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Last Updated 2/9/08 on hiatus.

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    Each of these sites has a slightly different focus, be it insider information, in-depth reporting, Asian theater reports, or whatever. If you can't find a bit of information on my site, you might want to check one of these guys.

    While not 100% official, most of these sites manage to be legal because of the doctrine of fair use. Basically, there's four points that can help establish fair use. 1) Educational or review purposes, 2) Material being used was not created with the intention of making money, 3) Excerpts are small, 4) The use does not reduce the market value of the thing reproduced. Obviously, we lose out on point 2, but most review sites do fine on the other three, which is enough to avoid getting in trouble. Large image archives tend to not be fair use, though, so there's a bit of a tightrope walk going on.

Ben Yee's Page    Ben's been in this business about as long as I have, which is pretty long in "internet time." His encroaching real life has kept him from updating this page as often as he'd like, but it still has a lot of news, reviews and pictures worth looking around at. Currently on hiatus while Ben switches providers and does some major overhauling. The site is planned to return October 08.
Altered States Magazine    A semi-regular online magazine featuring news, reviews, articles and toy fair reports. Phil Zeman, the guy who runs it, is good at getting his hands on quality content. Oh yeah, and there's a piece or two by me on the site.
Torsten Abel's Binaltech/Alternators Page
(English Version).
   A rather comprehensive collection of resources regarding the parallel Binaltech and Alternators lines, including translations of the Japanese techspecs, instructions and storyline. Also available in German.
Snuf's Transformers Comic Site Index    A site devoted to all the various comics featuring Transformers. Among other things, it hosts a compilation of my old Transformers comic reviews that I didn't keep copies of.    Another news and reviews site, notable mainly because when they find a problem with a toy, they do something about new parts.
David Lau's Page    David Lau is a Singapore fan who maintains a fairly exhaustive news and reviews page. As Singapore gets both Japanese and U.S. toy distribution, he gets a lot of stuff before most other reviewers.
Beast Wars Ultimo    Daniel Ross runs this site, which hosts the SPQQKY Files, pictures of toys that have not yet been released thanks to some behind-the-scenes wrangling by an eBay regular.    Ryan Yzquierdo runs this site, which is a fairly broad TF fan site, but is notable for its G1 screen capture archive.