transformers RPG and expanded to cover much more of the genre. These are Yahoo groups, and can be accessed either as web boards or mailing lists. The archives contain playtest notes, and there's links to PDFs of the playtest rules.

Outside Links

    There's three basic classes of links I'm going to keep here. Official pages, Unofficial news/information pages, and miscellaneous useful services (like chatboards, special niche fannish things, etc). I'm trying to keep this list fairly short and stable, with little duplication. So, in many ways, this page will reflect the pages I visit myself, and my criteria for going to a page also include my somewhat minimalist web design preferences...there's perfectly good pages out there which I simply don't visit because I don't want to turn on javascript, Java, Shockwave, etc. I should also point out that I'm not trying to be totally evenhanded and neutral in this, I freely admit that my friends are overrepresented here. Except in the official sites page, of course. :)

    If any of the links connected to this page belongs to you and is no longer accurate, let me know ASAP.

OFFICIAL PAGES    These are the pages maintained by Hasbro, Takara or other companies with official licenses. As such, they are the only official and 100% legal pages about Transformers out there. Hasbro's pages tend to be pretty stable, but others may move around a bit.
UNOFFICIAL NEWS/REVIEWS PAGES    Pages in this list are ones that provide news and reviews of the Transformers line. While the legality may be iffy, most activities of these sites fall under the Fair Use doctrine (which I'll explain a bit of on this page).
UNOFFICIAL MISC PAGES    This section covers everything else, chat boards, art archives, fanfic, etc. There may be some serious trademark violation going on at these sites, and neither I nor's management assume any responsibility for them. Not that I really expect any lawyercons to come down on these pages.